Day 211 Question 211

Day 211 Question 211:

What is your mission(s) in life?

I have worked in nonprofit for several years and in every organization that I worked for there was always a mission statement….the goal of the organization.  As individuals I believe we all should have a mission…if not more than just one.  We hear the question over and over again about what our purpose in life is.  Sometimes I have feelings of what my purpose if but I think it is another one of those unanswerable questions.  Our mission though is our decision.  If we decide as individuals to set out on a mission of any form we decide the path we want to take.  I have several missions in life.

I have been a person that lives for art and that has this creative mind that is constantly running and running and running.  If I had more spare time on my hands I would dedicate a majority of it to new creations.  My first mission in life is to build on this creativity and to explore more into my artistic self.  By exploring this creativity I continue to find myself and there is nothing more beautiful.  Just this morning as I was getting ready to head to work the thought crossed my mind of how I am finally in a place where I am at peace with who I am.  That is a very broad statement but I realized in that moment that I am finally exploring the things in life that I had been neglecting and I have found what I stand for and what I believe in.  I have had this self-discovery through my creative endeavors.  Just through this blog alone I have learned so much more about myself.  To pose a question to yourself each and every day you learn so much about what your convictions are and where you stand on the issues in your life and in the world around you.  I speak of finding myself like I have been lost (in some ways I have) but what I truly believe is that we each have these layers that we need to peel away so we can discover more about who we are as individuals.  For a long time I never got beyond the surface layer and I realized how shallow that level really was.  The excitement and awe come from peeling back each layer and discovering the parts you didn’t know existed….the you that has been hiding.

My mission in life is to find acceptance of the good as well as the bad.  I say this very loosely.  Everything in life is going to happen the way that it is meant to (at least that is what I believe).  We are unable to predict our next moment.  Life is a series of natural events…moments happening one after another.  It is easy to accept the good in life….to enjoy the moments of happiness with loved ones and new experiences that are absolutely exhilarating.  It is the bad moments that we have a hard time accepting because we tend to ask ourselves what we could have done differently.  The answer is nothing because the moment has passed.  Living a life of regret is not worth living.  There is nothing easy about accepting murder or child abuse or anything of the sort….but it must be accepted (do not mistake me saying this as being accepted in a positive way…accepted in a way that is unfortunately become a part of humanity and life as a whole…things that have become too normal) and the only thing that can be done is focusing on what can be done right here and right now.  Mistakes and bad (sometimes horrible) decisions are inevitable but there is ALWAYS room for change and to make better decisions in this very moment.  This is something I have a difficult time with…in certain aspects of my life.  I have a hard time accepting my body for what it is and accepting who I am 100%.  I let my ego get in the way and take control.  I have learned just in this past year of what damage the ego can do to a person (what damage it has done to me).  Being unable to accept yourself and accept what is going around you can be pure torture….without it even being realized by most.  Our ego is what makes us angry and depressed and it is in these moments when we are being controlled….we are allowing our egos to string us around like puppets.  As silly as it sounds, it is the one truth I believe in whole-heartedly.  It is not an easy concept to grasp and not allowing your ego to control you is probably the most difficult task in your life (and it is something that must be continuously worked on) but when you do, you are able to see life in such a different, beautiful life.  You have this ability to accept yourself and to accept the world around you….even the bad.  It gives you a drive (well at least it does me) to inspire those around you and show them what a life without ego control could truly be like.  I, honestly believe, the world would be a much more peaceful place if people worked on not letting the ego control them….but in order for this to happen, people must accept the ego for what it is and make the effort each and every day to not let the ego take the reins.  Call me a dreamer if you like and I will show you a person that smiles and laughs way more than cries or spends days bottled up with anger.  It is a simple concept that people have a hard time accepting (which I understand) but once they do….a weight is lifted….life becomes so very different.

I went a little out into left field….as usual.  When I write I talk about what just comes out of me naturally.  I talk about what I believe and what I feel in this very moment.  My missions in life are endless and a majority of them are to help others.  I am not looking for saint status or to have recognition for any of my missions…I just feel that my mission is to educate people that want to be educated.   I don’t have the answers to life…hell nobody does.  I have information and thoughts though that I do believe could be beneficial to society….why would I keep this all to myself?  I was never raised to be selfish and I am thankful for that every single day.  If I didn’t have to work, I would spend endless hours a day volunteering because not only do I want to educate and share my experiences….I want others to educate me.  Life is this place with this great cyclic potential and some people do not take advantage of these opportunities…I don’t want to be one of those people.  I live my life every day and I want to share it with other people but I strive more for others to share with me…to show me a world outside of anything I have ever known (whether big or small).  My mission in life is to never stop opening myself up to the opportunities for knowledge and for new experiences….to find love and beauty in different ways all of the time.

What is your mission(s) in life?

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9 Responses to Day 211 Question 211

  1. Your on the right path….sharing what you learn to hopefully cultivate an environment of give and take. Ego is a part of self-discovery…. actually its what is driving you to want to find “self”. When do we start searching for how to co-exist if everyone is searching for self???? I understand a person should know who they are but when we find a partner we have to merge. World peace will take finding a group identity!!!!

  2. today was a deep-hearted read, full of insight and wisdom, my gratitude, Linda….loved it all

  3. zen city says:

    beautiful, wonderful post. my mission, i think parallels yours – but i will think about it more deeply on my walk home now. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great post. Educating those who want to be educated…..can’t do more than that. Being educated while educating …. can’t do less than that, at least I found I learned as much teaching Sunday School as the kids I taught, if not more. I don’t always comment, as you know, but I do think about what you write, and food for thought is good food indeed.

  5. expressionistaura says:

    Nominated you for Versatile Bloggers Award 🙂

  6. Hitesh says:

    Very good post.

    I think whatever your mission in life is, you should leave behind the world better than you received when you came.

  7. Sunelly_Sims says:

    Great post! I completely agree with your words about the ego – I have the same opinion. The world could be nicer if we wouldn´t allow that our ego take control. We should make more efforts to stop its dominance.

    Best wishes,
    Sunelly Sims

  8. bibuji says:

    Keep working for your precious mission!

  9. I believe we all want to contribute one way or another towards making a better society for all, which in turn will help us achieve happiness and fulfilment. We all have different talents to offer and finding these talents and being able to share them with others and be accepted for what we are is our real mission.
    Nice blog entry. 🙂

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