Day 302 Question 302

Day 302 Question 302:

What is your “muse “, what stirs your creativity / your creative mind into action?

This question is quite simple to answer.  It is my life experiences that are my muse.  There is never just one particular thing, person or event that drives my creative energy into overdrive.  On a daily basis I feel the surge of creative energy flowing through my veins.  I feel lucky because it comes to me quite naturally…regardless of the setting.

I find life so intriguing because it is made up of such a wide variety of people.  Some of these people are artists while others are mathematicians and others are laborers.  I am fascinated when I see what comes so naturally to other people…what peaks their interest so much.  I am a natural writer and artist….even though the art does not come in the form of painting or drawing.  I can naturally create in my brain.  My muse is my life…it is the soul that lives within me that is able to see the beauty that surrounds me even through the most difficult times.  It is the part of me that sees the beauty and necessity of war and violence in order to embrace the peace and balance of the world.  It may sound ridiculous to some but in my head and my body it makes sense.  It is these natural feelings that give me my drive and my passion to continually create and to reach out into the world whenever and wherever needed.

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3 Responses to Day 302 Question 302

  1. rheath40 says:

    My muse changes almost daily. Yesterday it was a young woman that had grown up with my daughter. She messaged me to tell me that my posts change her life. Change her ideas of what’s “normal”. Who knows what my muse will be tomorrow. It might be a song on the radio. A word from a friend. A photograph. We’ll see. Great post Diane.

  2. Hussain says:

    my muse is usually emotions…the feelings that a situation generates drives me to write…like how some months ago I was sitting in the park and felt at peace ,at Zen if you will with the world !! and that drove me to write about solitude as a source of inspiration !!!

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