Day 317 Question 317

Day 317 Question 317:

If you could sit down and have a heart-to-heart discussion with your younger self, what words would you share with her or him?

Hindsight is 20/20.  The past is the past.  I talk about this all of the time….it is something we can never get back.  What is there was a way though?  What if there was a way to visit ourselves at a younger age and have a conversation with that person?  Imagine how different your life could be just because of one simple conversation with your past/younger self.  So, the question is, what would I say?

I would tell my younger self to let go of worry and take chances.  Life passes by so quickly and you eventually reach ages where it is not so easy to accomplish those things you may have once thought about.  I would tell my younger self to not ignore her feelings but instead to live through them and grow from them.  I am now 34 years old and I am just starting to slowly step outside of my comfort zones.  I would encourage my younger self to take chances and remind her that she has greater strength than she even realizes.  I would tell her to embrace art and writing and all that she finds a passion in and not let anyone lead to her to feel or do a certain way….to live life in a way that feels natural for her.  I would tell my younger self what my journey has been like so far and tell her that although certain times were hard and others felt unbearable that they were worth it because I have grown.  I would never want to change my younger self….I would want to encourage her to learn more and do more while she still has her youth.  A life without pain is not worth living because it would be impossible to truly understand happiness or love.  If I had just one simple day I would teach/show my younger self everything that is so important to me now….the value of family, the importance of compassion, the need for knowledge, the desire to see beauty in all things whether good or bad.  I would share with her the importance of loving herself and finding her inner peace….I guess this may potentially change the path because if she were to do this then a lot of events that occurred may have never been a thought (self-loathing, treacherous relationships, etc.).   I would tell my younger self how the years of youth are the most important because it is when we feel most alive and have the most opportunities.

It would be far too easy to complain about all of the chaos in the world and how violence has become far too much of a commonplace.  Although there are days when I feel sad and angry because of the state of the world, no matter what I see the beauty in it.  I see the potential in people and I will believe that everyone has goodness (even if they never show it)…those are my convictions.  To my younger self I would share with her the importance of life outside of herself…the importance of embracing people very different from herself.  I would tell her that people will call her weird and tell her that she is a dreamer and people may want to beat down her ideas day in and day out but to never ever stop dreaming and living according to what she feels…not according to what everyone else tells her to be… live in her own state of natural bliss.  I could tell my younger self these words and she could potentially blow them off or not absorb at the moment but I know at some point she would understand because living this way is a part of her….it is what is most beautiful about her.  Even if she becomes the wallflower and rarely vocalizes her feelings to others, she holds this beauty inside of her….a beauty that comes from being selfless and empathetic.  A beauty that stopped focusing on the outer person and started seeing that beauty has nothing to do with the way we look but instead on the way we act.

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10 Responses to Day 317 Question 317

  1. Lovely advice.
    Now that I know better, I can actually write a letter to my younger self. It would sure guide me as I grow older. Sometimes, you know, pressures make us forget some convictions.
    It is one thing to discover yourself and it is another to live up to our best standards.
    I sincerely desire that we live our best!

  2. Teddy3indc says:

    You have motivated me to try something tonight. A little story is brewing in this little mind! You are awesome!

  3. Maisy says:

    Life outside your own self is something you think you understand as a teenager… the crazy but delicate ways that the world does on teach you the true meaning of just that 🙂 Your younger self may have been a little naive, (I think we all were!) but she did a good job of procuring the current you 🙂

  4. Coming East says:

    Loved reading your thoughts, Diane. You are the age of my youngest child, so I enjoyed your perspective. One thing I would tell my younger self is that other people don’t really think about us as much as we think they do, so get over yourself and stop thinking that whenever you make a mistake, everyone notices and talks about you all the time. Wish I could have figured that out long ago!

    • Marie says:

      I agree so much with this though I wonder does it mean that our sharing of stories that connect and give love – are they not important? Sometimes I wonder now that I indeed understand that nobody is talking about my mistakes. Does it matter about what I think I am giving back? I know this is not what you meant Coming East but what do you think? Do I even make sense?

      • Coming East says:

        Marie, I think giving back is what makes life fulfilling. I want to leave this world a little bit better because I was here. However, my point is that we worry so much about what other people think about us that we don’t accomplish as much as we could. We are paralyzed by fear. The truth is, people don’t spend their time thinking about us as much as we think they do, so we need to get that out of our head. It makes us anxious, and it’s not necessary.

      • Marie says:

        You are right and I do understand that was your message. Just sometime wonder about it from the perspective of giving back…..if people really pay attention to it. Just wondering out loud. 🙂

  5. Marie says:

    Beautiful though one comment specifically jumped out at me “I would tell my younger self how the years of youth are the most important because it is when we feel most alive and have the most opportunities.” Just so you know – you will find your energy and you will find that opportunities will come again or rather will continue to come. I love knowing at 39 that I am still so young and have so much more life to live.

  6. rich says:

    i would tell my younger self to keep it in his pants.

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