Day 239 Question 239

Day 239 Question 239:

What is one goal that motivates you?

I am motivated by so many things.  Lately I have felt stressed because of so many changes that are happening but I deal with the stress….I would like to think I deal with it quite well.  One particular thing that has been motivating me a great deal lately is the upcoming 5k I am going to participate in on October 20th.  This is my first 5k ever and I am officially registered so there is no backing out.  I am not a great runner.  I may have to walk some of it but I am trying my hardest to improve every single week.  I have an app on my iPhone called Couch to 5k and I have made it to week 5 (it is a 9 week program).  There are days I struggle more than others but my inner determination amazes me.  Even through the sweat pouring down my face and the urge to throw up I tell myself over and over again that I CAN do it.  The belief that I can’t is untrue.

There are times I feel like throwing in the towel because my body aches or it just feels like I don’t have the talents or skills that other people have.  It isn’t about comparing myself to others though….it is knowing that even if it takes a little bit longer than some other people, I can do it!  The belief that I am capable of doing anything I want is what motivates me.

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5 Responses to Day 239 Question 239

  1. So, do you eventually reach your goals?:)

  2. rich says:

    the places i will go with the money i will make if i ever sell books. that motivates me.

  3. cranos mhuru says:

    thus really cool,rather than worrying over an issue!

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