Day 321 Question 321

Day 321 Question 321:


What do you want for Christmas?

I am not Mother Teresa.  I do like to buy things sometimes.  I, however, have grown very uncomfortable to have other people buy things for me.  My mother has asked me over and over again what I want for Christmas and I keep telling her that I want nothing….which is true.  I finally told her that I wanted to choose an organization for them to donate money to.  I want to send money to an organization featured in the book/documentary Half the Sky to help send as many kids as possible to school…to give them to gift of education.  I don’t know why I have changed so drastically but I don’t want to do for me anymore….I NEED to give back.  I don’t volunteer my free time as much as I could but I want to bring happiness to others…to those that have very little happiness in their lives.  I desperately want to rid myself of my nervousness and fears and save my money to venture to countries afar and meet these children and women and learn from them…to offer them words of love and encouragement.  I don’t believe there is such a good thing as a selfless good deed because when we do for others we feel a goodness and warmth in our heart and what a reward that is.  I know that visiting foreign countries and seeing poverty would break my heart and knowing how little some people have and the struggles they go through but I know that being able to engage with them and sharing with them my words and my love would make me feel complete in a way that I have never felt and hopefully bring them at least a little bit of happiness if even for just a moment.

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6 Responses to Day 321 Question 321

  1. What do I want for Christmas?? I want to make a difference. I want to affect a positive change. Oh, and as far as material things are concerned…..a new set of kitchen knives would be fine seeing that my 40 yr old set is broken and damaged beyond repair.

  2. vixstar1314 says:

    Beautiful post. Totally agree, everyone should aim to give back to society/the world throughout their life. Yes there are no selfless deeds however I personally believe it’s ok for you to feel good after you help someone as long as they gain out of it too. A lot in life is a two way connection.

  3. Jeanne LaVoie says:

    Christmas. It has always been about giving rather than recieving in my family. Maybe so many years of Catholic school and great parents have instilled that in me. I do not need or want for anything. I wish that everyone could be happy and healthy and with the one they love but that is unrealistic. Make the most of each day and try to give when you are able to. Be thankful.

  4. frankoshanko says:

    Nice post and nice spirit! It truly is better to give than to receive! 🙂

  5. What do I want for Christmas? I want nothing more then for my mom to kick cancer’s ass. Hard and forever. I want a cure for cancer. I want all the people fighting cancer to feel love and not despair. I want all the families that have a member fighting cancer to understand that its ok not to be the strong one and to let your feelings out before they get the best of you.

    • Diane :0) says:

      That is a great Christmas wish!!!!! I hope your mom does do some serious cancer ass kicking and is feeling better than ever really soon 🙂

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