Day 364 Question 364


Day 364 Question 364:

What qualities do the people I admire share?

I have been so indecisive about what to write about today.  Tomorrow is my final day of thee 365 day challenge and it seems unreal.  I have met so many people throughout this past year (a lot have been virtual but I still consider them friends).  There is a lot of ugliness that we see in this world we live in but I also believe there is this kindness that tends to go unnoticed.  Through this journey I have had complete strangers offer their support and their encouragement without asking for anything in return.  That is the type of human goodness that needs to be publicized but I guess that the media doesn’t think that is where the money is.

I admire a lot of people and most probably would not even know it.  I don’t feel confident in vocal word when it comes to expressing my feelings….not the same way I do in written word.  The qualities I find most admirable are selflessness and goodness that comes with such ease.  I met someone yesterday and we spent almost 2 hours talking (about anything and everything) and the conversation flowed with such ease.  The whole time I was talking to him I was admiring his convictions and his ability to express himself so naturally.  He had a confidence without even a pinch of arrogance.  I have no idea what his thought process is but the way he conveyed his thoughts and his feelings was so admirable.  It seemed easy for him (and I don’t know if that is true or not).

I admire people that are able to see outside of just black and white.  I admire those that fight for a cause but don’t tell others that they are wrong.  I believe it is these people that I strive to mimic (and thus far have been quite successful).  It is easy to tell people that they are wrong when we don’t agree with their viewpoint but it is more admirable to absorb their viewpoint and remember that two lives are not the same….we have never walked a single day in anyone else’s shoes.  In my opinion, there is not a set answer to anything….how can there be?  I admire those with convictions and beliefs systems….people that don’t force those on others but instead offer their knowledge to them….and ask for the same in return.  We live in a world that focuses so much on right and wrong when we don’t truly know the root of either….we don’t know who the definitive person is that has decided something to be right or wrong and why that is so.

I admire people that try their hardest to see all perspectives without immediately settling on one.  I admire people that know that everything in life is a choice….and those people choose happiness as
much and as often as possible.  I admire people that never want to stop learning.  I admire people that strive not to judge others….knowing that they know only a very little about their lives.  I admire people that make up their own definitions and march to the beat of their own drummer.  I admire those that express through art…in any form.  I admire those that have fallen so far down they could barely see the surface but still chose to rise above….knowing that it was going to be hard and painful.  I admire those that practice compassion and empathy without even realizing they are doing it.

To those people that have crossed my path this past year I want you to know that you have changed me.  You have guided me and you have mentored me when I needed it most.  A thank you does not seem sufficient enough.  After this project is complete I do plan to move onto another (and still put this one together in book form to hopefully publish) and I hope you walk with me through that journey as well.  Your support and your encouragement has allowed me to see that even through all of the madness in this world that there really is so much goodness.  To you I give one million thank you’s and far beyond that!!

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2 Responses to Day 364 Question 364

  1. aj vosse says:

    One bit of advice… a skewed opinion as I strive to get to the two year mark… KEEP GOING!! 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary! Well done, one day early!

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