Day 100 Question 100

Day 100 Question 100:

What is something you have seen recently that has given you hope?

I MADE IT TO DAY 100!!!!  Woooo Hooo!!!  I have written every single day for the last 100 days.  I am so proud of myself.  I have written about the things I care about and in those 100 days I have watched myself grow and I have learned so much about what truly matters.  The feelings I have about that cannot even be put into words.  I have 265 more days to go so I probably should not get too excited…hahahaha!!!!  I hope to surpass even the 365 when that day comes.  I hope to one day (sooner than later) be able to pick up a book on the bookstore shelf, open it up and see my words sitting on the page.

I had a topic I was originally going to write about today but something just came up that I needed to write about.  I am definitely going to clobber the topic I originally had set forth to write about, I am just going to push it back a day.  This morning I was sitting on the couch where I work waiting for the girls to wake up from their night full of I hope magical dreams and a story came on the Today Show.  The story was of a young couple that had fallen deeply in love.  Their names are Bethany Schmidt and Ryan Smith.  During their storybook romance, Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer.  He was only 24 years old.  I have attached the story below for everyone to read.

I know this story sounds sad and depressing but in truth this story brings me a lot of hope.  It breaks my heart that this young woman had to lose the love of her life but it warms my heart to know that she was able to find that person that made her puzzle complete.  I am a positive person…an optimist and an opportunist but when it comes to relationships and dating I admit to being a pessimist.  The way I experience life is through what I feel.  When I am surrounded by couples in whatever the setting may be, there are so many times that I am unable to pick up on the love.  I do not feel the connection between those two people.  What I sense is people that have settled because they fear loneliness or people that have compromised or sacrificed a lot of who they are in order to follow a path they believe they are meant to follow (I am not judging because I have been that person before).  I might be wrong.  I will completely admit that.  I have never lived one day in their lives, walking around in their shoes.  I am just strictly going by my senses.  When I watched the story of this couple, the love that was being portrayed was absolutely endless.  These two were not just a couple, they were best friends that adored each other.  Their lives became complete because it was as if they search for each other was over.  They found each other…they were meant to be in each others lives.  Their love seemed so simple and so natural and even though Bethany lost the love of her life, she was able to experience the truest form of love a person could…a love with no doubt….a natural love without question.  That gives me hope.  I have always stated that a man will not complete me and I do mean that….and I am a stubborn ass and I will not settle.  This story gives me hope that a real, honest and genuine love between two people can really exist.  Even through the struggles and the pain of his illness the love was always a simple thing…it was natural….it was never forced….it never came with rules or regulations or boundaries.  I want this kind of love or I want no love at all (in the romantic sense obviously).  Nowadays I find the whole dating seen to be so much work and people have such a bad attitude about it.  People put so many limits on everything and want to play the field (and in my experience) so many people want just the physical aspect.  Real love, kindness, and caring for another person should not be work.  Everything when it comes to dating has become so unnatural (again, in my experience).  I am tired of not being able to be me 100% because people have set up all of these do’s and don’ts in their lives.  I want NO LIMITATIONS!!!  Love has no limitations…it is a natural progression when it is right!  Life is too short to limit yourself…I would much rather live a life of Oh well’s than What If’s.   This story below proves to be what real love is and even if I never experience that kind of love, it makes me feel so happy to know that these two people (even if they are strangers) were able to.  I am this person that just oozes love and oozes hope for myself and for the people around me.  I get confused and I get all wrapped up in silly things sometimes but love is something that I never question because it comes in all of these forms and it is one of those things that never should be tweaked.  True love is one of the most natural things in the world.  If I never experience with a man (again, in a romantic sense), I will die happy knowing that I have found love in myself and have experienced love with my family and my friends and even experienced love with perfect strangers that have helped guide me through this jungle called life.

