Day 250 Question 250

Day 250 Question 250:

If you could change something in the world what would it be?

Lately my writing has been quite heavy.  I have touched on some pretty serious topics and the tone is not always one which brings smiles to people’s faces.  Honestly, with an election looming and politics stirring among every media source it was inevitable to happen.  This has been the year where I have truly learned where I stand and I truly believe that the political system is disgusting and has become nothing but a corrupt power trip from some big-headed “know-it- alls”.  Yes, that is a bold and probably harsh statement but I have watched politics go straight down the toilet over the years.  Politics and government is no longer about the people….they can preach it all day long but all it truly is is a popularity contest.  I am not saying that every politician is a self-centered ass but I do believe many have THEIR best interests at heart over the best interest of the American people.  I am not a fan of either candidate now running (obviously I speak of Romney and Obama) because they both convey themselves to be completely pompous and both have done nothing but point fingers at the other…placing blame and pointing out everything the other is doing wrong.  Mitt Romney spoke of 47% of the population having a victim mentality….well obviously so does he when he has to get on his soapbox and talk about how Obama hurt his feelings (in a matter of speaking).  I find the whole political scenario to be absolutely gross and I ache for the society now living in this country that has to be exposed to the circus we call government.  I guess I just can’t wrap my brain how we have come to such an ugly place?  I don’t understand how a country called the UNITED Stated can be so divided amongst it’s people and the politicians worsen it by spewing hatred toward their opponents.  Honestly, I do not want to have children because I do not want to expose them to this.  I cringe at the thought of my children growing up in a world where two grown adults argue to try to win power….to CONTROL and entire country.  Politicians should be the biggest role models in the world but instead they are overgrown children fighting for a title.  It truly saddens me.

My words are harsh and very unusual for my tone when it comes to blog.  I do not know either of these men personally.   I would hope they are both good father and husbands and overall good men.  I only speak on outside appearances that I have witnessed.  Neither of them have proven (in my opinion) to be honorable or stand-up men when it comes to working toward the greater good of this country.  I won’t say that about them though….there are several politicians out there that should hang their heads in shame for their actions.  I guess I am a cynic because I don’t know what to believe anymore.  You may listen to a speech by a candidate and be absolutely blown away and within 24 hours a past speech has been leaked where the candidate has preached the complete opposite.  How much is being said to win votes and how much is being sad that is actually true?  I am not stating that I am a better person but I am also not running for President of the United States.

It is so weird for me to even write about this because for so long I never took interest in politics.  I stayed “happily ignorant”.  In the past 2 years I started to open my eyes and watch what was going on around me and who the “power players” were making major decisions in this country.  I did not like what I was seeing so I started tuning in more and doing my research.  I do not know where all of the politicians stand on the issues and there is a lot I do not understand (especially when it comes to foreign affairs) but I know about many of the issues that are very close to me.  I guess I just want the kind of world that is most likely not possible.  I truly am a dreamer and my dream world will never be a reality.  I want a world of people experience more happiness than sadness and a world where people chose to learn from differences instead of hate because of them.  I want a world where people are accepting.  I realize we need polar opposites….we need to experience the bad to understand the good but we are experiencing far too much bad.  Although my words may seem cynical my feelings are not.  On a daily basis I experience and inner peace that I wish others could experience….I wish I could pass this feeling on.  Yes, mine has come from my meditations but there is so much more to it.  My inner peace comes from having the ability to accept what is.  I don’t like the way the government is but I accept it because I have to….and I choose to live my life according to what makes me the happiest.  I do not function in an angry, cynical manner every day.  Many people have even told me that my words on paper are so different from how I act in person.  I just tell them that my thoughts do not control my actions….I believe that anger serves absolutely no purpose.  I would rather spend my life trying to make others smile and make their days just a little bit better by joking with them and treating them with kindness than acting out of anger and resentment.

What I know in this life is I do not want to be controlled.  I know it is inevitable that the government is going to control some things but I do not ever want to live in this life feeling like my thoughts and actions are being controlled.  I am a die-hard independent and that is what I love.  I love having my own ideas and opinions and I do not want to feel as if someone is forcing me to think like they do.  I am the nanny of beautiful 1 ½ year old twin girls and I believe they deserve the opportunity to experience freedom of thought and freedom of expression.  I have watched them grow and I would hate the thought of someone molding them according to a specific plan instead of allowing them to grow into the beautiful individuals they are.  Human beings are not robots that are meant to be programmed and I think over time we are getting closer and closer to life being that way.

I really have not answered the question at hand because I do not have a specific answer.  I, of course, would change the way government functions but I do not know how I would do that or what the best of doing that would be.  I have big dreams for myself and the population of the world as a whole and if I could get on a platform and shout endlessly telling people to love instead of hate and believe instead of be skeptical and take ownership instead of place blame I would.  I would try to change the world through peace (as hippie as that may sound to some) because what this world has been trying so far is just not working….we will never solve violence with violence.  If I could get the people of the world to truly believe that….that would be my change.  All of the people in this world are innately good but some do not know it or believe it so they choose to act out with violence and anger.  I believe the world would be a very different place if people were to dive into their consciousness and find their beautiful self….find their inner peace.  Nothing in life is simple but so much in life is worth the hard work that needs to be put in.

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5 Responses to Day 250 Question 250

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  2. I have to say I agree with you. Government for the people by the people was founding premise of this country, not career politicians lining their pockets, saying whatever needs to be said to make them most popular, hence richest. I’d like to live in the world you describe. Would you & I be the only ones there?

  3. wendystrohm says:

    I think there are many of us who feel the injustices in life. I agree democracy is not always what it is meant to be. Politics seems to be a game to those in it – and this is true across the world – and we seem to have to accept corruption to one degree or another. I believe the world could be a better place but we always seem to end up having to vote for the one think might cause less damage. Not a great way of life…
    Loving your ideals and sentiments.

  4. Erradicate famine once and for all!

  5. rich says:

    what would i change – wow – where to begin? i guess i’d have to change something about parenting. for example, make it so nobody was allowed to just automatically be a parent by sprouting out a child. you’d have to first prove your ability to care, nurture, and love a child. to prove that you can put the child’s needs before your own and that you are capable of recognizing what it means when something is in “the best interest of the child.”

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