Day 210 Question 210

Day 210 Question 210:

Love or money?

Without question ALWAYS love…in ALL forms :0)

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9 Responses to Day 210 Question 210

  1. Always love, its priceless. Money doesnt make you happy but love will!

  2. irishkatie says:

    *smiles* … thinks tis a question with only one answer.

  3. Brent Weber says:

    What a lovely entry, Diane.
    I agree. Love, in it’s many incarnations, is the answer.
    I see education as a form of love. Kindness and commitment as forms of love. There is no problem I have endured or encountered which was not ultimately embraced and overtaken by love.

    It requires thought to believe this, and a healthy place in a cynical world. I hold true it is the simplest answer yet at times the most difficult to express: love is the answer.

  4. cyprineb says:

    A simple truth that is much needed today. Thank you!

  5. I used to say love for sure, but now it has to be a mixture because it cost to live, It cost to eat, drive, and do anything. I may not have been in deep love. but I say to you if love is all u need, why is finances a huge reason for divorce! Money is needed, you don’t have to be a millionaire, but money is needed.

  6. cmsaunders says:

    The natural response to this question is to answer ‘love’ so as not to appear shallow. But in real life, unfortunately, evidence suggests too many people choose ‘money,’ and do so on a regular basis.

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