Day 354 Question 354


Day 354 Question 354:

Do you believe in horoscopes and everything that has to do with astrological signs?

I know very little about astrology and the aligning of the planets and all of their meanings but I surely do read horoscopes.  I can’t lie, I am often amazed at how closely my personal horoscopes match my daily life and who I am.  I am a Sagittarius.  I was born right on the cusp on November 24, 1978 at 5:08am.  There is so much of me in my sign that I see as truth.

Sagittarius women are quite independent and love their freedom.

If you want to get something done from a Sagittarian female, just ask her; don’t order. She will never ever do it. She is your better half and don’t you dare forget that. On the other hand, she doesn’t want a sissy for a husband or boyfriend. He has to be a real man, who has his ego and won’t stand for nonsense. So, you will be expected to balance politeness with firmness.

A Sagittarian female is very optimistic, but she is not irrational. She will judge the entire situation as per the facts, analyze its probable outcome and still believe that things will get better. Usually, she is very calm and composed. However, when you become rude to her or offend her, she may become like the fire-spitting dragon.

She says what she thinks and how she acts shows what she feels. This bluntness may cost her heavily at times, even to the point of ending the relationship. Still, she would act as if she’s not hurt at all and it is just one of the many harmless flirtations she’s had. People will even believe all this, while inside she will be weeping and nursing her wounds. All this time, she will be analyzing what went wrong and when.

She is very sentimental and emotional, though it seems otherwise. It just that, where her feelings are concerned, she becomes too shy.

Traits of a Sagittarius….







    Fears responsibility



    Peter Pan syndrome

    Tendency to gamble



    Unusual ideas

    Being on the move


    Luxury items


    New friends



    Public disapproval

    Playing safe



    Tight clothes/areas

    Being doubted

    Being refused

The word ‘marriage’ makes a Sagittarian female a little nervous and you will need to tempt her in order to make her settle down. She is a little hard to catch and tends to be one of the boys all the time. That doesn’t mean she looks or acts like a man! Infact, she is as female as any other girl is. The society and its norms do not matter to her.

Their gifts fit Sagittarians for a number of widely differing professions. They are natural teachers and philosophers with a talent for expounding the moral principles and laws which seem to explain the universe.

Sagittarians have a positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar. They enjoy travelling and exploration, the more so because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are dashed.

They are usually on the side of the underdog in society they will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They balance loyalty with independence.

They have both profound and widely ranging minds, equipped with foresight and good judgement, and they can be witty conversationalists. They love to initiate new projects (they make excellent researchers) and have an urge to understand conceptions that are new to them. they think rapidly, are intuitive and often original, but are better at adapting than inventing and are at their best when working with colleagues of other types of character that compliment their own.



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3 Responses to Day 354 Question 354

  1. You have the same birthday as my other half! I would love to know what it said about Sagittarius men lol I’m Aquarius, and while I sometimes recognize myself, I also find the descriptions a little random at times.

    • patgarcia says:

      I don’t accept horoscopes in my life because I have chosen to live my life according to biblical principles. It doesn’t mean that I don’t accept people who do live by their horoscopes. That’s fine with me, but I have chosen another way.

      By the way, if I haven’t told you yet, Happy New Year. I wish you all the best for 2013, and I really enjoy your blog.


  2. luggagelady says:

    I love this! My mom and sister are both Sagittarians and this nails them to a tee. Thanks for sharing! xo

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