Below I have shared pictures of the couple on their special day as well as the entire story featured from the Today Show website.  I have also included pictures of my parents and my sister and her family because these are the people that I love most.  This story inspired me and gave me hope and after I watched it I couldn’t help but think about losing people in my life.  This young girl lost the love of her life and although her heart aches and she probably feels a void she is still moving forward.  She has great support from her family and she has so much more to look forward to in life.  I could never be sure of what her and her husband spoke about before his passing but I would almost guarantee that he encouraged her to keep living her life and loving her life even after he was gone.  As hard as it seems and as painful as some days probably seem, his wishes are probably what pushes her through.  I found hope in knowing that after those that I love pass (my mom and dad mainly) that although I will be absolutely crushed, that I will be able to keep moving forward…especially because I know that is what they would want me to do.  As stubborn as I can be, I never stop thinking about how much I want to make my parents proud…and even after they pass that same rule will still apply.

At 24, he hadn’t long to live … so they got married

Six weeks later, he died of rare cancer – but they had ‘gift no one can take away

Ryan Smith loved golf, airplanes, cooking, good wine, good beer and the Oregon Ducks. But more than anything else, he loved Bethany.

 He met Bethany Schmidt in 2005 when they were both freshmen at the University of Oregon. They became inseparable — eating out together, visiting their families together, traveling to Europe together, cheering together at football games at Oregon’s Autzen Stadium.

 The good times continued after Ryan and Bethany graduated in 2009. They rented a one-bedroom apartment near campus in Eugene and launched their careers — Ryan in finance, Bethany in graphic design. Then, in January 2011, the 23-year-olds received a blow.

 Ryan learned he had a rare and particularly ruthless form of cancer. Bethany took time off work and stayed by Ryan’s side as he tried everything: three intensive chemotherapies, a major surgery in Los Angeles, lengthy and grueling hospital stays. But by November, doctors discontinued his treatment, and by early December, his organs began shutting down.

 Bethany Schmidt and Ryan Smith met as freshmen at the University of Oregon and went on to graduate together in 2009. This photo was taken in June of that year.

 The couple realized they had little time left to do what they wanted to do most of all: Get married. So, with the help of family members, friends and helpful strangers, they planned a stunning wedding in just three days. Their nuptials didn’t center on formalwear or wedding favors or other trappings that stealthily consume the thoughts of so many brides- and grooms-to-be. Instead, the focus was simple: Their love for each other, and their love for their family and friends.

 Six weeks after the wedding, Ryan was gone.

 “Looking back on it, there was more love in that room than I have ever experienced in my life,” Bethany Smith wrote in reflection on her wedding day.

 “Although it was way too short, we were able to be married and celebrate our one-month anniversary, and that’s a gift no one can ever take away.”

 ‘I’ll always be there’

Ryan  was the kind of guy who knew what he wanted in life and went for it. But he could behave like a master chess player at times, not letting on that he’d already worked out all his moves in advance.

 “We were close friends for a while before we started dating,” Bethany recalled. “I really liked him and I couldn’t tell if he liked me. Then after we got together, I teased him and said, ‘If you liked me for so long, why didn’t you pursue me?’ He said, ‘I knew you’d come around.’ He knew he had it in the bag.”

 Ryan Smith and Bethany Schmidt spent six weeks traveling through Europe together in the summer of 2007. Their itinerary included several stops in Germany as well as Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Zurich, Dublin, London, Provence and Paris, where this photo was taken.

 On their one-year anniversary, Bethany gave Ryan a card that said, “You will not believe how glad I am to have met you.” Inside, she wrote:

 “Wow — I had a feeling I might fall in love with you but I had no idea it would be like this. I am so, so glad that I met you and our lives have become so intertwined. You mean more to me than just a boyfriend, you are more than just my best friend. I realized last night — you are my home Ry, and nothing compares to that. I’ll always be there — I promise. I love you.”

 They knew they’d marry someday, and they knew they wanted to have children someday — but they were in their early 20s, that stage of life when adventures beckon, responsibilities feel light and time feels limitless.

