Day 349 Question 349

new years resolutions

Day 349 Question 349:

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

2013 is fast approaching.  Some people say life is short while others say it is very very long.  I tend to feel like life passes by at neck breaking speeds but that is because I have 34 years old and still cannot figure out how that is quite possible.  I am not one of these people that bitches and moans about getting older…I actually love it because as cliché as it may sound I do feel like I grow wiser as time passes.  It can be a little scary sometimes though because there is job competition for jobs and I am no longer 25 and it is well known that companies look for longevity.  I am not completely settled in my life and I am unsure if I will ever be.  I am at an age where I should decide about children because the longer I go without conceiving the less likely it will ever happen.  I don’t stress out about any of this stuff but it does pass through my head because of how fast time seems to pass.  In my head I have always thought that at certain ages you would feel a certain age….I always assumed that into my thirties I would feel like this mature grown up that has life figured out….the mistakes and the silly worries would finally be gone.  I don’t feel that way at all.  I have learned a great deal and I have made much better choices in my older years but I still feel the same as I did when I was 18 years old.  I am still the silly girl inside that loves to laugh and aches to be around friends.  I don’t feel like what I thought I would at 34….I don’t feel maternal or “wife-like”.  I do not desire to own a house or to wear a business suit.  I always thought that was the way life was supposed to go if someone was going to be successful at this age.  I still have the desire to change my hair color (not bright blue or anything but I wouldn’t be opposed to a streak in there every once in a while) and try out new trends.  I just don’t want to do and wear all of the things that it seems society has pegged for someone my age.  If I am 60 years old and want to rock long hair and wear long skirts and a peasant top, then I am going to do it because that defines me.  That is what feels right to me.

I have never really been big on New Year’s resolutions because they never seem to be well thought out.  I am a person that needs to challenge myself and that challenge usually comes in the blink of an eye and I make a game plan right on the spot.  Resolutions seem to come with too much pressure and we tend to focus on our flaws that we want to fix and only end up disappointed when we don’t follow through.  I am however going to step outside of my comfort zone and look at resolutions from a different angle and I am going to make some.  I am going to set bigger and more specific goals….goals that will challenge me…goals that I will probably fail from time to time but will challenge me to pull myself back up.  So here we go:

Resolutions for 2013-A New Start (A pep talk to myself)

1)       Continue to get healthy-In 2012 you did well with weight loss and getting healthier but you really need to step up your game.  This does not mean restricting yourself but instead challenging yourself.  The biggest challenge will be cutting off night time eating….ignoring the voice in your head that says you are hungry when you really aren’t.  Start stepping up workouts and remain on a routine and do not beat yourself up when you miss one or if you eat poorly…..just start again!!!  Give yourself incentives to work toward!

2)      Meet new people-In 2012 people came into your life and people left.  There are only a small handful that you have now but there are many many more to meet.  Make that happen some way somehow because you need people.  You secluded yourself for long enough…it is now time to get back out there!!!  You can’t find more close friends or even a potential boyfriend if you don’t put yourself out there-yes it is scary and yes you will be rejected from time to time but the right ones will NOT reject you….they will see you not see through you and they will help you when you need it.  You will find those people you have been aching to talk to if you just put yourself out there.

3)      Meditate Meditate Meditate-You know this works and you know this brings you the inner peace you need—stop and take the time!!!!

4)      Volunteer your time when you can-You may not do it alone but you may have to.  This could be your opportunity to meet new people while also doing good for others.  Do your part to change the world if even just a little bit.  It is ok to be scared but don’t let that fear control you!!!

5)      Get on a better sleeping and eating schedule.  YOUR SUCKS-CHANGE IT!!  Stop being a stubborn ass….turn off the computer and silence your phone and get the rest your body needs.

6)      Explore Explore Explore-This area has nothing to offer you and your time expired here a long time ago.  Explore new areas and see where the potential is over this next year and make it happen.  I know you are scared to do it alone but if you really want to work in the human services field you have to go to where the opportunities are—-you can do it alone because you are way stronger than you think you are.

7)      Keep writing-Day 365 of this blog challenge is just around the corner.  This does not mean you can stop writing….this is just the beginning of the writing journey.  Writing is your gift….do something with it finally!!!

8)      Read more-You did well in 2012 but there is far more out there to learn about and you know how much you love to learn and how inspired you feel when you do….pick up a book and just start to read.  Read and reread every entry in this blog (try to make something of it) and see how much you have stayed the same and how much you have changed and inspire yourself!!!

I could probably write down 100 more things on this list but for now I will keep it as short and simple as possible.  It is easy to write down things like lose weight or read more.  I say those things to myself in my head on a daily basis.  This way I inspire myself….I see what is really important to me.  I truly believe that everything we do and say and feel in life is our choice.  I choose for 2013 to be the best year yet and to all of my friends here I hope yours is filled with magic and inspiration and more love than you know what to do with!


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5 Responses to Day 349 Question 349

  1. insanekender says:

    Time seems to move at a greater speed as we get older. I blinked one day and I was 20 the next I was 33, and besides asking what happened to all the time, I often wonder what was I doing with that precious time.

  2. Chuck says:

    I LOVE C&H. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to “steal” the panel (with a link to your post and credit, of course) for a post I’ll put up tomorrow. Insofar as your resolutions…they are 1) great and 2) very achievable. Good luck with each and every one of them!

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  4. rich says:

    resolution – to not be a lazy shit and actually try selling a book to an agent/publisher.

  5. I never, ever do resolutions; revolutions are so much more exciting 🙂

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