Day 217 Question 217

Day 217 Question 217:

Are you a dog or cat person?

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15 Responses to Day 217 Question 217

  1. I have a cat now, and am restricted by where I live as to having more pets, but I love both…actually all animals; I think I would be happiest where there could be unlimited, and horses too! My cat, Harley quite the complicated mind but a very big heart!

  2. June says:

    Where are the kitties? 🙂

  3. Used to be a cat person. Then I discovered why I’d been sneezing for 30 years. Now I’m a dog person.

  4. lauramomma27 says:

    I’ve grown to like cats since my son got one, she is definately different. But truly in my heart and soul I am a dog lover forever.

  5. Given that I’m still mourning the passing of my Cocker Spaniel, I’d say dog person. 🙂

  6. With 3 standard poodles in a 6 room house, definitely dog.

  7. They are all cute but I’m so loving the wrinkly one at the very top.

  8. lushlili says:

    I have 5 cats and 1 dog. So I think I’m more a cat person

  9. bibuji says:

    It’s so strange but indeed there are cat-type and dog-type human beings. It might be because they have been with us during a long history. I’m surely a dog-type.

  10. Missus Tribble says:

    This is a tough one for me. It depends largely on the personality of the animal. I’m fond of certain cats and indifferent to others, and I simply adore a bouncy, friendly canine! The owners of the guest house that D and I stay at have two lovely black cats (one of whom likes to visit the rooms) and a fabulous Staffordshire Bull Terrier – I’m crazy in love with a friend’s Rottweiller too – because the bigger and dafter the dog the more I seem to fall for them.

    So… I like cats, but I would say I’m more of a dog person 🙂

  11. Definitely dog person, I have a chihuahua named Pixie. She thinks she is a big dog and her best friend is a Pitbull Mix named Mocha.

  12. alchurchill says:

    Dog person, but girlfriend has a cat. It is a strange animal. They have their own agenda and without being centre of attention they like to make sure they are the boss. I will never adapt to cats, they make me itch, so I intentionally keep them at a distance. This has stopped me from embracing them. Dogs however, are AWESOME.

  13. Jodi Lea says:

    I am a dog lover to the core. In fact, when I was a kid I had nightmares about cats attacking me. I blame Lady and the Tramp for those. I still believe that Siamese cats are evil!

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