Day 89 Question 89

Day 89 Question 89:

Where is your “Heaven on Earth”?

I chose this question today because today has been completely brainless for me.  I have actually spent majority of my day asleep.  This won’t be a long entry because my body and mind just need some rest.  I always have a twinge of guilt for spending an entire day in bed but after working 70 hours this past 5 days and starting my new semester I think it is well deserved.

So, maybe you have guessed, my “Heaven on Earth” is my bed…actually my bedroom.  I have it set up in a way that is so relaxing and it is my escape…my getaway. When I spend time here I am the most comfortable.  I love to travel and visit friends and new places and have new experiences but nothing beats the comfort of home.

I told you I was going to keep this short (and for me this is very short) because I need to continue the brainless process for the day.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I want to thank you for all of the support in writing this blog.  I have seen this personal development that has brought me more happiness than I have ever known.

Where is your “Heaven on Earth”?

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19 Responses to Day 89 Question 89

  1. miss p says:

    My heaven on earth is in a river or stream or lake waving my fly fishing rod. Just brings a sense of

  2. miss p says:

    My heaven on earth is in a river or stream waving my fly fishing rod. It brings a sense of earthly spirituality to me even if I don’t catch a fish

    • You sound just like my husband and that’s why we are here now, by this beautiful lake at camping Lac des Varennes in the Vallee du Loir: you’ll love it!

      • miss p says:

        It sounds amazingly beautiful….. it is a lovely experience for me… There has been too much rain for me to even attempt to reach my heaven on earth so I have been looking at lots of pictures and reading many stories.

      • Yep! That’s what I tend to do if I can’t get away from the rain, as well as crochetting.

  3. Same place as yours besides the middle of the woods. I love nature.

  4. Provence! Delicious!

  5. Remco Coesel says:

    Funny, I am an avid fly fisherman as well, just me, my golden, my pontoon boat, a mountain lake, cool water under flipper and the serene sound of nature all around me. The repeated call of a bull frog, the humming dragonfly wings, a swaying old cedar bending in the forest wind.

  6. justjacqui2 says:

    Enjoy your rest. Sounds like you’ve earned it.

    • Diane :0) says:

      Thank you so very much. I was trying to write a better entry but my mind and body were just saying NOOOOOO!!! And I needed to kick myself and give myself this rest…sometimes I can be a big stubborn ass ;0) I hope you had a wonderful day!

  7. ryeder says:

    Some quiet, high mountain ridge where I can sit and watch sunsets….

  8. rich says:

    breakfast in a diner.

  9. Your body alwasy knows best: if it’s asking you to stay in bed, then do just that and you’ll feel great when you get up again. Make the most of it.

    My heaven on earth is simply silence in a beautiful natural spot, like the beach, the mountain, rivers of forest. Can’t beat nature.

  10. Hi there Diane, thanks for following my blog!Love your cover picture!

  11. Diane: There is certainly not a thing wrong with taking the day off…and catching up on the rest needed after an apparently stressful week.

    Being kind to your body, brain and soul allows enjoyment of life!

  12. brendamarroy says:

    I have so many “heavens on earth”, and I think most of them are about being in nature. I also love my bedroom, my bed, the open windows with the blinds pulled all the way up, and the comfort of my bed. I have a large bed-pillow that I use for reading and I love to go to bed with a good book and a glass of sherry.

  13. sounds like a great bed! thank you for following my page dear one! I believe my heaven on earth is on a boat in the gulf of Mexico watching those majestic dolphins as they swim by or jump with such amazing grace and beauty… they fill my soul ! Blessings to you and yours along with those that gather here. Dr Sherry

  14. wendystrohm says:

    My heaven on earth is time spent with my family. I babysat my niece and nephew last night and reading the bedtime-stories with one snuggled in either side was truly heaven…

  15. granbee says:

    My heaven on earth is pretty much like this wonderful dog’s here! I am in heaven anytime I am out in the woods with my dogs! I am in heaven every day when I do my walking meditations. Happy snoring!

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