Day 342 Question 342


Day 342 Question 342:

When you have fallen what do you do to pick yourself back up again?

I used to always say that my only goal in life is to change the world…little did I know that I did that the moment I was born.  With every choice I made the world changed just a little bit.  I have made some pretty big changes in this world without even realizing it.  By taking the time to cheer someone up or talk to someone when they just needed to vent, I changed the world.  I made a difference.  I do not say this to toot my own horn….I say this because it took a lot of courage to see my strength and the see my abilities and to see what a powerful force I am.  It has taken a lot of work and a lot of people have asked what it was that made me change…that made me see myself in such a different light.  Not every day feels good and not every day do I want to try but I do….that is what has changed me.  I grew strong convictions that I refuse to give up and I have reminded myself that the only way to survive is to believe in myself.  The only way to live a happy life is to remind myself of all of the good and stop letting the bad keep a hold on me.  This holiday season I think there are a lot of people in the world that need this same sort of encouragement.  I will tell you that it is not easy and there will be days when you just want to throw your hands up and stop trying because it feels like nothing is working.  I ask you to trust me though….you are what you believe you are.  I truly believe, even when people fight it, everyone wants happiness and everyone wants to love themselves.  We live in a world of chaos that sometimes tries to do everything to make us not love or believe in ourselves.  This is the time to fight back and show everyone your strength….show everyone that anger is not what you are known for….try like hell to let go of the depression.  It may sound cheesy but the quotes I have posted below are what has gotten me by….they are my reminders of my strength and my belief in goodness and love and inner peace.  I am here as a friend and a listening ear to all.  I send all of my readers great love because I think you all may not need it but you deserve it.  I bow my head to thank you for hearing my words over this past year…I have needed all of you….you have saved me and encouraged me and believed in me and there is no greater gift than to have support…to have people believe in you.  From the bottom of my heart…thank you!!!















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