Day 133 Question 133

Day 133 Question 133:

To whom would you like to give thanks?

The date is May 28, 2012 and we celebrate Memorial Day.  All days should honor those that put on a uniform and fight for our freedom but there is great love to celebrate on this day.  I wanted to take the time to thank those people young and old, men and women that have chosen to enter the military field and dedicate their lives for the protection and freedom of this country.  I am unsure if there is a more honorable job that someone could take on…especially those that make it a life-long career.

I wanted to include some tributes to show how much I admire and thank the people that have risked their lives for the freedom of all people that walk on this land.

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2 Responses to Day 133 Question 133

  1. Jim Maher says:

    I’d have to say my mum. A true hero.

  2. Dave Gavin says:

    I want to thank the families who stood by us as we served and was there for us when we returned.

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