Day 142 Question 142

Day 142 Question 142:

What do you need to vent about?

I find it funny that so many women get shit for going after the “bad boy” when I was just told by a guy, “we couldn’t be together because you are too nice and I am a rough guy.”  Ugh, sometimes I think my life is a movie…the number of times I say to myself, “Really???” in a day is sometimes far too many to count.  The conversation continued and he told me that he is just emotionally spent and he is just going to have sex right now.  That was followed up by, “I am a relationship guy though.”  I told him it really sounded like it.  This is the reason the whole dating game is nothing but a joke to me.  People say what they want but when they have it right in front of them they will haul ass in the other direction as fast as possible.

I guess today has just been one of those days where I have felt like I have heard the dumbest of the dumb things.  We all have choices in life and we have the choice to better our lives all of the time but some people just choose to either sit stagnant or just make up excuse after excuse and do stupid action after stupid action.  I stay positive as often as possible but sometimes I just want to shake certain people and tell them to snap out of it.  I know it is not my life…it is theirs….but our worlds collide so therefore I have an opinion.  I mean come on…I have an opinion about everything ;0).  Apparently I just have that face or that voice that makes people want to spill all of their shit to me.  People that hardly know me will even just unleash the entire saga of their lives within the first 10 minutes of meeting me. I really try to stay positive as much as humanly possible and even when I feel irritation or annoyance I just keep it to myself and let it pass.  I don’t see any point in telling people how I feel about them in the moment if it is not going to be beneficial.  I did feel the need to vent though….and I felt like this was the perfect venue.  I am sure I am sounding hypocritical by saying I focusing on being positive but I am going on a bitchfest…hahahaha.  Everyone has those moments and those days though and I am entitled to mine every once in a while.

I guess lately I have just encountered so many people in different settings that have exuded constant negativity and have bitched and moaned about things (that I see) that are completely controllable.  Hearing this negativity wears on a person after a while.  I want to be a support system for someone but if they are going to do absolutely nothing to fix their situation or change then I just have to gracefully bow out.  It becomes far too frustrating for me.  The guy I mentioned above has complete control over his situation and he could meet a nice girl and have a good life (and mind you he has a young child) but instead he has decided to be a total douchebag and just sleep around….yet will still bitch about how women think they are so perfect and how women are the enemy.  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with an attitude like that then no you will not have a successful relationship….if you put negativity out there expect it to come back to you tenfold.  It is once again that entire victim mentality…people allow their pasts to control them and in the meantime everyone around them has to suffer because they must constantly hear about how awful life is and how life is so unfair and how no one is honest or can’t be trusted.  CHANGE YOUR SITUATION AND YOUR MINDSET….IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!!!!  I have come to realize though that people thrive on drama and no matter how much encouragement or positive words they receive from people they are still going to make excuses and feel sorry for themselves.  It really is quite sad.

I feel guilty about venting.  I find it counterproductive.  Focusing on the positive is always my goal.  I guess I just had felt overwhelmed and needed to get these thoughts and feelings out of my system so I could move forward.  I apologize to those reading for being negative and having to listen to my rant.  I really shouldn’t even be whining about any of this because by no means am I perfect and I have made plenty of mistakes in my life.  I guess I just needed a moment to unleash.  I am just the type of person that has a hard time letting people go or not listening to people…but sometimes when everything is so negative all of the time I feel overwhelmed and I am not confrontational so it will build up.  To my readers I thank you for reading this complete bitch fest that I guess was much needed.  From here on…positive thoughts and reflective opinions.  So much love!!!

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16 Responses to Day 142 Question 142

  1. Bird says:

    Sometimes, people can really relate to a good vent. We all have to get that stuff off our chests once in awhile. I hope you feel better..Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a cool guys soon!

  2. jensine says:

    sometimes venting saves your sanity

  3. brendamarroy says:

    I don’t know of any rule that says everything we write has to positive. That is not real life, but I do appreciate your commitment. AND I hear what you’re saying about how we humans choose to do life. Good post.

  4. adauphin04 says:

    Better out than in.

  5. Margarita says:

    CHANGE YOUR SITUATION AND YOUR MINDSET is a simple concept, NOT easy to implement. Big difference between simple and easy. And, energetic regurgitation, a.k.a. venting, is a great tool…just let people know that’s what you’re doing (like you did) so we can hold your head and get our shoes out of the way! Yes, we’re all here for our own experience…:)

  6. Robert says:

    Vent, vent, vent. Do it. I agree with the comment above…there’s no rule about writing positive things all the time.

  7. LexoKat says:

    Great! I love the picture too!

  8. Without venting madam it would soon become impossible to remain in a state of what passes for sanity among Human Beings.

    Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  9. Dale Melchin says:

    Oh, you picked the right day to post this, Diane. I’ve come up with a “mind form” called combative positiveness. The idea is that you exude as much authentic, joyful, positive energy as possible and if you are encountered by people who want to be negative. Just crank your positive frame of mind up to eleven where people will be forced to make a choice. Either shut up, or listen.

    I generally only use it in the worst of situations. I try to just stay positive at work and just redirect energy lest I be perceived as harassing the person with my point of view, but I think you get the idea.

    Just be your joyful, authentic self, and have compassion for those who are not as rich in spirit as you are, and “combat” only when directly threatened. Just do the right thing regardless of consequences.

    I do agree that venting is sometimes necessary to maintain sanity. However, it has to be done in a constructive fashion. After the vent, act on the things that are actionable, and accept those things that aren’t. Venting is only good in environments where the proverbial poison can be contained and redirected.

    Excellent post, Diane thanks!

  10. Anastasia says:

    The list of things for me to vent about is SO long….I can’t even start. As much as you’re right about constant negativity, not everyone is in a position where their happiness and craptastic situation is in their own control. We’re constantly told not to blame our situation on anything outside ourselves, but in my case I’m surrounded by caca and the only option, the ONLY thing I’m *allowed* control over is the decision to quit. Which is a no-can-do decision. It’s weird being in a situation where all the crap truly is others fault, and the only outlet is to vent. Ps you didn’t sound like you were being negative, to me. I was surprised when you apologized! 🙂

  11. mintedberries says:

    I agree to jensine, it saves us from being the negative person. And for me, in this day and age where everyone is on every social network sites that you can think of, it is hard to post things on your timeline. Everyone can read it and, including your family, relatives etc. and what if u have peoblems with them? U have issues with them? 🙂 So when the time comes that your chest is full of pain or negative emotions, you just have to let it out. Not necessarily that you need allies. It is more of popping that bad air inside so you wont have a heart attack of some sort 🙂

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