Day 139 Question 139

Day 139 Question 139:

What makes you happy?

Having to work on a Sunday does not make me happy but it is one of those necessary evils of life.  I am happy about who I get to work with so it all evens itself out in the end.  I am about to head to the pool to catch some rays before having to go into work.  I decided on answering this question because I sometimes think we need those reminders of those things floating around in life that make us happy.  What would you add to your list?

1)      Laughing with a good friend(s) until my face hurts.

2)      Having a person in my life (friend, family member, wife, husband, etc.) that I can talk to about anything and you feel absolutely, 100% comfortable with.

3)      Having air in my lungs and opportunities to see and experience new things every single day.

4)      Having 2 loving parents that have shown me what love really is.

5)      Watching children grow up and learn to walk and talk….I may not have any of my own but I still find the whole process so beautiful.

6)      Looking at life in a positive light…there is bad in the world and some days might suck all of the life out of me but it doesn’t have control over me.

7)      Being who I am makes me happy.  I am compassionate, empathetic, kind and caring.  I want to help change the world for the better and every day I seek new knowledge because there is an abundance that can be learned and I want to take in as much as I possibly can.

I could list a million things that make me happy because I see so much opportunity in the world.  I have stopped taking so much for granted and I have soaked in the beauty that surrounds me.

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19 Responses to Day 139 Question 139

  1. alundeberg says:

    We have the same list! Strangely enough, nothing on the list is rooted in money or things. That said, I’d add one more thing: books to read. Have a great day!

  2. Opening my eyes in the morning to a new day filled with endless possibilities.

  3. jensine says:

    water makes me happy … the sea, lakes, baths, soft rain and sometimes even tears

  4. Happiness, just saying the word for me brings a smile thanks for sharing.

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  6. d_vaz says:

    Blogging and reading great posts like this one makes me happy!

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

  7. Loved the list … and so agree with alundeberg that nothing on your list is about wealth or physical belongings – that speaks volumes about the truly genuine person you are!
    Something that makes me feel really happy is hanging out the washing on a sunny day …. and smelling it when I bring it indoors …. it always makes me feel on top of the world … strange!
    The only slight problem I have is 2) Having a person in my life (friend, family member, wife, husband, etc.) that I can talk to about anything and you feel absolutely, 100% comfortable with.
    Hmm … I’d like to know them and then maybe I could! lol lol

  8. GJ Scobie says:

    Hi, Should you wish to accept I have nominated you for the ABC award. Details are on my blog. I don’t like to post links to my blog on others sites. Keep up the great posts!

  9. rich says:

    when my kid wants to spend time with me.

  10. bibuji says:

    When I found the reason in nature, which I wanted to know.

  11. Jim Maher says:

    Lovely list. I love walking in the rain.

  12. Shez says:

    Waking up every morning. Not that I relish opening my eyes and getting out of the soft coziness of my bed, but because I am so thankful for my life; my family; looking out the window at natural beauty; having enough food, clothing, water, light and clean air. Also I am happy and thankful for not living in poverty, fear, a war zone, loss of children and lives and limbs. 🙂

  13. I laughed so much today I snarfed my diet coke. Does that count?

  14. I believe a Faith/church to be part of… A fantastic list!

  15. Finally truly loving myself and being lucky enough to have found someone who loves the me that I love…That makes me truly happy. 🙂

  16. other than my children and partner..being alone makes me happy, its the only time I can truely relax and be myself and trust me I don’t get many moments alone!

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