Day 200 Question 200

Day 200 Question 200:

What was the last thing that completely moved you?

Day 200…who would have thought I would make it this far?  When I first started this creative journey, I knew I wanted to write every single day for 365 days but a little part of me had my doubts of whether I would actually follow through.  Honestly, this blog has changed my life…in a sense it has saved me and it has allowed me to grow as a person.  By posing a different question to myself every single day I have forced myself to open my eyes to the world around me.  I have studied more about the world than I ever thought I would and I have found my passions and the things that really drive me.  I have found my voice.  I have traveled far outside of my comfort zone and I have finally started living because I have taken on the one thing that I love most in this world.  To write for me is like breathing…it allows me to express my thoughts at the tips of my fingers without having to vocally fumble over my words.

Yesterday while trucking along on the elliptical at my gym I caught a glimpse of a news story featuring a young boy that competed in triathlons.  The special part of the story is that he would compete as a team with his brother that has cerebral palsy.  He didn’t want his brother to be left out.  He didn’t find it fair that his brother was not able to participate in all of the things that little boys love when they are young.  I knew that I needed to do more research and I found the story featured on the ESPN website and in no time I was moved to tears.  Yesterday was a great day for me in that I felt motivated and driven and I officially signed myself up to run in my first 5K race in October.  I was (and still am nervous) but I thought that if this young boy could compete in triathlons with his younger brother in tote then there was nothing that should hold me back…even if I needed to power walk some of it (running is not my strong suit but I am working on it day by day).  I wanted to share this video and another that I found so very touching with my readers.  These two videos (in my opinion) show what real, unconditional love is and it warms my heart that they are young boys and still choose to love so much not caring what the world thinks.  I have the trailers below for both films but if you click on this link below you will be able to see the full ESPN video of the one story :0)  I hope you love it as much as I do :0)

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  1. I have to Say Congrats!!!! It was about 100 days ago that I wrote about you acheiving 100 posts in 100 days and congratulating you on it 🙂 since then you have written yet another 100 whilst I may have managed 15. so thank you for being an ongoing inspiration! Way to go!

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