Short and Sweet


Today this journey felt hard.  My body is feeling the wrath of my workouts  (I still need to start lifting weights and jump out of my cardio comfort zone) and I wanted to eat endless amounts of chocolate allll day.  I indulged in a couple of pieces of dark chocolate but deep down I wanted to be laying underneath a chocolate fountain surrounded by brownies and cupcakes.  But alas, I did not give into the craving because I know it is simply my addicted brain playing tricks on me.  I need to form positive habits (going to the gym regularly, regulating my social media times, going to bed at a reasonable hour every night) but I also want to get in the habit of telling myself that when I crave the sweets it is the triggers in my brain doing this.  I do not NEED chocolate or sweets.  I can get sweetness from other sources that are so much less taxing on the body.  Some people may think my thinking is extreme and I am setting myself up for failure because I am limiting myself but come the end of the day I am an all or nothing kind of person….especially when I feel passionate about something.  I will push myself more and more even if it feels awful.  (Processed) Sugar is the devil and I know this.  I am not saying I won’t ever slip.  I am almost sure I will but I want to try like hell to rewire my brain to crave healthier items and to just make that my normal.  I want to get to the place where I just overlook sweets.  I want to finish a meal and not even think I need something sweet…..or at least something unnaturally sweet.

My thoughts today haven’t been super clear and I am beat tired.  Working out has been awesome but sleeping at night has been a little altered because of it.  I think I am still on a workout high when I go to bed so it takes me forever to fall asleep.  Plus I am not even in my own bed (I am dog/house sitting for a friend) so there is another factor there.  Since my thoughts are kind of blurry I am going to leave this one short but brainstorm about what I want to write about over the weekend.  Make sure to tune in 😊


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