Day 287 Question 287

Day 287 Question 287:

What are some words that you live by, and why?

The words that guide me through life are: Do no let your ego control you!  It is you that makes your choices in life.

I am made up of this beautiful soul and times are going to be hard every once in a while but once I came to learn and accept my emotions for what they are and once I learned that it is my ego that holds all of the negativity, everything changed.  There are days that I feel overwhelmed with every emotion in the spectrum and when I feel like that I remind myself to focus on the now because the past is gone and I have no control over the future.  What is going to happen is going to happen.  I may think negative things in a moment but I no longer live to believe those things.  I remind myself silently every day that I am beautiful and that I am kind and that I have more potential that I could have ever imagined.

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One Response to Day 287 Question 287

  1. rich says:

    words i live by – when my kid is with me, give her 100% of my time. when she’s not with me, give ME 100% of my time.

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