Day 297 Question 297

Day 297 Question 297:

What is a belief that you have that many others do not share?

It truly saddened me to see how ugly people of this country became because of this election.  We had two candidates that were so different but both had strengths and instead of coming together as a team they divided the country even further apart.   I can’t lie, I am scared to think about what the future may bring.  I do not say this because Obama has been re-elected (it wouldn’t have matter who was elected).  I say this because in my opinion we are growing into a nation of angry people and I fear that war will one day break out amongst our own people.  I think happiness is no longer the goal in life….our politicians are showing the American people that the only thing that matters is getting ahead and doing whatever it takes (even if it means slandering the other guy) to get there.  I am glad I do not have children and really do not want children because I would not want them to have to witness a society like this.  I feel lucky to have strong convictions and to be able to fight societal norms….some people cannot though.  I will always hold onto the beauty of the world because I know it is there and I know the potential that people have….goodness is in everyone (yes, I truly believe that) but some people have been able to tap into it.

I realize that our country is in a state of financial chaos and it has potential to get even worse.  It is really scary to think about but it is not the only thing to think about.  I can’t help but come back to the idea of how we need to bring our people back together as a united nation.  I always grew up being told that we are the most dominant country in the world but as an adult I am having a hard time believing that.  What makes us so dominant?  To me that is strictly a matter of opinion.  If I were to express what I think would make a dominant country it would be a country where the people valued each other and worked together as opposed to against each other…where the people heard ideas and instead of spewing anger and hatred they worked to compromise.  I realize doing this is not always easy and it takes a lot of endless hard work but isn’t that what our country is SUPPOSED to be about….shouldn’t we represent people that work hard in all aspects whether it be in the workforce or in the home??  We are a country that has a divorce rate over 50%….that to me does not represent working hard.

Please don’t take this all the wrong way….I do not take my country for granted.  I just can’t dismiss my emotions.  I am a very sensitive person that just wants “everyone to get along” but I realize that is more or less unrealistic.  In my mind it seems so simple but I guess I live in a different world… you know why I always say I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I spend majority of my life being angry and now I have no desire to hold onto any anger.  I will always “fight” for what I believe in and I will befriend the underdog but I will also do my best to compromise with opposing viewpoints.  I don’t understand why people need to make the issues so ugly.  I see us as a nation with all of these resources but we are too selfish to share.  We have millions and millions of people with brilliant ideas but only focus on a mere few.  I guess I am just a person that strives for change because the way things are being done now are just not working.  It is a very strange feelings to be surrounded by the masses but still feel very alone because my thoughts differ from the majority.  I guess what I have is what many would call a pipe dream….the thought it nice but it will never be reality.  That may be so but it will never change the way I wish the world really was.  I know we need differences in order to learn and appreciate but to me there is no value in anger and violence (and every other negative feeling/act).  I will never let go of my ideals of peace and compassion.  I will never let go of my longing for people to continually educate themselves and refrain from anger and instead act out of empathy.  I will never let go of my knowing that the world is beautiful and has great potential.

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2 Responses to Day 297 Question 297

  1. adauphin04 says:

    I believe that bartering should be part of our economy. Also, I think getting rid of apprenticeships in favor of internships is a big mistake. AND as much as I am a tech geek, I believe that the Industrial Revolution was THE worse thing that could have happened to this country.

  2. again I find myself totally agreeing with you, I do have children and I don’t want them to have children because of the state of the world, there is to much selfishness and violence and propaganda continually thrown into their minds and all us parents can do is show them how to love and to care.

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