Day 249 Question 249

Day 249 Question 249:

Is privacy really a right or just a privilege?

As I am sure many of you already know there has been great scandal amongst the royal family.  First, Prince Harry getting busted with his drawers nowhere to be found while playing a rowdy game of strip poker in Vegas and now Princess Kate Middleton being photographed topless during a vacation with her husband.  Apparently the royal family enjoys the naked life.  ;0)  The question that has been splattered all throughout the headlines is whether or not privacy was breeched.  Of, course because of their royal status this question is now more important than if these were just average, everyday folks.  But, when you think about it, we hear the expression “the right to privacy” but does that “right” really even exist anymore?  Did it ever exist?

Regardless of a person’s status (whether they are royals, celebrities or working class individuals)…people are still just people.  When I first heard of both of these royal scandals and the reactions of the queen and all of her pee-ons, I laughed.  This is 2012, these people are royalty and paparazzi are swarming around every corner or hiding behind every bush.  These people should not be surprised that their lives are splattered on the cover of every magazine on a weekly basis.  I am not saying it is right, I am saying that it should not come as a surprise.  I believe big brother is watching all of us and our privacy is almost non-existent anymore but if you are a royal or a celebrity of any form, you will be under the microscope every day of your life.  It is no surprise that some of these celebs snap and end up in a psych ward or in rehab for a drinking/drug problem.  Privacy is an idea of the past.  Instead of displaying the good of people, we are looking for nothing but scandal….scandal has become our entertainment.  Is this a tactic to make us feel better about ourselves?  When is enough enough?

This past year there was a lot of uproar regarding employers having access to employees social media sites passwords.  Even the thought of this being an option confirmed my belief that privacy no longer exists.  I am the type of person that tries like hell to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now and I will admit that my past is less than desirable at certain times.  I find is so ridiculous that I am a well-educated, well-spoken, passionate and dedicated woman but I could be turned down for a job based on one simple thing I put on Facebook or Myspace several years ago?  I can’t wrap my brain around why anyone would believe an employer should have access to anyone’s personal passwords, whether it be to email, social networks or any kind of accounts.  Can we have nothing to call our own anymore?  If you think about it…if we type our own name into any search engine, there is a pretty good chance that we will be able to dig up some sort of information about ourselves and an even better chance that some of that information will be personal….information that should remain PRIVATE!!!  Why does our personal information have to be well known?  Is it for monetary gain?  For power? For control?

I don’t blame only the government for privacy breeches.  The entire human population is just as guilty…myself included.   Society has become a rumor mill and sharing private information has become commonplace.  I guess with the way that society has evolved I am unsure as to what information should be considered private.  I mean hell, the choice a woman makes with her body whether it is going on/being on birth control or pregnancy or anything of the like is no longer a private matter…it has become a large societal issue.  There are many things that people do that I don’t like or agree with but I feel that if it doesn’t personally affect me than I just need to shut my mouth…..well I say that but sometimes I go on rants….written not vocal.

I feel like the past few entries have been somewhat negative.  I am not a negative person…I just have to address what is going on in the world.  I feel the need to express myself and I do not force anyone to read what I write or agree with what I say…I just feel the need to get it out of me.  I think because we are creeping up on an election, I am really starting to see the world for what it truly is.  Up until just recently (within  the last couple of years), I meandered around with blind eyes.  I lived naïve to what was going on all around me…possibly what some people would call blissfully ignorant, but there was no bliss for me.  I see the world being beautiful and I do not take that for granted but I also feel the need to address the skeptical and the deceptive parts.  Big government, rulers and dictators have stolen our freedoms just for the simple need and want of power and control.  Maybe not all are like that but unfortunately I believe that many are and over time the people have stopped fighting for their rights and allowed it to happen.  I know that last statement may bring anger and I hope it does not.  Fighting (peacefully) for what you believe in never ends and it can be quite exhausting and draining both mentally and physically.  I understand why people sometimes give up on the fight….they feel completely defeated.  I have worked in nonprofit for several years and it is one field in which you constantly feel defeated and I have wanted to give up over and over again.  I have taken breaks and moved my focus around but undoubtedly I always come back to the same place of fighting for what I believe in….and freedom of the people is always on the top of the list…whether it comes to freedom of speech, women’s rights or marriage equality.  I will let my voice be heard when the subject is important enough to talk about.

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5 Responses to Day 249 Question 249

  1. Hi there – it made me smile and honest this is just for fun from across the pond! It was William’s brother Harry with his MIA drawers and Kate is the Duchess of Camebridge – she isn’t a princess even though she is married to a prince…and I’m pretty sure no-one wants to point a long lense at my wobbly bottom 😉 x

    • Diane :0) says:

      Oops I thought I fixed the William and Harry part but it must not have went through. This is probably a silly question but why isn’t she a princess?

  2. bibuji says:

    It was nice for me to know “right” and “privilege” has different meaning. I thought they were much the same. By the way, “privilege” is one of the words I often spell wrong.

  3. Here are a few good questions for you: based on my observations of society today, I’ve found that the majority of the human race indulges in & encourages doing anything we want to do just because “we can”, while completely ignoring the things “we should”. Is there a difference between the two concepts, or was there a difference in the first place? When you think about it, those questions & the observation make an interesting parallel comparison to your argument in this posting.

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