Day 238 Question 238

Day 238 Question 238:

What home décor do you love?

Well I am officially moving into a new place with a great girl friend come middle October.  My biggest excitement comes from being able to decorate the place.  I don’t have a certain style by any means and I am ALL about inexpensive.  I have been on pinterest day and night and have wanted to share some of the ideas and styles with my readers to get their input and opinions and to actually ask if any of you have any inexpensive, stylish decorating ideas.  :0)

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4 Responses to Day 238 Question 238

  1. ryeder says:

    Great minds think alike…I also am moving…Hope your move goes much more smoothly than mine…… 2 new chapters

  2. mom & dad!! says:

    so happy for you diane you will really enjoy decorating your new home. can’t wait for you to get in and all settled so that we can come and see it. love mom and dad!

  3. Gary Lum says:

    I like minimalist white or off white walls that are unadorned. I like tiled floors for easy cleaning and because they’re cool in Summer.

  4. “knowing you already do” – my favorite!

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