Day 144 Question 144

Day 144 Question 144:

What questions do you have for the general public?  What topics/questions would you like others insights/opinions on?

Well I learned yesterday that some people are very sensitive to certain subjects…rightfully so.  I wanted to allow my readers to know that the questions I answer are usually posed to me or I find somewhere in my random daily passings.  I choose to answer these questions so I am able to think and see what my point of view really is.  I do sometimes stumble and fumble my words though because although I love expressing myself in the written word, without hearing vocals inflicted with emotion, I am unable to get my point across clearly.  I am a very sensitive person that aims at not offending people.  Some may find this a weakness.  I am opinionated yes but I try to word things in a manner in which people understand that I exude more love than prejudices or assumptions about people.  I LOVE that people share their points of view with me and yes sometimes I feel like I am having a finger waved in my face being told that I am wrong but sometimes I need that to keep my eyes open to other points of view.  Yesterday many people made very valid points about the topic of equality between men and women that I had really not taken into account.  I cannot let time pass without my readers know that there comments are appreciated….even when I am a Sensitive Sally ;0)

Last night I ended up with one of those headaches that worsens as time passes.  I was laying in bed just trying to get comfortable and (like I do a lot) I started to think about myself as a person.  I started to think about life and what is important.  I watched a documentary called The Life Experience and I recommend EVERYONE check it out because it is one of those things that opens your eyes to so many things you have (or most likely never have) experienced.  It is a truly beautiful piece of work.

So here are my questions….there are no right or wrong answers obviously….I just would really like the point of view of others to see where others come from (and if asked, I can explain in greater detail why I am asking these questions in particular).  I am sure I will probably answer these questions in future blogs because they are all ideas to think about but for now I really want to hear from others….from my friends and family and from fellow bloggers from around the world.  I want to be a student in a classroom full of diversity and different traditions.

1)      I am a non-confrontational person, even when someone is rude to me or gets aggressive with me.  Is this a sign of weakness/do you see it as a weakness?

2)      What is something that is universal to ALL human beings?

3)      Which emotion is stronger, love or hate?  Why?

4)      Honestly, are you prejudice in any way?  Would you be willing to explain?

5)      As a person, what is your greatest strength?  Your greatest weakness?

6)      Having answered the last question….is your weakness really a weakness or something that society has pegged as a weakness?

7)      Are the politics of today’s society helping or hurting us?

8)      Have you ever felt threatened on any scale?  How did you handle it?

9)      What do you think today’s society is lacking?

10)  Does everyone in this world have a purpose?  If so, do we ever find out what the purpose is?

If you need more description or more explanation of the questions, please feel free to ask.  If you have any specific questions for me please throw them in my direction.  I am the type of person that needs to be challenged in order to reach a deeper level of life.  For so long I lived on a superficial and one day I changed it all.  I have dug deeper and deeper every single day to learn and to teach myself about a world that is so much bigger than me.  I have sought out beauty and culture and relationships with people both near and far.  I thank you very kindly for sharing your thoughts with me and sharing your kindness and insights.

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18 Responses to Day 144 Question 144

  1. jensine says:

    so many questions and so few answers but in my opinion one main ingredients the world is missing is fun and creativity

  2. Ok here it goes . . .
    1. Being Non confrontational is a choice and you have every right to your choice. depending on the situation I myself may choose not to confront the situation but I will stand up for myself if being threatend or attacked. so to answer you Question here . . . I see it as aprt of who you are and not a weakness.
    2. Laughter – no matter the language we all laugh the same.
    3. Love is Stronger in my eyes, as hate always turns to ash in your mouth and it fades over time while true love will be with you always. I always remember my first “love” even though we seperated and are no longer talking I still love those parts of her that I loved at the very begining. and it is those parts I remember now when the hate and anger has faded.
    4. I am predjuiced towards equality. I can not make myself understand the concept behind irrational hate or believing that certian people are superior to others. So while I hate predjudice I myself am prejudical.
    5. My greatest Strength would be resiliance. I can roll with the punches and nothing ever really gets me down. there is always a reason it happened and one I strive to understand.
    My weakness would be trust. I believe wholy that there is good in everyone and that has, time and again, been a mistake I have made and will continue to make.
    6. I mentioned this above but being overly trusting is not in and of itself a weakness but when society breeds mistrust and selfishness I am often the one at fault as I “let” this happen to me.
    7. Charged and electric question . . . I believe the non democratic nature of the democratic political parties is what is the biggest problem of our current political system.
    8. To be threatened is how we change and adapt. from reading your blog I am sure it was something that threatened you in some way that allowed you to change and see the world in a different light. we each overcome it in our own ways. My story revolves my eating habits threated to end my life. it took me almost dying to wake up and realize that I was poising my body daily.
    9. Society lacks Acceptance. We need to stop scapegoating and accept that we are responsible for the things that happen to us. we need to accept others for you they are. we need to accept that we are human and make mistakes.
    10. I once believed in fate and a pre determined plan and then I realized that we make our own paths in life through the choices we make everyday. so do I believe we have a purpose? that I can answer as yes, but it is not as far reaching and grad as becomeing the next president or prime minister but simple to be the best of ourselves we can be.