 Then Ryan got sick. Everything stopped: Work, travel, plans for the future. Bethany took a hiatus from her job as a designer at the University of Oregon’s Duck Stores; her colleagues there donated their vacation time so she could care for Ryan and still receive a paycheck.

 Last July — seven months after his diagnosis — Ryan and Bethany decided to take a small break and drive from Eugene to Bend, Ore., to visit their parents. As they neared Drake Park, a beautiful spot in downtown Bend with riverfront access, Ryan asked Bethany to pull over.

 “He said he was feeling uncomfortable from the car ride and he needed some fresh air,” Bethany said. “We were walking along by the water, and all of a sudden he dropped down on one knee.”

 Bethany realized what was happening when Ryan pulled a small box out of his pocket. She collapsed on both knees and joined him on the grass. He put the ring on her finger and told her she was his best friend. She cried and told him how much she wanted to marry him.

 Story: When ‘till death do us part’ has added meaning

That night they went out to dinner at Ariana Restaurant — a bistro in Bend where they would end up getting married five months later. The restaurant’s co-owner and chef, Ariana Fernandez, would prove to be a godsend when Ryan’s health deteriorated rapidly.

 “We set the date on a Thursday and we were married just three days later on Sunday,” Bethany recalled. “She helped with everything … I kept thanking her and thanking her and she said to me, ‘You’ve had to hear no so much this year. I just wanted to be able to say yes to anything you wanted.’”

 ‘It is what it is’

Ryan  developed a virulent form of testicular cancer that manifested itself as a large tumor in his colon. Because he also had a rare refractory disease, the cancer was impervious to chemotherapy.

 “He never, ever complained,” recalled Ryan’s mother, Carrie Smith. “We have all just marveled at this. He just never complained the entire time.”

 Ryan’s father, Peter Smith, said he once tried to encourage his son to vent a little bit when he was sick.

 “I thought it might be good for him,” he said. “But he just told me, ‘Dad, it is what it is.’ …

 “I’ve said to my own siblings that Ryan is basically setting an example for us as we’re all getting older. If anything like this happens to us, we should look at Ryan and see how to handle this sort of thing with grace and courage.”

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28 Responses to Day 100 Question 100

  1. wherethedaytakesme says:

    Congrats on day 100. Many, more to come.

  2. Dennis says:

    Congrats on #100 !!!!!

  3. mimijk says:

    Congratulations! I saw the interview with Bethany this morning – and sobbed my way through. Love is eternal, and her loss, so fresh must feel like it will never ebb either..

  4. miss p says:

    Wow….So touching. I cried for certain. To know and feel the love there, you are blessed. and blessed to be able to share it with others. Keep writing…it is awesome.

  5. miss p says:

    Reblogged this on A FRESH START and commented:
    An amazing inspirational Story….

  6. terry1954 says:

    doesn’t it give u such pride to see your progress!!

  7. omwaombara says:

    Co ngratulations for Day 100 and for your consistency, This story of Bethany and Ryan is truly one of courage and true love. Sweetly painful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Wonderful post today. Very nice job.

    I look forward to your future writings!

    Enjoy Writing? Writers Wanted

  9. Jane says:

    It’s 5:49am and I’m in tears. A love for a lifetime just ..gone. I feel for them. I’m with you though it’s incredibly affirmative, perhaps mostly because this is a love so easily articulated just as you describe. A friend posted this recently ‘one day, someone will walk into your life who makes you realise why it never worked out with anyone else’. Keep on believing 🙂

  10. globalmedscanada says:

    very touching story !! all i can say is some people are just amazing

  11. Congratulations on Day 100! WTG!

  12. t says:

    Welcome to Day 100, and what a lovely post to share on it!

  13. Kerry Burke says:

    Wow – what a powerful piece. Waterworks were unavoidable while reading this. But aside from the tears and sadness resulting from a man’s life ending too soon, this is a beautiful story about hope, seizing the moment, and embracing love.
    Congratulations on your 100th day – what a great idea!

