Day 229 Question 229

Day 229 Question 229:

What have you read recently that inspired you/gave you hope?

It is easy to get bogged down in negativity when day in and day out the media is throwing out stories that just make you want to crawl into the fetal position and just cry or scream at the top of your lungs in unforgiving anger.  I remind myself over and over again that the media does this intentionally because these are the stories that sell….these are the stories that grab the viewer’s attention.  After this reminder to self I usually go on a hunt…I go on an Internet hunt to find stories happening all over the world that will give me that inspiration I need….that reminder that as much bad as there is in the world, there is still SO much good.

I wanted to include a news story so I can revisit this entry when I feel defeated or feel like I am losing hope.  I love to stay on top of these news stories as much as my time will allow…because the world is so much more than just my little bubble and sometimes I need a big reminder of that.

Father and son hailed as heroes in Louisiana after rescuing more than 100 neighbors left stranded in their homes by Isaac

A father-son duo has saved dozens of lives in their small town after plucking neighbours and their pets from flooded homes ravaged by Tropical Storm Isaac.

Jesse Shaffer, 25, and his 53-year-old father, also named Jesse, scooped more than 120 people to safety using their fishing boat on the flooded streets of Braithwaite, Louisiana, where water topped a levee on Wednesday after Isaac lumbered towards the coastal town.

Their heroic efforts came after Isaac smashed into the Gulf Coast with winds of up to 80 mph on Tuesday night, rattling towns, swamping thousands of homes and businesses, leaving 730,000 people without power – and terrifying residents on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.


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3 Responses to Day 229 Question 229

  1. deepbluestatic says:

    Lovely post!

  2. Very thought-provoking. I will make an effort to look past the negativity in the media for those hidden gems of inspiration.

  3. SOOTYKINS says:

    As I stated recently in my blog, the news media DOES have this tendency to ‘overshadow’ any positive stories with negative ones. The good stuff is then quickly forgotten! But as you say, it is only right we all try and remember the good stories.

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