Day 126 Question 126

Day 126 Question 126:

What do you think the world needs now?

I can’t stop thinking about the violence that goes on the world.  I can’t stop thinking about how entitlement has become such an epidemic.  I can’t stop thinking about how millions of children are not being educated and some are raised as soldiers when they are just little kids.  I can’t stop thinking about how money has controlled the entire world and relationships are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Honestly, I think the world needs to get its priorities back in order.   I watched a documentary last night called War Child and the film showed parts of the northern and southern Sudan and it was absolutely appalling to see these young boys (ages 6-12 or 13) carrying machine guns or grenades.  These little boys were soldiers and the sad part was that they were fighting people from their own country.  They were fighting over oil and these boys equated peace and freedom to fighting and to war.  One boy spoke in his native tongue and when the words were translated he spoke of how he wanted so badly to go to school and he wanted to learn how to fly airplanes so he could get his family out of Sudan.  This is a young boy that watched his mother die in front of his own eyes and was no stranger to seeing death all around him.  Although he was raised and taught to fight, there was something inside of him that knew that it was not the right thing to be doing.  Somehow he knew that there was a world out there where people did not have to live in fear day in and day out.  This small child (maybe age 7 or 8) said that at times he wanted to kill himself.  He said there would be days that him and all of the other young soldiers we absolutely starving because they had not eaten for days.  Being surrounded by dead bodies, he said he felt the urge to eat other humans just for some sort of nourishment but he knew that he could not do it.  The entire story was deeply saddening because for me it is so unimaginable.  I cannot possibly imagine having to live in those kind of conditions and for those children that is all that they know and all they may ever know.

Everything in this blog is strictly my opinion and everything is based on my experiences and my knowledge (which may be limited).  I have so much love in my heart and I experience happiness every day because of all of the things I have been blessed with an all of the opportunities that I have but it breaks me to think about those that have absolutely nothing.  It breaks me to think about the superficial reasons we fight each other.  It breaks me to think that so many feel that the world owes them a favor and so many people are driven by money.  We live in a world where it is almost impossible to be who were are fully because no matter what there will be ridicule and a lot of people have chosen to live through anger instead of through acceptance.

There are so many things this world needs but I am starting to think that a lot of things are impossible because too many people are controlled by their ego.  Is there even such a thing as an honest politician?  I truly believe that almost any politician could be paid off if they numbers or the status were just right.  When I heard that Obama backed gay marriage, a part of me wondered whether or not he really did support gay marriage or whether he was just trying to get more votes or if he was trying to sway a certain area and win that majority of people.  Barack Obama is a biracial man but all we ever hear about is how he is the first black president.  His white identity has been completely brushed under the rug and he has used being a minority as an advantage.  Why has this world become a place of constant competition and winning and losing and why do so many people lie, cheat and steal in order to get farther along.  There is absolutely NOTHING admirable about those qualities in a person but unfortunately we are seeing more and more people becoming that way every single day.  Too many people make themselves out as victims (and yes some may be) and I wonder when that is going to end.

I am not trying to spew negativity in this blog because my goal in life will always be to try to bring happiness to others and to bring people together and teach them about opportunities to earn from each other.  I don’t understand why we have to be enemies.  I am agnostic and one of my dearest friends is Christian (that goes to church twice a week) and although our religious beliefs differ we have an amazing friendship.  We don’t let our differences control our relationship.  In fact, I would be more than willing to ask her to educate me more on Christianity.  This does not mean that I will suddenly become a Christian but I feel it is important to at least be knowledgeable as it is something that is very important to a majority of society.  I would also be more than willing to learn about other religions: Catholicism, Hinduism, Scientology, Judaism, etc.

