Day 178 Question 178

Day 178 Question 178:

Why do people take power to such extremes?

I have a really hard time seeing power in a positive manner.  It seems that whenever people hold power (not all but a lot) they end up abusing that power.  Last night I was working at the restaurant and a coworker found out some very bad news.  I must give you a little back story.  My coworker (and also very good friend) is from Guatemala.  He has now been in the states for about 5 years.  His intention was to live here for 2-3 years and save as much money as possible and go back to Guatemala and start his own coffee business.  Back in Guatemala he left 3 children, a wife, a mother and many brothers and sisters.  He speaks with them daily but has not been in their physical presence in almost 5 years.  Because family is so important in that area, everyone lived together in one large house.  His family would be considered quite wealthy in their country.  Last night he got a call (I am not sure who from) and the next thing I knew he was crying hysterically.  He took off his apron and said very little but said that he needed to fly back to Guatemala as soon as possible and that something very bad happened.  The only thing that he said was that his home was broken into.  He didn’t give details but our manager broke into tears as well saying that the two had been talking and the drug cartels in Mexico were really bad and he feared that these drug lords broke into his home and hurt or potentially killed his family or some family members.  My heart absolutely sank at the thought of this.  I do not know if this is what happened but regardless, my Guatemalan friend was extremely upset and something happened that obviously turned his entire world upside down.  Before he left the restaurant I hugged him tight while h sobbed and told him to call me anytime.  I was heart-broken but I know I was nowhere near as heart-broken as he was.

So, upon reading my story, you may wonder why I chose the question that I did.  Well yesterday (before any of this happened) I was reading different news articles and I stumbled upon an article of a man that shackled his wife up daily and abused her for over 10 years.  This woman had disfigured feet because her husband crushed them because he wanted her to never escape.  I read other articles of political figures and their happenings in the world and all that kept rushing through my head is how sick it is how people act because they believe they hold such power.  I know power has a very open meaning…but it is something that has become abused more and more.  If my friend’s family was harmed by the drug cartel, it is very obvious that there was a leader that instigated the break-in and attack….as they have been all over Mexico.  I can’t wrap my brain around how someone could hold such power that they are able to convince others to abuse, rape and murder people.  I can’t wrap my brain around why a man would believe that he holds power over his wife and finds it ok to treat her like an animal (worse than an animal…because animals don’t deserve any abuse either).

Power is abused day in and day out.  Is money the main source of this power abuse?  Do these people (again, not all) believe they are better than others? Were these people picked on as children and youth so now they are abusing power and feel entitled because they are bitter?  Do some of these people have absolutely no conscience?  There was a news story that was all over every station recently and it showed a police officer kicking a young woman in the head as she sat on a curb handcuffed.  The young woman was intoxicated and had been removed from a bar for her behavior and in the video you can see the woman swat at the officer’s legs with hers but there is absolutely no reason this man should have kicked this woman in the head.  First off, she was handcuffed and secondly she was under the influence.  After he kicks her, he goes upon his business and shows not one ounce of remorse.  I believe he thought he held a certain kind of power because he is (was) a police officer and that sickens me immensely.  In my opinion, titles do not make anyone better or more powerful.  At the end of the day, people are still people.  If we must hold onto this term of power, then why not use it in a positive way?  Is that even possible?

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12 Responses to Day 178 Question 178

  1. I think it’s more about people than power. A bad person with virutally no power will still find a way to abuse others.

  2. I feel so sad for you friend. It’s so hard being far way and hearing bad news. It makes you feel so helpless and isolated. I do hope his family is alright and only material goods were destroyed.
    As for power, I think it brings out either the worst or the best in people. So in some case it can be a dangerous thing to give.
    I don’t know iif you’ve ever watched the movie “The experiment”. I found it very hard to watch but it shows what some people do when in power and it is inspired by a real study

  3. Don Lucuis says:

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    I believe, like UK rapper LowKey once said, people in our country, the US, suffer from an extreme case of “Christopher Columbus” Syndrome. It has become our nature and culture to compete and try to conquer over others. It’s sad really.

  4. Very good blog on this subject. I am glad you dealt with it. Seems like everyone wants to be boss.
    I worked at a men’s home (lower IQ folks) and the struggle was daily, which one was going to be boss that day. One poor little fella just took a backseat to everyone else. Sad.

  5. chetmolandes says:

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    I have had these same questions myself. Everyday lately in fact. Being that I am involved in activism/humanitarianism and a advocate for social eguality and justice. The amount of times I ask myself these questions must be constant and unending. I applaude all those whom take the time to ask themselves these same questions because it is through the questioning that we obtain the knowledge that will in my opinion lead us to pursue and fight for a better world for all of us. The Socialist

  6. iamanintrovert says:

    Emotional post, I felt your heart feelings for your coworker. I hope his world rights itself again.
    I wonder how many sociopaths operate in the police or other positions of authority? I remember watching a documentary on sociopaths years ago and it was frightening the number of sociopaths that operated in society. They defined sociopaths as not having those emotional filters that told them what they were doing was wrong. I think the film said there was something like 5 or 6 % of the population that were sociopaths. It is also called antisocial personality disorder.

  7. pennycoho says:

    I agree with you. Very well said. Also I’d like to add that it is people like yourself speaking out, having a voice that other people can listen to saying the right things that need to be said… that is a power also. Thank you for your words.

  8. chris9911 says:

    Bad people with power will do bad things while good people with power will do good things…thats just the way it is. I can’t feel sorry for the lady in the “slavery” video. She is standing by her man after all that abuse? sheesh…whatever makes her happy.

    Hope everything turns out okay with your friend.

  9. Stinkypaw says:

    Good question and post, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Power does funny thing to people, that’s for sure…

  10. Your blog is your power. I would say you are using it well.

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