  14. A fantastic post! Lesley, opposition has its exact purpose ~ And LOVE definitely has different languages. If you had met my grandparents you’d have never imagined she loved him by the fact that they were absolutely opposite poles! At the end of her life she’d demonstrate all that she never said and showed~it was unbelievable, the LOVE was a fountain of everything that kept them together 60 yrs. Your writing is wonderful ! You’re wonderful ! Yesss you will experience that type of love! Don’t doubt. PLEASE ~this is limiting your Hope.
    LOVE ~ Deborah

  15. Congrats on the completion of the 100… and thank you for sharing that very inspiring and emotional story! 🙂

  16. bhuwanchand says:

    Congratulation on the 100th post.

    Felt odd to click on the like button for this post after reading the whole story but I guess this is the Facebook/ social media age we are living in where its more about demonstration than about the silent feelings & emotions.

    Well not everybody can see the feelings/emotions in the words, we don’t see the person behind the computer screen, sitting miles away from us, we only know only the superficial bits from the profile. We all are hidden behind the masks that we have created for ourselves in this online world.

    Is it just make-belief life that we are living now-a-days? Will it ever replace the personal-physical-social relationships that human beings are so used to. After-all human beings are by definition social animals. The definition of society has become much broader now, thanks to the online world. I do not know if it is good thing or a bad thing. Going back to the old Indian philosophy, I guess all this is just ‘Maya’ – an illusion….

  17. Congratulations…and may the next 100 impart more knowledge for us than the first!

  18. armyveteran says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. The story touched my heart. I have had some severe struggles with my health, and my wife has been there through it all, like a rock. Moreover, my family has been there through all of it, and I lost my sister back in 95 to the exact disorder I have (severe crohns w/multiple complications). It was real hard to lose my sister because we shared so much in common, and our plight was the same. When no one else got it, she did, and I did. We understood what each other was going through. She was my sis, and the “bestest” friend I have ever had. I will never understand why God took her from us, at the age of 38, all I know is it has never stopped hurting, and I have never stopped missing her. The Lord sent my wife to me, she has tried her best to understand, and has been at my side through some really bad times. I am very grateful for my wife, she deserves a medal. My poor mother has seen me, and my sister suffer at the absolute worst it could be, and she was always there for her, and continues to be there for me, even though she is advanced in years. I am truly blessed to have been loved, and to be loved by such as these. I reciprocate their love, and do my best to be there for them.

    Be Well,


    • Diane :0) says:

      Mark-I cannot thank you enough for sharing! Your sister sounded like a wonderful woman and I love that you have such a supportive, loving wife/family :0)

  19. Shez says:

    Diane, you have such a way of finding things to write about that seem to strike a chord with me not just some times, every time. Well done, again.

    I have a cousin who ended a very bad and abusive marriage. She met the love of her life. Someone 15 years older, with grown children, who traded in his flashy sports car for one that held tow car seats for her little ones.

    He parents were horrified. He was not from the right family, he was overweight, he was too old. He would die and leave her alone. She replied, “I’d rather have five wonderful years than none at all.” I think they have celebrated their 15th anniversary and their love endures. She made the right decision for the right reasons.

  20. Excellent Post! I enjoyed it and agree!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, too!

  21. Fabulous post, truly touching and inspiring!

  22. granbee says:

    Wonderful sharing of “forever love” stories. True love never, ever dies! True love as told of here lifts hearts forever!

  23. Candid says:

    Wow. Powerful story. I am speechless.

  24. Pingback: Time to blog in Canmore « Random musings in time

  25. graciehill48 says:

    Well done. Be encouraged to continue. This was worth the time to read. Thank you.

  26. miramirorum says:

    Woman, you are a born truth-teller! I love this! I came to thank you for following my blog and now I want to know more!

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