The world is this HUGE place filled with people that are all so very different.  The world has become very angry and very selfish and I am unsure if there is any way to return back to any state of “normalcy”.  I kind of think that the hole has been dug so deep that there may not be any way out of the darkness.  With this being said though, I am not going to stop trying….even if I am just one person.  My dream is to start a revolution…a peaceful resolution in which people were to embrace each other and to learn from each other instead of fight each other and try to take what the others have.  Life doesn’t need to always be made up of facts and figures and be planned out every minute.  If I could today, I would stand on a podium in front of a mass audience, dressed normally (not dressed by stylists) and tell people how valuable they are.  I would make a speech that came from my heart and were written in my own words.  Nowadays not one politician even writes his/her own speeches….in my opinion that loses all meaning and credibility.  We need to get back to a place where we embrace our own individuality and learn that advancement and success does not come from stepping on others toes or putting down the little guy.  I want to be a revolutionary, not for fame or fortune, but for the simple fact of wanting to experience at least a little bit of time on this Earth knowing that we were not always at a state of war.  I want to see people of all races, creeds, genders, sexual orientations, embrace each other and learn from one another instead of immediately hate each other.  There is no possibility for everyone in the world to agree but there is the possibility that people are able to accept each other and move forward….in my opinion, violence and crimes are just moving backwards not forward.

I am a dreamer.  I know this and I love this.  The world is this amazing place with such great potential but unfortunately too many people are polluting it with hatred and violence and their “Me Me Me” mentality.  I may just be saying words that are only meaningful to me but I love how I feel because I will always want to bring people together and I will always detest the thought of people being driven apart by hatred (and most of the time the hatred is superficial).  I kind of went on a rant here that really never had a focus.  I just have been feeling so in touch with the world these days (even though I live in my small little corner) and I just want so many good things to happen for people (even complete strangers).  It may be tooting my own horn by saying this but I do wish more people thought the way I do….strictly because I know that anger, hatred, meanness and spitefulness will never get you to a place of success come the end of the day or the end of life.  It is something that will sit with you always and it will rot inside of you day in and day out.  Love is the ONLY answer!

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23 Responses to Day 126 Question 126

  1. To quote a song “What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.” Love, compassion and empathy, these in my opinion are key to a better more peaceful world!

  2. adauphin04 says:

    If we, humans, saw ourselves and each other as human, first and foremost, most (if not all) of what you point out as a global problems would disappear. Maybe not overnight, but they would become non-issues quite quickly.

    We would see the world as populated by fellow human beings and would work together to rid ourselves of problems that threaten all of us because we are all human. The needs of the many (all of humankind) would be fulfilled because they would benefit all of us. Period.

    Let us, you and I, two humans out of 7 billion humans, keep this conversation going and growing because out of this space a miracle can and will happen!

  3. oakworld says:

    OAK wishes to mention this quote of Mahatma Gandhi – “An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind”. This is the best possible explanation, to stop war and violence.

  4. Anastasia says:

    A good cleansing plague. To run out of oil. And then the (smarter, better educated, less religious and more mature) women to be in charge. Especially in Saudi Arabia.

  5. Aditya says:

    inspiring… the world desparately needs faith and trust…faith in humanity will work wonders.

  6. Immediate action to stop greenhouse effect and global deforestation: our survival depends on it.
    Stop world starvation: hunger is not acceptable.

  7. brendamarroy says:

    Diane, Great post. Fortunately we do not have to wait to be a revolutionary. Every time we stand together and let someone know their value, perform an act of kindness, walk away from gossip and negativity, and share love we are doing our part to heal the world. You already are a revolutionary, and so am I.

  8. Taking it like a man

    Where did he get the guns
    stalking souls in the mean streets
    showing off the life that he learned
    while taking it like a man

    How does he learn how to rape
    what turns his heart into a stone
    never a mother to show him her love
    little man left all alone

    Where does the violence start
    making a lost boy into a killer
    tasting the blood, spitting out teeth
    the beatings he took like a man

    Gave every reason to hate
    life, the living and everything free
    What crosses out the conscience within
    was it love leaving empty his home

  9. Education is a major factor for me, in view that learning seem to put people in boxes rather than thinking out side of it
    Idea’s are just idea’s or some one’s perspectives but if it doesn’t consist in view humanity or human need then is just a buff of air , the world need something substantial and that love without conditions than might letting humanity get it wrong to know what’s right!

  10. granbee says:

    I agree completely with you that what the world needs now is love, sweet love and no more hatred! We need to join hands and stay connected for world peace and goodwill if we are to survive as a human race.

  11. rich says:

    the world needs the ability to care how their actions affect others.

  12. bigsmileu1 says:

    I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Please pick up here Congratulations! 🙂

  13. Akriti Bahal says:

    The world needs love and care, and yeah “the world” needs it. It requires us sage beings to unite as one and to work for a cause – The World. Coming together and working is the only way we can extirpate what we called the miseries of life and “the world” too.