    So I hope you have learned a bit more about me and you can always read more over at my blog 🙂 Thanks Diane you are one of the inspiring writers I follow everyday and you truly do inspire.

  3. Margarita says:

    All very interesting questions…Confrontation, in my opinion, is a tool. When used appropriately, it does not have to be caustic or negative. Standing your own ground, is very important, and you don’t have to be nasty to do so. I don’t see confrontation and/or non-confrontation as a matter of strength and/or weakness. I see it as a matter of skill and a tool to be used appropriately and correctly. I’ll give the other questions more thought. If you are so inclined, you can help me remember by giving me a shout out on this comment. Thanks, Diane!

  4. 1) I’m not confrontational because I ENJOY it, but I can honestly say that I still stand behind the reasons and what was said, each and every time that I have felt forced to confront someone. For me, it’s been a strength, because, otherwise, I’ll stew and stew and stew over not saying or doing something. Interesting side note, I am acutely uncomfortable watching other people confront each other – i.e. I can’t watch the “jury” process on Survivor. I think maybe I am embarrassed for the people that are confrontational in an unproductive way?

    2) NEED is universal. Our needs our different, but universal.

    3) I think they’re equally strong, but, perhaps, too much time and strength is SPENT on hate, imbuing it with more power?

    4) I know that I have had to work very hard to overcome a youth spent in a very un-diverse area with a certain level of bigotry — like thinking you’re complimenting someone when you say, “He’s VERY well-spoken and bright.” when everyone knows that you mean, but don’t say, “for a black man.” When you travel into the city, your mother has a death grip on your hand, and she vocally suspects a group of people standing together are a GANG, when it’s just a bus stop, you learn to be AFRAID of diversity, and it takes a while to kick the habit — at least for me.

    5) My intensity…..and, my intensity (ha ha)

    6) Funny, “society” has, for the most part, rewarded it, in school, at work, but it became a little unhealthy for me.

    7) I’m not sure, but they can certainly be ANNOYING.

    8) Yes. I left the situation while I still could. Timing is everything.

    9) Respect.

    10) Yes, we all have a purpose. Are they all honorable and productive? Maybe not, but I firmly believe that life is one big chain reaction and even the negative people in my life serve a purpose for me. I’m not sure that we ever see CLEARLY what our purpose is, but, hopefully, we manage to fulfill it anyway, despite ourselves!

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  6. rich says:

    i don’t want to know IF people are republicans or democrats. i want to know WHY they are republicans or democrats. what has influenced them to believe that A or B is a better way of thinking. what has happened in their past that pushed them left or right? what do they see in the future that suggests that either A or B will be a better path?

  7. bibuji says:

    I believe that:

    (1)Strength is one(necessary) thing and rudeness is another(not necessary).
    Don’t try to be strong, but try to be kind and honest. Then your strength will rise within you spontaneously.

    (2)Life – any life of anyone mustn’t be deleted by another.

    (3)Love. Hating the other is at the same time hating oneself.

    (4)I have prejudice in many ways. Whenever I find one, I feel so happy, because I could abandon it.

    (5)Strength – I love myself. Weakness – I love myself too much.

    (6)There are many kind of society in various areas, fields, and with various people. Some will reject or accept me. Some society I try to get into, others I stay away from, .

    (7)Politics is a reflection of its people.

    (8)Physically, no. Fortunately. Emotionally, some – I made me concentrated in other better things.

    (9)Being more thankful.

    (10)Knowing and understanding any new things – yeah, questioning!

  8. Sally says:

    Diane. I love your blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts every evening on my iPod (your posts usually arrive at around 11pm Jakarta time) so I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award though to be honest, I would be very surprised if you haven’t received it umpteen times already! Check out Hi Angela. Because I really love your blog I want to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out for info if not.

  9. brendamarroy says:

    Diane: I believe confrontation is good when it is assertive, stating a fact, and definitely not agressive. There was a time in life when I could not confront others because I was afraid of either being disliked, being questioned, or making someone angry. I did not want to or know how to deal with others’ anger.
    I now confront racism, bigotry, and gossip in any form. I do not push my way through or come from a place of anger, I just ask for what I want.
    An exaple would be: I was having lunch with 3 of my first cousins last month. Two of them started making very negtive statements about another person. I sat for a moment and knew I had to say something. I stopped the conversation by saying, “Hold it a minute. I’m going to ask you to not talk about this person in this manner because I find it offensive. Could we please change the conversation?” They came back with, “Oh please. Don’t tell me you like him,” to which I responded “Yes I do, and I respect him.” The conversation stopped immediately and we went on to other topics. I knew I was taking a chance on being ostracized, but I’d rather be ignored than stand by quietly while someone is being ripped up by others.

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