Day 132 Question 132

Day 132 Question 132:

What does it mean to be a friend?

Yesterday was such a great day.  My good friend May and my roommate’s birthday fell really close together so we decided to have a small pool party/barbeque.  It couldn’t have turned out more perfect.  The crowd arrived about 4:00 (people had to work during the day) and we talked and laughed.  We grilled and enjoyed the not so cold temperature of the pool.

Some of these friends I have had for quite some time and some have just came into my life fairly recently.  This group of people has shown me what friendship is all about.  All of them have different personalities and different strengths and being around all of them is inspiring and motivating.  This to me is what it is to be a friend.  I had to weed out different people throughout my life and I realized that I could no longer surround myself with people that were constantly negative.  None of these people are like that.  Yes, they may have a bad day here and there but they don’t carry the load with them all of the time and bring everyone else down in the process.  We support each other, we listen to each other and we encourage each other.  We may not be able to spend the time we would like to with each other because of all of our responsibilities and obligations but we still know that we will always be there for each other.

A friend is someone that can make you laugh when you so desperately want to cry.  A friend is someone that will listen to you when you know you need to be heard.  A friend is someone that will never make you question who you are.  I chose this question today because I feel so lucky to have the friends that I do.  It is Memorial weekend and we have so many young men and women fighting for our freedom that do not get to be with their friends and family right now.  I am so lucky to be able to be with mine.

To all of my readers, if you have sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. serving in any branch of the military…I want to thank them for everything that they do.  If they are serving overseas and are away from their friends and families, I wish them a safe return as soon as possible.  I believe it is so important to not take for granted all that we have…especially when others are fighting for us every single day.  :0)

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5 Responses to Day 132 Question 132

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  2. jensine says:

    good friends are hard to find so you have to hang on to those you have … and they are allowed to be honest and tell you when you are being mean/silly/annoying etc … cause they love you and tell you that you are great/loving/creative/pretty/wonderful etc too

  3. granny1947 says:

    I am blessed with really good friends…I thank God for them every day.

  4. Without my wonderful eclectic group of crazy friends, who would I talk about men to? They are always there for me and get when I just need to talk but not necessarily a solution. Nice post.

  5. Jim Maher says:

    ‘A friend is someone who will never make you question who you are.’
    Well said. I think that pretty much sums it up.

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