I Really Wanted to Share This :0)

I rarely post more than one entry a day but last night I was at the gym and I read this article and I couldn’t belive how much truth there was to it and how relatable it was so I wanted to share.  I give complete credit to the author Ms. Lora Ciocan

The Meaning of Being Lonely and Feeling Lonely

by Lora Ciocan

We hear frequently nowadays: “I am so lonely!” or “Nobody really understands me!” What is the meaning of that? Why do we feel lonely? When do we feel lonely? And what is the difference between being and feeling lonely?

I will write from my own experience, from what I have been through in my process of heeling. I have always been a pretty lonely person. The only way to protect myself I have ever known was when I was closing into myself and when I was lonely completely. No friends, very little communication with family and no boyfriend. I was absolutely convinced that I don’t need anybody, that I can do it by myself without any help. Years passed by and nothing happened or at least it did not happen as I expected. I am sure that many people are in this situation.

And one day an idea just flashed into my head and that is that you cannot do anything alone because you are not alone in the Universe. You are a part of Something, of Something bigger than you. And you are influenced by everything and everything influences you. And that was the moment in my life where I realized that whether I change my way of thinking and heel myself or move on as my old self. Both ways nobody cares, it is my choice, but I am the only one who will lose.

What really means to feel lonely? What is actually loneliness? And when we perceive it as a blessing and when we perceive it as a curse? It is when we are disconnected from the Source, the Universe or the bigger power that is behind us. Some other people call it the super conscious mind or your higher self. Some religious call it God. It is called in many ways. I choose to call it the Universe or the Source. The Source of energy and inspiration for all of us. Because we all, without exception, have access to it.

Once I started to study ways of changing my life, I started to understand that we are extensions of the Universe because we are made from the same material: energy and we have the same powers. And if we choose to still stay connected during our lives we can live better and if we choose not to stay connected it is fine also. But we will struggle almost all the time. It is always about what you choose for yourself, what you believe you are able to, what you trust it will work for you, what you think about. Whatever you choose it is fine for the Universe. It will not force you nor to accept the flow nor to struggle. You can choose it but you also will live with the consequences of your choice.

As I accept I am part of an infinite Source of energy and creation, that I am the kid of the Universe, I also accept and trust that the Universe will take care of me. The parents probably understand better this concept. I am not a parent myself but it must be the same feeling, the same connection that the parents have for their children who are an extension of theirs. It is exactly the same with the flow of life: it will guide you, protect you, feed you and inspire you for whatever it is that you choose to have or be if you allow it into your life. The flow needs your approval; it waits for your permission to act in your life. It respects your privacy and choice. Isn’t that an amazing concept? It will never do anything if you do not become aware of it and send it your acceptance. But we are not usually aware that we just need to make a choice, to have a decision in order to start changing our lives. It will not happen from nowhere. Nobody will decide for us nor the Universe. There will never be anything or anybody outside of us who knows better than we do.

In the village where my grandparents were raised me it was said: trust in God because He knows better than you what suits you best. Here is how I understand this concept: for sure God or the Universe or the Source knows better how to get you to what you want and when it is the best time to deliver it to you. But He will not decide for what you want, He will not make the decision for you. The sad thing is that I know a person in their 80’s who lived a long life and he did not understand anything about the meaning of life. “That is God’s plan with me. He wanted me to be like this, to get born poor and to die poor. I did everything what the Bible said and went to church regularly and I did everything right. That must be God’s plan for me.”

In the state of the awareness that I have now, I know that God do not want anybody to be in a certain way that is why you can choose for you life, either to create either to destroy. Both ways are accepted by Him. What I know for sure is that He is not giving you anything that you are not ASKING for, anything that you are not sure of. Because when you ask something, means you have decided for it and give the Universe permission to deliver it to you. Now, when it will be delivered, in what conditions and by what means is the extended divine decision of yours that you cannot control any longer. That is the Universe’s domain. You cannot rush him or influence him. You have done your job, now it is time to let the Universe to do his. Be patient and wait. Prepare yourself to be shocked by what it could be delivered to you because the Universe is always generous. It just waits for your permission and your instructions to manifest.

So, we ARE alone when, for example, we are alone at home. When it is nobody else there. I personally, when somebody asks me:” Are you alone?” I replace it with “I am with myself.” It is such a great shift of energy.

And the saddest part is when we FEEL alone even when we are living with our partners and our children. We feel in this way because, again, we are disconnected from the Source. When you feel alone in the Universe it means that something is not at his place that you are away from the flow. And you can change it if you decide to think and feel differently. Anyone has access to the Source’s creating ideas not only the geniuses, as we like to call them. The difference between some of us and geniuses is that they have learned to connect themselves much easier to the Source and most important to trust that whatever they desire will happen to them. It is just a matter of time and the material manifestation is the last one that exists.

So: Decision, Trust and Patience. If we all take the time to lean managing these qualities, we have become in control with our own lives for good. That is where the magic and the miracles actually start to move into action.

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10 Responses to I Really Wanted to Share This :0)

  1. wherethedaytakesme says:

    I have said these things before, and I see things so differently now.

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    that aligns with my beliefs, though i hadn’t boiled it down to decision, trust, and patience. thanks.

  3. Mandi says:

    Incredible. That could be written about me directly. I’ve had so many life altering moments just by deciding to take my own place in the universe into my own hands, by deciding to do something (or nothing) about my feelings of loneliness. Making a decision, even if that decision is to do nothing, is always more liberating than coasting along aimlessly.

  4. I agree with you 100% Thanks for sharing that. Sometimes think too that we need to learn to be self-confident so that we don’t see things with an isolated view. “Feeling Lonley” and “being alone” to me has always been two different things because it’s based on your perspective. You can be alone and still not feel lonely and you can feel lonely even in a room filled with people, so Trust, Patience, and Decision are good things to learn to cultivate in leveling oneself to feel at peace with themself to realize that they are not as alone as they think they are.

    You point out many good points with all that you’ve said. I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. Mandi says:

    Reblogged this on Out Of Sight, On My Mind and commented:
    I, also, really wanted to share this… It could be written directly about my life. I have had so many life-altering moments just by deciding to take my place in the universe into my own hands – by deciding to do something (or nothing) about my feelings of loneliness. Making a decision, even if that decision is to do nothing, is always more liberating than coasting along aimlessly.

  6. lamehousewife says:

    what a nice reflection…isn’t it nice to find that you have a free-will?…i think it is pretty cool…blessings….

  7. David Jones says:

    You should go to the gym more often. Nice reflection. I agree with what you have said. I feel the same way. My brothers and sisters say I live my life alone, yet I never feel alone.

  8. gayicon101 says:

    This really spoke to me, i setimes find it hard to separate and organise my thoughts but this makes sense to me, thanks for your thoughts. C

  9. Lora ciocan says:

    Hi all,

    This is Lora Ciocan.
    Thanks to all for reading and I am glad that it had touched you all and had made a difference in your lives because I put all my heart in my writing.

    You can read and enjoy my blog posts about my personal development here:

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    Lora Ciocan

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