Day 206 Question 206

Day 206 Question 206:

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?

When I am 90 years old, the one thing that will matter the most is that I spent majority of my life happy and laughed myself into tears many many times.  My body and mind may age but my soul will always be young and that will never change.  When I am 90 I want to know that I laughed more than I cried and loved more than I acted in anger or annoyance.  I want to know that I made a difference in people’s lives…even if it was because of something very simple.

Not every day in life will be “perfect” but there is opportunity in every day.  I want to remember that when I am 90 and know that I embraced that as fully as I possibly could.  I look at life now at the age of 33 and see this great changes I have made and this challenges I have faced and I can only imagine how much there will be to reflect on in 50+ more years.  A lot of people look at aging so negatively and I absolutely love it.  It is easy to get hung up on seeing your body age and “deteriorate” but these are the things that do not define you…not even a little bit.  Ever stretch mark and every wrinkle is just an indication of life evolving.  That should be looked at as beautiful not something to dread.  I want to hold my head up high when I am 90 years old and tell everyone I come in contact with what a beautiful life I have had.  I hope to still be expressing myself this same exact way when that time comes.  I hope to have friends both young and old that love life the way that I do and “girl friends” that still want to chat about everything we can possibly think of.  Again, just because our body ages does not mean our spirit needs to.  I love to be in a public place and see an elderly person that embraces their inner child and does not try to hide their feistiness.  Life does not have a set of guidelines as to how we should act as certain ages…so I will always embrace laughter and silliness until my last dying breath.

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13 Responses to Day 206 Question 206

  1. Great post – thought provoking

  2. Dorothy says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! My father is almost 95 but suffers from dementia now. Yet when he turned 90 he was still alright. His main concerns were FAMILY. The same as always. Was everyone else alright and doing well. He became happier and laughed more with dementia strangely. I am more the type that is silly and laughing now and is afraid of aging. I am still 15 forever and will be when I’m 90! Great post!

  3. LiLy says:

    I think i could change n be wiser ,but what will matter most to me is the ppl who l luved n cared about n if they will be still in my life or even my memory ,that will prove to me that they deserved my time n love ,i just hope for the best to come :))
    Lovely blog Diane btw n ur thoughts r so inspiring ,can i just take some of the questions here n post them on my group if u don’t mind ?

  4. LiLy says:

    I think i could change n be wiser but what will matter most to me is the ppl whom i luved n cared about n if they will be still in my life or even in my memory that will prove to me that they deserved my time n luv :))
    the more we get older ,the more we grow n learn more about ourselves ,others n life in general n it doesn’t freak me out ,i just hope for the best to come

    Lovely blog Diane btw n ur thoughts r always inspiring ,can i take some of these interesting Questions n post them in my group on fb if u don’t mind ,Keep it up 🙂

  5. super – duper loved this!

  6. Dana says:

    Short and very inspiring! I love it! 🙂

  7. foroneplease says:

    so true Diane 😀 although I’m not sure if I’ll remember my entire ‘mind blowing life’ when I am 90 😉 teehee..kidding! Honestly, I don’t wanna live that long, but whatever my age is when I pass on, I hope to have a smile on my face knowing that I did it all and I did it gooood!

  8. Wonderful post. You said just what I believe. I too believe that you have to keep and embrace that inner child and nurture it to keep yourself young at heart. When I was 60 I started telling when asked my age(I adjust for each year added ofcourse) so now it is I am 63 years young, my heart and soul swear to it! My body screams liar! And if and when I find my mind if I remember I will ask it! Gotta laugh out loud! You have to remember to laugh and play. Even when you hurt that child in you is going to keep you young! I also believe it is important to be able to hold your head up high because you did the best you could!

  9. shaylatansey says:

    I just want to know that I saw the world and followed my heart.

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