Day 15 Question 15

Day 15 Question 15:

What are some of your biggest dating disasters?

I thought for today’s entry I would add a little bit of comedy.  I usually take a serious spin in my writings but this is a topic that I know could bring on the laughs.  I have gone on more dates than I am able to count and I have been absolutely amazed at what crazies there really are out there.  Soooooo, I have decided to share some of my stories.  They may even make you feel better about your own dating disasters.  Haha.  Well here we go…hold on tight ;0)  Ok, while thinking about the dates I was going to share with the world, I realized I do not remember most names.  I would normally think that is bad but actually I think my brain is slowly trying to void out each and every one of these occurrences :0)

1)      I wasn’t sure what order to put these in.  I am pretty much going in the order in which the nightmares coming rushing into my head.  This first one took place about 5 years ago I would guess.  Again, my brain is blocking out some of the details…thank goodness.  I was actually out at a big Halloween party at the biggest hangout at the beach (Broadway at the Beach).  I was at a club called Revolutions with a few of my girlfriends.  I wasn’t dressed up.  Right now I am not sure why because I love Halloween.  Anyhoo, I was on the dance floor and I met this guy that was with a group of his friends and they were all dressed up like the characters from the movie The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray.  It was quite amusing.  This guy and I danced and talked for awhile and we exchanged numbers.  He shot me a text a couple of days later and asked if I wanted to go out.  We decided to meet down in Murrells Inlet and hit a couple of places along the marsh walk (this is a wooden dock that extends for about a mile or so that is full of different restaurants and bars and it is right on the marsh-people dock their boats here and it is really a cool place).  So we meet up and start having a couple of drinks.  Well, he didn’t hold back on starting to do shots-grand marnier, jose cuervo, lemon drops.  You name it, he drank it.  I paced myself while he ran up a $120 tab at one bar.  I was wondering if he just wasn’t interested in me so he needed to just start drinking but that was not the impression that I got from him at all.  I think he was just an alcoholic.  Ha ha.  So, the more shots that go down the louder this guy gets.  The place we were at is a bar and restaurant.  It was about 8:00 so there were still families there and this guy was throwing out the F bomb every other word.  People were staring at him and the bartender even told him he needed to keep it down.  I wanted to crawl under my stool.  I wanted to leave but unfortunately we came in one car.  So, we decided to get some fresh air and walk along the marsh.  He jets out of the back of the restaurant and runs full speed down one of the boat ramps.  I finally catch up to him and look down to find him peeing in the water.  Tons of people were walking by and seriously, I wanted to die.  He comes flying up the boat ramp and knocks his head on a big piece of wooden railing.  I was sure he was going to have a concussion.  I had stopped drinking quite a long time before this—so you can only imagine how annoying this all was.  I somehow coaxed him to the car and told him I was going to bring him home.  I didn’t know where he lived so I told him he would need to give me directions.  He lived about 7 minutes away from the bar we were at.  He sent me taking lefts and rights down about 15 different roads and about an hour and a half later we reached his condo.  He slurred everything and was just vulgar the entire drive back to his house.  I parked the car and looked at him and said, “well see ya later”.  He leaned in for a kiss and I couldn’t have leaned back far enough.  He started yelling profanities at me calling me a stuckup bitch.  I just shook my head and said, “Well have a nice night, get the hell out of my car.”  He got out of the car and slammed the door as hard as possible.  I screeched out of the parking lot and couldn’t have gotten out of there any faster.  I don’t even know if he made it inside.  He could have ended up sleeping on the sidewalk for all I know.  What is funny though is that the next day I got a text message from him saying, “I had a blast last night.  We definetly should do that again.”  I responded with, “I think I am going to pass.”  ARE YOU SERIOUS?????

2)      I completely admit that I have been on dating sites and I have met a few guys from online.  It is never easy meeting people so I thought what the hell and according to statistics a significant amount of people meet their significant others online.  Well a few years back I had been talking to this guy (nope, I have no clue what his name is at this moment in time).  I didn’t rush meeting him at all.  We emailed back and forth online and then started talking on the phone.  It was nice because he seemed to be a really nice guy and by his pictures he was quite attractive.  DOUBLE BONUS!!  So, we spent many nights talking on the phone, getting to know more about each other.  We finally decided to meet up.  We lived about 20-25 minutes apart so we decided to meet at a middle ground area.  We decided to just get some appetizers and have a drink.  Just something small and simple.  So, we decided we would meet at the bottom of the stairs at hard rock Café and then walk over to a small bar called Stool Pigeons.  I arrived first.  So I am just standing there waiting playing with my phone.  I hear, “Diane?”  I look up and didn’t recognize the person.  I said, “Yes?” in a very questioning manner.  He said, “Hey, Im whatever his name was, how are you?”  I stood there shocked but tried to make sure that was not showing on my face.  He looked nothing like his picture.  He was balding in a very weird way and just had an awkward demeanor.  I am not trying to judge but seriously I was not expecting that.  Oh well, I was going to be open-minded.  So we walked into the bar and sat in a booth.  We just chit chatted about different things as the time passed.  I am sure my confusion had to be showing on my face.  I finally got up the nerve and said, ‘I don’t mean to be rude but you look nothing like your picture online.”  He sat there for a minute while staring at me and FINALLY said, “yea, that’s my brother, I didn’t think girls would like me so I put his picture on my profile.”  HE FAILED TO MENTION ANY OF THAT DURING THE SEVERAL WEEKS WE SPOKE BEFORE MEETING!!!  Talk about awkward and uncomfortable.  I stumbled for what to say next.  From then on I just couldn’t wait to get out of there.  He kept going on and on how good looking his brother is and how he knew no girls would like him and so on and so forth.  Yes, I believe in attraction but someone doesn’t need to be drop dead gorgeous for me to date them.  What they do have to be is HONEST.  He started talking about how honesty is the most important thing in a relationship.  This came from someone that told a HUGE lie right from the very beginning.  He wanted to go out again but I declined.  Do people seriously do stuff like that????

