Day 298 Question 298

Day 298 Question 298:

Will Prejudice, Discrimination and Stereotypes ever end?

I live in the now….well at least I try to as much as possible.  Do you ever daydream about what life will be like in 30-40 years or even further beyond that???  Do you ever wonder what you will be like when you are old?  I feel like I am going to be the Betty White of my older years (what an icon she is).  I have watched old crotchety ladies at my pool over the summer piss and moan about every little thing and gossip about everyone in the neighborhood and I have vowed that no matter how many years pass I will never act that way.

I will admit that I have been guilty of being prejudice and stereotyping people.  I think at some point we all have.  Last night I had the most horrific dreams and it was this weird reminder to me of what the world is like outside of what I know.  I had dreams of visiting third world countries and women being brutally beaten and raped.  I witnessed a young girl being tied up and whipped over and over again.  I told you they were brutal.  My family was visiting with me and I remember my mother standing somewhere and she was holding her camera and this group of men started swarming her.  I pushed them away from her and told them they would come nowhere near my mother.  I woke up terrified and saddened to know that things like this in other parts of the world are not uncommon.  Women in other countries are discriminated against so badly….they are treated like prey….animals to be hunted.  This is the reason that I am always fighting for women’s rights.  In the United States women have come so far and will continue to climb the ladder and that is amazing but this world is not made up of just this country.  We, as people, no matter where we live should always fight for each other….being a woman I want to be the voice for other women that may be too afraid or too broken.  My dad is an amazing man with strong convictions and brilliance…he doesn’t speak without educating himself first.  I admire that about him.  We are from completely different generations though and there is a lot we don’t understand about each other.  He has grown sick of the “victim” mentality that he is hearing about women….he believes women have gained equality.  I understand what he is saying because in this country women have thrived and have stepped up to the plate to make sure their voices are heard.  For me, it is not viewing women as victims but instead helping those that need to be helped whether it be in this country or anywhere around the world.  All of us women are sisters and women are still looked at in many places as second-rate citizens and lesser of people in general (even in the United States).  I don’t strive to bring down men…I strive to lift the women that need a helping hand.  I want to teach the young girl the importance of loving yourself.  Women are sensitive, beautiful creatures and I want to meet and teach so many of them.

I kind of went off the beaten path….it was my dream that derailed me from my original thoughts.  I can’t help but think about how much I have been blessed with in this life and how little some other people have.  It is 2012 and prejudice, racism, discrimination and stereotypes are still in full swing….you may choose not to believe it but it is absolutely true.  We all became witness to this in this most recent election.  Obama was voted in because he is black and if he would have lost it would have been because he was black.  Romney is just a stuck up rich white guy that wants to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.  It is a no win situation no matter how you look at it because someone is going to make assumptions, judge or stereotype.  Just because we don’t have slaves in our homes doesn’t mean that slavery and racism doesn’t exist.  Modern day slavery is still in full effect all over the world and it is way more violent than most people could even imagine.

In my time in this life I do not see there ever being an end to racism/discrimination/prejudice or anything of the sort.  Unfortunately, I believe that it is a natural cycle in life…it is the lessons that are meant to be learned that many choose not to learn.  I do not understand how men in countries such as Vietnam or Singapore can brutally rape a young girl (as young as age 11) and not feel inside of them how wrong that is and how damaging that is to a person.  In their culture men are dominant figures and this way of life is natural…as saddening and sickening as that is.  I may question what is right and wrong day in and day out but there is no question that violence such as this is wrong….human life is the most valuable thing on this earth and to degrade and abuse someone in a manner that will change them forever is horrific.  When I woke from my dream this morning I started thinking about how I have always had a desire to visit third world countries and speak with the educate the women (and learn from them as well) but I have so much fear for my own safety.  I, as a visitor, would be terrified for my own safety and all I could think about was the mental torture that women experience every day in not knowing what kind of violence that day could bring. I can’t help but wonder what these women think every day and whether they even know that they are important and they are valuable as not only women but as human beings.  Do these women accept their fate to be beaten and tortured by men because of the many years that it has taken place?  Do these women think it is ok to have their bodies objectified by men and used over and over again every day?  Do these women know what love really is and what it feels like?  It truly breaks my heart to think about women that have and may never experience the love of family and the opportunity to be told of their beauty and their intelligence.  It saddens me to know that some women have never and may never understand that the life they live is not normal and they do not deserve to be treated is brutal and exploitive ways.

This entry took such a different direction than I originally anticipated.  I felt it to be important to discuss though because it was so fresh on my mind.  I love being a woman.  I do not love the way my body looks but I know that it is my body and my temple.  I love knowing that I have a voice and I do not need to live in fear if I want it to be heard.  I have passion to use my voice for all of the women that may be too afraid or may not understand that they deserve to be treated as equals.  I am willing to step all over years of tradition if it means that less women are beaten and killed every year.  I may question a lot but I do not question the rights and opportunities that women deserve.

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4 Responses to Day 298 Question 298

  1. Unfortunately the human race will always have ‘idiots’ who cannot accept and respect that we are a diverse species. It’s a real shame because there’s no room for prejudice and discrimination in my eyes.

  2. adauphin04 says:

    If we all just saw ourselves and each other as human beings, first and foremost, then perhaps we’d stop identifying ourselves and each other with the labels we use to separate ourselves from each other.

  3. I am trying really hard not to judge gawd it can be hard with some people..but am getting better at it.

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