Day 140 Question 140

Day 140 Question 140:

What do you think life would be like if you lived during a different time? During the great depression or during the 1960’s, etc?

I am so unsure of what I want to write about today.  My mind is usually full of a million thoughts but there is not one thing in particular that is standing out more than any others at this moment.  I guess lately I have been thinking about all of the things that go on in the world outside of the little bubble that I live in.  I always make sure to educate myself and always bring my awareness to a lot of life outside of myself but there is just so much that it is impossible to learn it all.  It is impossible to truly understand it without experiencing it first-hand.

A few days ago I posted pictures of what I believed were powerful events occurring in history.  They were moments captured in time that have such a significance.  I think about what life would be like if I had experienced some of these things.  How would I react to visiting a third world country and see all of the poverty around me?  How would I react if a loved one were killed in the 9/11 attacks? Would I ever be the same after that?  What would my life be like if I had lived during a time when blacks and whites were segregated?  Would I still see people the way I see them now….all people as equals?

I am proud of the person that I have become because of my ability to want better for myself as well as for others and my constant pursuing of change to make the world a better place.  I believe I am able to see the big picture and all of its details.  I think A LOT outside of myself and try to always see things from the point of view of others.  This is why I am not confrontational.  My thoughts are usually only a feeling in a moment.  I may not like the actions or words of another person but I always try to ask myself whether or not I would be pointing out something I am or have been guilty of.  I always think about how others words can be hurtful and how much I do not enjoy my flaws and faults being pointed out.  There are people in my life that I would jump in front of a train for and take away any pain they had if I could but there are others that really do not hold significance other than knowing them.  I always try to be positive and friendly but with some people I keep contact minimal because I believe that person does not benefit my life in any way…in fact they may potentially hurt my life with negativity.  These people are few and far between though.  I am a lover of people.  I want good for people.  I want to befriend so many people and learn about their lives and where they have come from and where they are going.  I want to meet people that live a life so very different from my own and teach me their way of life.  I want to show people love and teach people how to give love….even when your mind and body are wanting you to hate.  I am one of those new generation hippies like my dad  calls me.

With all of these things that I want and the way I see the world, I do wonder what my life would be like if I grew up in a different time or if my life circumstances were much different.  I try my hardest to no longer take what is really important for granted.  I am lucky for so many things and I have so many people to thank for all of those things.  I have always believed that genetics does play a role in who we are as people but we are mainly a product of our environments.  I believe hate is learned.  I believe racism, prejudice and bigotry are learned.  I also believe respect, kindness and compassion are learned.

What would life be like if my circumstances were completely different?  I have parents that have been married for 43+ years.  I have known nothing other than having a family with two married parents.  I have several friends that have divorced parents and some will tell me about people that their mom or dad is dating and (I am not insulting it) it is so weird to me.  I understand it but I cannot at all relate to it.  I wonder if my parents had split up at some time how that would affect me  I am already pretty jaded when it comes to dating and relationships…would I be a full blow cynic if I came from a home of divorce?  I know it is nothing that I have to worry about but these are things I think about sometimes.  When I think about these things it allows me to have a greater appreciation of my life.  What if I was born and raised in a third world country where women were treated disgustingly?  To people in these situations, this is what they know so that is what is normal to them.  It blows my mind to think about what is normal to some people….not that my “normal” is the right way.  I ask a lot of questions because other people’s lives fascinate me.  If I came from a “broken” home or if I lived during a time when women were supposed to stay at home and have babies and tend to the house, would I be completely different now or would I still be the girl that wants to fight societal norms????  Obviously, there is no answer to these questions but they are definitely interesting to think about.  I love to sometimes imagine different roles I would play during different times.  I can see myself as the hippie flower child that would take part in peaceful protests and fight for world peace.  I can see myself as the sassy 1950’s pin up chick that didn’t desire to be super feminine but wanted to express herself through fun, sexy styles.  I can see myself as a great leader…a woman that fought for human rights and for women’s rights….I actually still envision this woman as the person I am becoming.  I can see myself standing on a platform in front of a mass audience voicing my opinions and the need for our people of this world to come together.

It is impossible to say what life would be like in another time.  A part of me believes that no matter what time it was, I would always be that woman that never wanted to be molded.  I think I would always be the rebellious type that would voice my opinions and fight for what I believe in.  I love children and I absolutely love to see strong, loving families.  I think mothers are some of the most beautiful people on Earth and seeing a father interacting with his children completely warms my heart…..but that lifestyle doesn’t quite fit me.  I may change at any moment because I am famous for doing that but right now…and for quite a long time…I strive to make change in the world and to quote the words of Gandhi, I want to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I am constantly thinking about why I am the way I am and where I have learned to believe what I do.  I have traits and qualities similar to both of my parents but I am so different from everyone in my family.  I am not upset about this.  I actually love it.  I focus on living in the here and now but I do find it fun to think about why I am who I am.  That is why I am always asking about my history…and the history of my family.  I am made up of so many environments.  I do believe in past lives and future lives and I do wonder who I once was or where I came from.  How fun life can be if you have a creative imagination! :0)

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11 Responses to Day 140 Question 140

  1. jensine says:

    me too … very differnt from my family but that is okay

  2. thin8air says:

    you feel you are still different from anyone in the family because at some stage they all end in you, and from there , You begin. And that’s what you are

  3. Tiffany says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post for today. I have wondered about the same thing, which is why I am doing research on my family tree. I want to know-really know-what life for my family members was like back in, say, the late 1800s/early 1900s. I want to know their challenges and struggles, their triumphs and victories, so that I can walk in this world as a confident, self-aware person. I already do, by the way, but I want something that I can stand on. Thank you for today’s inspiration.

  4. LexoKat says:

    Great post! I love it!

  5. rich says:

    about ten years ago my brother went to italy for a family wedding. it was in a village away from everything. no AC, few cars. bread and meat stands and fruit and veggies on the corner. everyone was tan, in shape, barely any make-up. it was like going back 50? 75 years? i could easily do that.

  6. bhuwanchand says:

    From early childhood till about a few years back I so very much wanted to be born in the early 20th century India when my forefathers were fighting against the mighty Britishers to gain independence. The words that I read from that era showed the pain & sufferings of minds & souls of millions of people aching for freedom and Independence. I wanted to be there, to fight against a just cause, not violently but through peaceful movement, logically making the tyrant understand that their tyranny can not continue forever.
    Now I as I reach closer to 40, I feel so nostalgic about the 80’s, I wish I could get a chance relive those years of 1980’s all over once again…

  7. Nicky says:

    It is for certain that if we lived in a different situation, we wouldn’t be the same as we are now. That’s why we differ from our parents and grandparents a lot.

    My grandparents lived during a dictactorship here in Paraguay from the 50’s to the late 80’s. It’s not necesary to call all the atrocities a dictactorship could make in a country, but you can see the scars that left in people that lived in that period of time.

    This post made me think about how lucky I might be, as I was born just 3 years after the end of that dictatorship. What would have happened if the dictatorship continued to today? Would I be different somehow? I would never know for certain, but I do will try to look deeper in this matter!

    Great post, btw!

    • bhuwanchand says:

      So true, they must have gone through tough times and you are lucky to born in much better environment. Yet they had their share of challenges and you will have yours. We always get nostalgic about the past and ready to dream big for the future 🙂

  8. S. says:

    Great post, Diane! I always enjoy reading your well-thought-out and well written posts!
    On another note, I nominated you fora couple of awards! If you want to accept them you can find the images here:
    – S:

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