Day 88 Question 88

Day 88 Question 88:

What personality type are you?

Lately I seemed to hear more and more people use the term “Type A” personality.  I was thinking about it this morning and I really wasn’t sure of what it entailed to have a “Type A” personality so as my usual self,  I did my research.  I was curious to know what my personality was according to these “Type A, B and C” personalities.  I copied and pasted some descriptions below….what kind of personality are you.

So, in my research, the conclusion that I came to is that I am more than anything a “Type B-Socializer” personality.   I know it is being judgmental but I was glad once I started reading about “Type A” that I really didn’t fit into that mold.  My first initial thoughts were people that were/are abrasive and neurotic.  I immediately imagined my extremely aggressive and abrasive landlord.  She is absolutely a “Type A” personality but she is extremely unbalanced.  She is unable to use her “status” for good.  Instead she uses it for evil…hence why in a previous entry I said that “If you don’t believe the devil exists, you would be wrong, because she comes in the form of my landlord.”

Anyhooooooooooooooooo, my personality is definitely that of The Socializer.  As of lately I have kept a little more to myself and become reserved in a sense but when I am in public settings I am very outgoing.  I love to laugh and I absolutely love talking to people….I love finding out what is going on in their lives and hear all of their stories.  I love to make people feel at ease and give them advice when needed or make them laugh and smile because I sense that they could use it.  If you read the description below of the ‘Type B” personality it really does fit me like a glove.  I am drawn to wanting and needing to work in the community and want to be a part of projects in which there is a potential for change…the potential for improvement and flourishing of humanity.  I am packed full of ideas and I am always wanting to share them and get the input of others.  Sometimes I feel like I am busting at the seams when I am feeling passionate about a topic or am involved in a project that I believe could make a very significant difference.  I, of course, can become too chatty and sometimes I don’t always use discretion the way I should when voicing my opinions and thoughts.  It can be a downfall or a character flaw per se.  I admit to having a hard time understanding where some people are coming from and if I am feeling passionate and driven about something I do not always listen as closely as I should to hear them out.  With my awareness though, I am working on it.

“Type B-The Socializer” is absolutely who and how I am but I do have some traits from other personality types as well….I just don’t have the majority of them.  I can be a leader but I can become so anxious about coming off like a “know-it-all” or “Bully” that  I do not always put that extra oooomph in that is needed from a leader.  There is a fine line between managing and micromanaging and I do not want to cross it….there is nothing worse than a micromanager….especially one that is rarely doing their own job up to satisfaction.  There is a huge stigma that goes along with the “Type A” personality and that stigma is one of a personal being impatient and could even be considered mean or rude.  I would never want to be thought of in that manner ever.  I believe there are too many people in management positions that do not need to be in them.  I can’t even begin to count the number of managers that I have had that were on power trips and treated their staff like animals by belittling them or degrading them.  Or the manager that would bark a million orders to her staff and the entire time would be surfing Facebook in her office.  The “Type A” personality does not exactly receive the best reputation.  Out of all of the personalities….this is the one that requires the greatest balancing act.

I had to giggle a little bit when I was reading all of these descriptions because although it was obvious I was a “Type B” personality, there were descriptions in the “Type D-The Distressed” personality that I couldn’t help but imagine myself.  I completely admit that I sometimes get too hung up on routine.  I have 500 different things mapped out in my head for the next month and I must stay ahead on everything.  Sometimes I have a good laugh at myself because I rush things and plan things and someone would swear I had future notice of a Tsunami coming and I wanted to be prepared before it hits.  This has been a hard habit for me to break.  It started when I was so young and it became a pattern….it became a normalcy in my life.  I am getting much better because when I have moments of rushing and doing 500 things at once I will stop and say, “What will really happen if this doesn’t get done today?”  When I answer the question there is rarely a negative response.  I realize I am rushing and planning in such detail for no reason.  A lot of this planning and structure was a huge part of my anxiety and depression issues that I juggled for a lot of years of my life.  I was always missing out on the NOW because I was 25 steps ahead in planning.

