Day 174 Question 174

Day 174 Question 174:

Who is your favorite artist(s)?

Art is something that has mesmerized me.  I have fell in love with so many forms of art throughout my life.  I never have real significant meanings for why I fall in love with what I do.  I just feel a natural art to certain types of styles.  I think what we are drawn to shows us a little bit more of who we are as people.  For me, I am drawn to vintage styles and styles that portray a sense of punk rock.  I absolutely love street art.  I find the entire concept so intriguing and so beautiful.  I recently discovered the works of mystery street artist Banksy and I fell in love immediately…so much so that I bought a couple of books and ordered a couple of prints.  My favorite artist to this day though is Andy Warhol.  I don’t know a lot about him as a person but I plan on doing my research.  I just love his funky style and how he expresses himself with such bright colors.  I remember being in an art class in college and first being exposed to his pieces and I loved his original style….it felt like my own kind of style.  I have a little bit of punk rock hidden inside of me…hahaha.  I love art because it helps define you.  You are able to learn so much more about your own style and what you are naturally drawn to.  I think that speaks volumes.

Below I have included some of Warhol’s pieces that I really like in hopes that you enjoy them to.  To my fellow readers I am hoping you answer this same question so you can expose me to more artists and help me learn a little bit more about you.  Who’s work do you like and why???

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8 Responses to Day 174 Question 174

  1. rich says:

    winslow homer

  2. jensine says:

    I have a thing for abstract ….. so I do like Kandinsky

  3. cobbies69 says:

    pablo picasso, and roger dean…

  4. I love many artists from different periods, art breathes the sweetest scent of freedom to me personally. Lustful, dreamy, metaphysical and passionate, direct way of expression. Perhaps I am wrong, who knows. However, there could be among many ways of expression and moods, the sought -after tangible, emotionally balanced, Buddha- like calmness, which took one such great person/artist more than twenty years to achieve, finally reaching for the pure path to non- objective art, her name was…is AGNES MARTIN. All art talks to me- including the music, the´ purest´ form of art and of course literature and poetry, architecture, nature, the melody in foreign languages….people around me just being and living that is art in itself! I love stories,for example David Hales´s DOUBLE TROUBLE- a graphic novel, which tickles my curiosity, stirs the imagination, squeezes out of our subconsciousness many a sweet picture, see for yourself at: …..etc. I am a visual artist myself, and I have traveled through Europe with my hungry soul and has derived absolute and pure joy out of the same challenge we all face of ´being yourself and doing what you love most,´ art, is it not….? No, perhaps not in its essence…. could it be our fate/ Schicksal / instead. In my work and within my emotional and physical world I do accept many styles and ideas, but even I do seek silence. I agree with Agnes Martin, who said: ´ The inspiration comes and tells you exactly what to do. ´I do not have any ideas of my own.´ …so does my head seems empty at times, but why?…….Good will…… it might be so, who knows.******Well done! Lovely article. My compliments! Katerina

  5. June says:

    Love the Warhol quotes! He was a true artist/visionary/genius/mentor. Changed the way I perceived the world. Great post!

  6. Great post…Art has inspired from a very early age…Some of my favorites: Most of the “Ashcan School”, especially George Bellows, Robert Henri, and Edward Hopper…Also German Expressionism, chiefly Egon Schiele and Edvard Munch. Of the Pop Artists, I do like Warhol, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, George Segal, and Ed Ruscha 😀

  7. bhuwanchand says:

    Okay here I go… for the justification & reasons why they are in my favorite list I will have to write a blog post for each one of them, some of them I have covered on my blog

    Musicians: Pink Floyd, Beatles, Talat Mahmood…
    Writers: Manto, Premchand, Guy de Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, GB Shaw, Somerset Maugham, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, O Henri, Salman Rushdie, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, HG Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sarathchandra…
    Painters: Gopi Dutt (my father-in-law),
    Movie makers: Guru Dutt, Tarantino,

    hmmm… the list is just too long, compilation will take a bit more than what I thought it would to cover in this comment :-)…

  8. adauphin04 says:

    Picasso, Pollock and Kahlo are my favs.

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