Day 228 Question 228

Day 228 Question 228:

What are some quotes or reminder worth reviewing every day?

There will be times in life for each and every one of us when we feel completely defeated.  There are people that will try to bring us down to make themselves feel better.  There will be times when we fail at something and we will have no drive or desire to start over again.  These things happen to even the best of us.  These are the things that make us all human…they are commonalities that we all share.  If we are lucky, we have people in our lives that will take our arm and help pull us back to our feel again.  It can be very easy to fall into a sinking hole but it seems absolutely impossible to drag yourself back out.  Trust me though (even if you don’t know me), it is possible….it will take work and a lot of emotional struggle and anguish but the end result makes the struggle so very worth it.  It may be so easy to say (and very hard to believe) but it is the hardships and the struggles that give us that greater appreciation of life and those around us.  Without pain we would not be able to understand truly how special love is.  Some people may think that my thoughts and my words are fluff but I write this stuff down to remind myself how lucky I am…even in the worst of times.  I have experienced (many more times than just once) the feeling of the walls closing in on me and I have even (in the past) wondered what the point of living really was.  Suicide has never been an option because I do fear the unknown but it is something that I do understand….when you sink so far down you lose complete hope and desire to even keep trying.  You feel as if you come two steps ahead to be kicked 20 steps back…it sometimes seems like a curse.  I truly believe though that all of those people with mental struggles are the geniuses of the world.  I believe it is the overwhelming amount of thoughts that bogs them down and even may scare them.  It has definitely scared me before.  I have been one of the lucky ones that has learned how to handle my thoughts and my emotions (it took a very long time and was a strenuous and sometimes scary process).  I have moments when I feel like I have fallen back but I remind myself that my feelings and my emotions are what they are….there is nothing wrong with what I am feeling.  Once I learned to accept all of my emotions and my thoughts, life became a lot easier….I experienced everything in greater depth.  Trust me when I say the journey was not always easy but it has become so well worth it.

 I know everyone in life sometimes needs reminders and sometimes needs a pick me up.  I want to offer my hand (whether it be in the physical form or simply in the virtual form) to anyone who needs it…whether it be to just hold or whether you need to be lifted.  I have had people in my life that have helped me during times of mental desperation and it is my time to now give back.  I do not have life figured out (because I believe it is not meant to be figured out) but I believe love and kindness and compassion and empathy are a significant part of my journey.  I wanted to leave everyone with some words of encouragement to help them through anything and everything they may need.

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6 Responses to Day 228 Question 228

  1. adauphin04 says:

    There are two more “rules of life” that I incorporate into my daily life: “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” & “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

  2. Meghan says:

    I needed to read all of this today. Thank you.

  3. yomicfit says:

    It’s not about me.
    Be not afraid.
    I am made for more than this.

  4. I’m in that lost faze at the moment, it is soo annoying..I know I’ll be ok, can’t yet see how, but it does drag out, sitting around feeling lost knowing you should be doing things, then realising its the end of another day & it’s been wasted doing nothing..soooo annoying. nice quotes, I agree with adauphino treat others as you would have them treat you 🙂

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