So now that you know more about my wacky personalities, I am curious to know what kind of personality you think you are.  Now, also, do not get me wrong with what I have written…I do not think Type A personalities are bad people.  I find this personality type to be the hardest to balance because there is a great deal of pressure.  When someone is a leader, it is inevitable that they will have enemies or people that dislike them for all kinds of reasons….or for no reason at all.  Many of the reasons are extremely superficial.  In being a “good” leader, one must be able to portray balance and stability…..they must be able to be firm but also sensitive.  See what I mean by it being a great balancing act.

Check out the definitions below that I found on the good ole Internet and fill me in…you know I am interested :0)   Also, what kind of effect do you feel that the different personality types have on relationships?  Can a Type A and a Type B really be compatible and have a successful relationship?

Type A “The Leader”

Behavior Characteristics: highly independent, take charge, decisive, direct, business-like, ambitious, efficient, motivated, persistent, focused, risk taking, practical solution oriented, dislike routine, high achieving, no-nonsense, multitasking, deadline driven and change oriented.

Weaknesses: aggressive, controlling, too competitive, impatient, status conscious, high strung, workaholic, often interrupt, insensitive, walk or talk at a rapid pace, easily upset over small things, blunt, rushed and time starved.

Appealing Jobs: business, entrepreneurship, management and politics.

Many researchers believe that Type A behavior is a reaction to environmental factors and are influenced by culture and job structure.  Many jobs today place unrealistic demands on time, emphasize efficiency and productivity, and put heavy penalties for mistakes.  This only creates additional stress making people less patient.  Others may be naturally intense, but this tendency is increased by environmental stress.

Type B “The Socializer”

Behavior Characteristics: highly extroverted, strong charisma, easy going, sense of humor, high energy, talkative, enthusiastic, gregarious, travel oriented, community minded, and enjoy being the center of attention.

Weaknesses: excessive socializing and may take things personally.

Appealing Jobs: advertising, event planning, marketing, public speaking, sales and travel consulting.

Type C “The Detailer”

Behavior Characteristics: introverted, accurate, logical, analytical, reserved, calculated, crave facts, consistent, procedural, rule abiding, predictable, dependable, loyal, patient, cautious, rational, risk averse, deep, thoughtful, sensitive and precise.

Weaknesses: perfectionism, overly serious, conforming, pleasing, difficulty communicating with others, unassertive, excessively detail oriented and emotionally limited.

Appealing Jobs: accountants, analyst, customer service representatives, engineers, programmers and technical careers.

Type D “The Distressed”

Behavior Characteristics: appreciate routine, need structure, orderly, dependable, supportive of others, punctual, consistent, motivated by security and benefits and work well from a set of directives.

Weaknesses: anxious, angry, depressed, worried, tense, inertia, change averse, overacting, inability to express emotions, low self-esteem, socially inhibited, lack creativity, resist responsibility and prefer to be told what to do.

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23 Responses to Day 88 Question 88

  1. I have never looked into personality types but I sound pretty much like a Type B too! Let’s be social, girl!

  2. miss p says:

    pretty hard to pick which personality I am because I feel I have a bit of all of them in me, but mostly I would say B….but then maybe D because I feel I am some of those things too….can you be a combination?

  3. brendamarroy says:

    I see myself in all 4 types, and can’t really pinpoint one specific box that I would fit into.

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    thanks to your guidance, i might be able to figure out what type of personality i am by the end of a meditative weekend :o)

  5. La La says:

    Interesting post. I feel like I am a part of each, too.

