Day 53 Question 53

Day 53 Question 53:

What are some of your favorite things?

So last night I was at my gym trekking away like an insane woman on the elliptical (I did an hour on level 7- 5 ½ miles).  I felt this amazing feeling of empowerment and overall goodness surge through my body.  Since starting the Transcendental Meditation practice I have felt beyond amazing.  I would truly recommend this practice to anyone.  I have felt this overall calmness in my body and as silly as it sounds, while I was on the elliptical last night I started to feel emotional because I felt for the first time (probably ever) that I have found my happiness and I realized that this happiness would be continual throughout my life.  When I get on the elliptical I will usually get in the zone and get a tons of articles I printed from online (usually inspirational articles) and turn on my tunes and let the music soak into my head.  Last night I felt like the hour passed by so quickly and I could have continued if I didn’t have things to take care of at home.  I burned about 850 calories in a workout that felt simple.  I could have never said that before.  I would have bitched the entire time in my head (and maybe some out loud) about how hard it was and how tired I was and blah blah blah.  I didn’t feel any of that.  I felt this surge of power that made me feel invincible (cheesy maybe but true).  I felt completely in control of my life and it felt amazing.

In these moments at the gym I will reflect on a lot of different things.  I will absorb the articles that I am reading and I will reflect on the books or the films that I have dove into recently.  I have read over and over again articles and books on “The Secret”…how the power of our thought processes can bring us what we want.  I completely believe that our thoughts manifest a lot of things for us.  I have changed my way of thinking and my mindset so drastically and I believe it has overall changed my life for the better….more than for the better.  When I gave up the self-hatred and self-loathing I felt doors open with such ease for me.  I felt goodness come to me so naturally.  I felt like I was surrounded by positivity as opposed to being dragged down by negativity.  Days felt easy and extremely enjoyable as opposed to painful and dreadful.  Fears have started to escape me.  I chose to address this question today because I believe we constantly need to remind ourselves of the great things that we have in life.  We need to remind ourselves of the things that we are blessed with and that we love.  We tend to get caught up with the chaos and it has become to easy for us to whine and complain about everything that is wrong and we miss all of the wonderful things that are in front of us day in and day out.  We need reminders sometimes so we can see all of our favorite things that keep us smiling and give us that feeling of excitement deep within.  Our favorite things can be something so simple and so small but they hold this immense specialness in our lives.  I offer these words to everyone to take this opportunity to think about what your favorite things are.  To think about why you may be letting your sadness, anger, depression, etc. overtake you.  There are very few things in life that come easy and even discovering your happiness is not always an easy task but it is (in my opinion) the most well worth one that you will ever accomplish.  So I have decided to personally reflect on the things that bring happiness to me in my life and hopefully you will be able to do the same for yourself because you deserve it.  I send you all of my love because I believe what you send out comes back to you tenfold (remember that ;0)

Some of my favorite things:

1)      Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens-JUST KIDDING-I couldn’t help myself ;0)

2)      Watching something very inspiring-If you have not watched it yet please go below and check out Kony 2012.  There will always be people that will find fault in other people’s actions and question it but this video truly inspired me because this man is taking a stand and he is fighting until he can fight no more.  Take the 29 minutes and some odd seconds to watch it-I promise you it will be well worth it and when you are finished take the time to think about what inspires you.  What would you fight for?

3)      Phone conversations with my sister when we spend the majority of the time laughing until we have tears coming down our faces.  The laughter is usually at the expense of our parents (haha-we love them so dearly though)

4)      Endless hours of conversation with people about the things that you think are important.  Feeling that compatibility with people because you know they can relate.

5)      Laying in bed with someone you care about and having them run the tips of their fingers slowly up and down your back.  It is an intimate thing that feels so amazing and I believe it connects two people on a deeper level.

6)      Red Velvet Cake-ENOUGH SAID!

7)      Finishing a hard workout and having the complete and absolute feeling of accomplishment!

8)      Watching children and falling in love with their curiosity and wonder.

9)      Driving with your favorite music blasting with the windows down on a beautiful fall day.

10)  Spending an entire day at the beach with a group of friends….playing in the waves like a little kid and sunbathing with your girl friends while gossiping about boys ;0)

11)  Cuddling up with my Snuggie in my recliner in my bedroom with a good book.

12)  Cheering someone up with just your words or with a hug.

13)  Giving people (even strangers) random (but genuine) compliments.

14)  Finding a spot that you like to go by yourself and call it your own-YOUR NICHE!!

15)  Conquering fears-One of my fears revolves around driving long distances (anxiety issues) and I plan on making a road trip in the next 3-4 weeks by myself and I am going to venture to a new place just to explore (I do not want to disclose my location until I get there because I need and want to prove to myself that I can do it).

16)  Meeting new people that you immediately feel comfortable with that grab your interest.

17)  Watching a sitcom (Modern Family) and laughing so hard that it hurts.

18)  A newly cleaned car (it almost beats a newly cleaned house—but not quite).

19)  Bike rides through my neighborhood along the fitness trail.

20)  Listening to music that I absolutely love (My 2 favorite songs are Waste by Phish and Missing You (Acoustic) by Incubus)

21)  Having someone pay you an unexpected compliment when you are having a crappy day

I could list a million more things that give me the warm fuzzies but I didn’t want to go on for too long.  I wanted to give my readers the opportunity to think about those things in their lives that makes it all worth it.  As everyone knows I absolutely love to write-it is probably my most favorite thing in the world (I chose not to list the obvious) because it sets me free and it makes me feel alive.  When I sit down to write I hold nothing back and my soul is poured out without one ounce of regret.  I am being completely true to form of my complete written genius at that very moment-I am being 100% me!  How could you not love that???

As I said I believe what we send out in the Universe does come back to us (and it usually comes back to us in double the size).  I want to take this moment to send out my love to all of my readers (even if I do not know some of you if only in the cyber sense).  I want to send you thoughts of happiness and luck and I hope you are able to embrace your beauty and all of the wonderful things about yourself.  I hope you are able to overcome any struggles you may have and find your bliss and your inner peace.  I hope you find the love you deserve (in whatever form that may be).  I hope you are able to take this message and not roll your eyes or see it as only cheesy but take it as an opportunity to pay it forward.  If we all paid it forward, what do you believe the world could be like?

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7 Responses to Day 53 Question 53

  1. Anastasia says:

    That instant in late summer when the air changes and you smell autumn. Same for spring.

  2. Dugutigui says:

    My blog, full stop. 🙂

  3. granbee says:

    “Endless hours of conversation with people about the things that you think are important. Feeling that compatibility with people because you know they can relate.”–This is the single most favorite thing of mine right now. This current political idiocy has just exacerbated my feeling of exclusion in this ultra-conservative place; so when I can have the treasure of those hours with a truly compatible friend, I feel so blessed!

  4. Thank you so much for the videos you post. They are amazing and inspiring!

  5. flujan says:

    Loved it…. Good job at the gym!!!

  6. Robert says:

    Nice post. I, too, like sitting on the beach and gossiping about boys. Wait…ah…erm…strike that last comment.

  7. David Jones says:

    All this while pounding you body. Great post. I go to the gym to watch people. I profile people and use them as characters in books. My iPhone is recording as I workout.

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