  14. cobbies69 says:

    Money and religion seem to be the main instigator. People with money, the promise of money, and threats because of money. There are not many wars if any that has not used the name of religion. all current conflicts are using religion. And it is money, somewhere that is supporting it. There are so many groups for the bettering of human rights etc, but they only target countries where they know they will not get locked up or killed. And if a country has no resources, oil, gas gold etc then every one says that they have to sort their own problems. Murder and kill every one that is deemed a threat.
    Off my pedestal now I watch this and I will. nice post, get us all talking.. 😉

  15. Paws To Talk says:

    The world needs more Poodles! 🙂
    Bella and DiDi

  16. Good day! I want to comment regarding your comment of President Obama. It appears he ALWAYS stated he’s biracial but everyone else sees black. Seems if it’s just a little drop of black in you it doesn’t matter what other races flow thru your veins. Now that’s the sad part of all of this!
    About gay marriage, I don’t believe Pres. Obama is gay and really supporting anything more than EQUALITY. I’m not gay but I’m for equality as well. Your blog spoke on loving, being free, and everything else equal until you got to politics, gays, and things you’re opinionated about..and that’s contradicting the entire blog. Everyone lives their lives according to their rules, both you and I and it’s not always right but if someone tried to conform us we would have a problem. I know I would so that’s why I speakup4me!! The world can’t love with all these limitations. I enjoyed your blog, but to ask for world peace you must first believe in peace for all.
    Much Love,
    Tracy B

    • Diane :0) says:

      I don’t believe Obama is gay either. Like ANY politican, I wonder what truth he shares. I was wondering whether he truly supported gay marriage or whether he was just saying that just to get votes. His race….whether he is black, white or blue is of no concern to me. I have just never heard the mention of his white heritage. personally. Everything I ever hear is “The first black president”. I believe he is lucky to be born into two different cultures and should embrace that. I don’t know the man personally so there is a good possibility that he does. I am strictly going by anything I have personally viewed…an yes I realize the media can be completely skewed. I hate that we are a nation that focuses so much on gender, creed, race, etc. instead of being this group of human beings that has all of these differences that can be used as opportunities to learn as opposed to opportunity for hatred which happens far too often. I am a strong supporter of gay marriage. I do not people should be identified by their skin color but instead by their work ethic and their willingness and wanting to help others…by their capacity to love over hate. I am not religious…I am agnostic and I am criticized constantly because of this but I am not bothered by it because I have an immense amount of love in my heart and I am more than willing to learn from others to open my mind just that much more. I believe in bringing humanity together through and through. I may not have conveyed the point as well as I thought I did in my blog….there is always that strong chance of getting lost in translation. I appreciate what you have brought to my attention and I just wanted to share with you that my intentions are never negative…I just state viewpoints from how I see them.

  17. Jim Maher says:

    Remembering that we are just another species on the planet, not the so-called dominant species on the planet.

  18. People have become so focused on themselves these days. Me, me, me and more me. Not much left for those around us. Nice post.

  19. Ana Nichol says:

    I have read your profile and Question 126. Much of what you said is very familiar to me. I took a Philosophy class last fall and discovered that I have always been very philosophical, which explains why I don’t click with many people. I think too deep, I analyze everything, I throw out variables that leave people giving me a quizzical, sometimes blank look. I think the norm has become that a person’s value is based on their status, their appearance and their income. My 22 year old son, Korak, is a very enlightened individual with my analytical mind and intuitive nature. He is artistic and likes to talk quantum physics and the like. However, with all of that intelligence, he has been turned down for a job because he has dreadlocks (he’s a white boy). They fit his personality and strong facial features wonderfully. But because of the narrow-minded area we live in, he is labeled. I feel the revolution you are talking about is just around the corner. There are many of us fed up with the status quo, especially in the political realm. I have found my freedom to show the person within me that I have kept hidden for most of my life through writing (my blog and via facebook) and I plan to continue throwing random thoughts and ideas at people to help them realize we don’t have to just sit back and let things remain the same. We have options and one voice can make a difference. Thanks for giving people something to think about. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am also curious how you came across mine. I am new at the blogging thing and still trying to figure it all out. By the way, Ana Nichol is my pen name, she is the voice of the book I have started that is my life story. That’s why you won’t see many names (if any) on my blog.

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