3)      I have several stories I could tell but I will leave this one as my last so far because I know this entry is getting quite long.  Maybe I will do a part 2 at some point since it is quite amusing to revisit these times.  I think I will just reread these anytime I am feeling bad about myself and say “Well at least I am not these people.”  Ok so here it goes.  I had a friend (not a close friend-more of an acquaintance) set me up on a blind date.  Well, numbers were actually exchanged first to see if we communicated well at all and then we could decide if we wanted to go out.  So, I had been talking to this guy (again, no clue what his name is) for about a week.  He sent me some pictures online and he was pretty attractive.  I mean he wasn’t run across the street and drool over hot but he definetly had something about him.  We talked about general stuff in our lives and he told me he had been in a 4 year relationship before.  I usually keep certain things in mind when dating.  He gave me a little bit of an impression that is was kind of the clingy, needy time-almost kind of possessive but I didn’t want to immediately read into anything because I have sabotaged myself doing that in the past.  So after we talked a few times and felt comfortable we decided to have dinner at Carrabas.  I was excited but nervous.  When he got there we said our hellos and did the awkard ass out hug.  When we were sitted this was when the flood gates opened.  This guy did not stop talking to even take a breath and the things he said made me want to go running for the hills.  He started out by telling me how interesting he thought I was.  He told me he knew I had a Myspace account, a Facebook account, a Twitter account (and he even mentioned I don’t tweet very often), he knew I banked at BB&T and he really liked my writings from my livejournal account.  I never shared ANY of this information with him.  After he finished spouting off my resume and life history I just looked at him and said, “Well, you are a stalker.”  I did not at all hide my annoyance or looks of thinking he was a total crazy person.  I wanted to just get up and leave but I didn’t want to be completely rude.  I, then found out, that him and his girlfriend of 4 (maybe 5) years had just broken up 3 weeks prior to this date.  They owned a business together and lived together.  He came home one day and all of her stuff was gone and so was she and he had no clue where she went and never heard from her again.  He told me he hacked into all of her (not theirs-hers) accounts to find out where she had been spending money.  The only thing he knew is she went back to Ohio (where she was originally from) and her and all of her immediate family members that he knew must have changed their phone numbers because all of them had been disconnected.  This story went on in descriptive detail for at least an hour and I could not get one word in to try to get out of this AWFUL situation.  After he FINALLY stopped talking I could not hold it in and just told him he was an absolute crazy person.  I am sure I was rude by this point but I felt fine with that because this guy stalked my whole life.  I told him that it would be in his best interest not to contact me again and to stay completely out of my business.  He looked at me like he could not understand why I would say those kind of things.  I wasn’t scared of him by any means.  It was very obvious that he was just very desparate and self-conscious.  He just pushed some serious limits and I knew if I wasn’t really blunt he would never go away.

Out of the three of these dates I am not sure which one tops the scales of being the absolute worst.  You may understand now where I am coming from when it deals with dating (according to my last blog entry).  I am sure I have not been a perfect date either but damn there are some wackjobs out there and I don’t understand why I keep attracting them.  It’s strange because they seem so normal at first.  I am not that good of an actress.  Although these were absolutely the epitomy of bad dates, they have kept my life very interesting.  I now have stories to tell my friends and family members to give them a good laugh and I can never say my love life has been boring.  I would love to hear some of my readers horrible date tales as well if you are willing to share.  :0)

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2 Responses to Day 15 Question 15

  1. Kris says:

    Soooo many here…
    1- the girl who started crying while we were talking because me being “too happy” made her feel bad…
    2- the girl who was a vegetarian but kept asking to try my steak. And then went on to tell me how she had made up her own language and liked stealing forks from restaurants…
    3- the chick who asked to move in with me. After one 30 minute “coffee date”…
    Yeah, the women out there are just as crazy as the men.

  2. Keith Meiere says:

    1) I was on a blind date with a girl who spent the entire time, at dinner and at her apartment, talking about her dead younger brother. Her apartment was filled with pictures of him like a shrine. She always spoke of how he died under mysterious circumstances. She made me some tea. I told her I didn’t want any but she practically forced me to drink it. Two hours after getting home I thought I was going to die. My stomach felt like it was on fire and I was curled up in a ball for about three hours. I was convinced that I was poisoned that evening.

    2) I asked a girl to go to an Ozzy Osborne concert with me. After the warm-up band left the stage, she stood up and said she was going to go look for her boyfriend in the crowd and did not need a ride home. Ouch!

    3) On a first date with a girl I had me earlier in the week, we went to a Ted Nugent concert. My date took two Quaaludes without telling me (and without sharing any with me) and passed out before the warm-up band even started to play. She was passed out in her seat for the entire show.

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