  6. Fun posts, well presented Diane…
    Like you replied to Miss P. most Psych Personality tests (probably the most accurate and well known is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory or MMPPI) are based on yer predominant answers…of course we all have a little bit of at least one or two…almost always. It is very rare fer someone to be completely and solidly a Type A for instance (though Type A might be the most common fer solos I have never seen a study of that nature [not that there probably aren’t, I just haven’t seen em]).
    The reason fer this quirkiness to our inner selves is quite understandable…we are born with a genetically programmed personality (nature) but then crap starts happening to us (nurture) which alters us in slight (or sometimes worse) ways. In many cases it may be hard to determine if what we’ve become by the time we’re twenty is what we were meant to become when we were two…hopefully that sentence made sense to everyone lol…
    Personality and the behaviors they generate for good or ill, once set (mostly by late teens) are notoriously difficult to change. Most Psychiatrists would rather treat a couple schizophrenics or five bi-polars than have to try and treat an individual with personality/behavioral disorders
    As fer me on the scale above Hmmm…well…I was probably genetically born an a/D …but have transformed myself into more of an a/B/d…at least in public…
    Thanks as always D…interesting fun post with lots of personality

  7. I can’t find myself in any of these. 🙂 Your post was thought-provoking, in any case.

  8. omwaombara says:

    In My Opinion. Oh this blog is so cute. I am yet to define my personality. I want to change the world for the better but it is so huge. I am a bit of A, B, C and D. Good analysis. Will think more seriously about it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Of a certainty I am a Type B “Socializer.” I loveth everybody; everybody loveth me. … I am the “comic” Shakespeare, indeed. … See you anon in Poet’s Paddock … Shakespeare “The Equine.”

  10. Paws To Talk says:

    Bella: Type A
    DiDi: Type B

  11. Dennis says:

    Like you, B…with a touch of C mixed in. A good Type A manger should know how to properly cultivate all of the other types. Wd did several exercises around this back in my old job.

    One thing I remember to help those who weren’t sure what Type they were to figure it out. Imagine you’re new boss…day one, addressing team… chose ONE of the following as the FIRST thing you emphasize
    1) Our goal is to… 2) we’re all in this together 3) what do you see as our goal 4) In order to accomplish goal the following things are needed.

    I may be a little off on the exercise but the key thing was to note what was the FIRST action, your gut reaction, to decisions or actions. And sure, I may say the words “We’re in this together”, but that’s only six seconds of words. What does the sum of my words say?

  12. rich says:

    B – socializer. bing bing bing. we have a winner.

  13. goodoldgirl says:

    I’m a C in A’s clothing. I know, it’s weird. Great post. Thanks for sharing the info.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Another welcome and timely topic! I swear you’re like the Dilbert cartoons…hanging out on the wall and watching to see what info we need at that moment 🙂

    I’m a Type A core with many Type C and some but not all Type D characteristics, and very few of the C/D weaknesses. My good Type B characteristics are the most disregarded and blindly denied traits (by others). I’d like to think we’re all a mix of each… 🙂

  15. justjacqui2 says:

    I’m a Type C with a little D thrown in for good measure…no wonder I’m in therapy.

  16. Hey, thanks for stopping by and folowing my blog! 🙂 Love these questions on yours – looking forward to checking more of them out! 🙂

  17. I would definitely say I am a type C that is turning into a type D as of late. I always find myself in the role of a listener who is trying to comfort or appease others, often to my own detriment. I’ve had to learn the word “no” being the “people pleaser.” In the end, I have not enjoyed the results of feeling stressed out and not wanting more responsibility, as in type D.

    I have a bone to pick with these personality types though. There doesn’t seem to be room for creative/artistic individuals in this mix (unless I’ve read it wrong). More than anything, I consider myself a creative.artistic type. Not sure where that falls in any of these types. The only time I’m not trying to please anyone is when i write. That’s probably why I like it so much.

  18. chris9911 says:

    Type categorization is lame. Oh by the way, I’m type “zzz”. Think I’ll go to sleep now.

  19. Great post! Found myself in the mix!!!

  20. Great post! I am definitely a mix of all A,B & C, but nothing in D. This was a really good read and I like the way you articulate all your posts! If an editor doesn’t pick you up as a reporter soon, they are crazy!

  21. granbee says:

    What if I am equal parts A, B, & C? That’s me! No D at all in there, I don’t thinkg–except that I am often told I am very helpful! What IS all this stuff about putting ourselves in boxes, anyway? Diane, I just cannot see YOU in a box, either! Much too creative and organized and dedicated for that!

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