Day 352 Question 352


Day 352 Question 352:

What were the most memorable moments of 2012?

GOODBYE 2012 HELLO 2013!!!!

We saw a lot of crazy and wild moments in 2012.  It is unfortunate that there were a lot of major moments that left people widowed and deeply saddened.  2012 was a good year for me but we did not come at all close to a work striving toward peaceful resolutions.  2012 (in my opinion) is a year to learn from and an opportunity to change because we desperately need change.  We need to give up the fight and anger and start listening to each other.  There was not all bad in 2012….there were incredible moments….watching the US take away so many gold medals make me feel great pride in my country.  Even through great devastation such as the Colorado movie theater shooting and the horrific massacre in Newton, we saw complete strangers come together and offer comfort to each other….we need more of this comforting and more of this compassion in the world and we do not need horrific events to be the reason behind this unity.  There were an incredible amount of memorable moments in 2012 but it is these images below that made a significant impact on me.  What were the most memorable moments for you…my readers???









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2 Responses to Day 352 Question 352

  1. Nicely done! Happy New Year to you.

  2. Diane :0) says:

    My apologies 🙂

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