Day 1 Question 1

Question 1:

If you had an opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?

There is so much that I want to say to the world.  I do not seek fame in a way in which I am in tabloids or starring on a sitcom but something inside of me tells me that my voice needs to be heard.  If I had this opportunity I would tell this large group of people to just breathe.  Take a moment (or a few moments-or as many moments as you possibly can to absorb the beauty in the world around you).  See the beauty within yourself.  Yes we all have struggles and our lives may be fast paced and sometimes the world may seem like it is caving in on us but there is so much beauty that surrounds us every single day.  I would tell everyone (including myself) to take off the blinders and look at the world through different lenses.  We are so driven by technology and status quos and the newest trends and every day we are forgetting humankind.  We can text all day with someone (or pretty much everyone we know) or even make a plan for a date and never hear the person’s voice.  How impersonal is that?  The world is passing us by and we are allowing it to happen.  I have come to realize that because of this boom in technology I, myself, have changed drastically.  I am still very caring and kind and believe I have great qualities but my ability to communicate with others in person has changed.  What used to be so natural and normal has become awkward and uncomfortable.  The only person to blame though is myself and I am also the only person that can change this…as awkward and uncomfortable as that may be as well.  As individuals we need to be accountable for our own actions.  I believe a majority of us just float through life and just expect things to fall into place and maybe sometimes they will but majority of the time we are the ones that need to make things happen.  Why would people just settle for the minimum when they could have pure bliss?

Of course, I answered my first question with a question.  There it is though…my message to the world: Step back and take a look.  Step away from your computers.  Leave your cell phones at home.  Turn off the television.  Soak up the beauty in the world.  Learn from other people.  See outside of yourself.  Every day has a million different opportunities to learn something new.  I think it would be very naïve and ignorant for people to not take advantage of these opportunities.

Peace and Much Love! :0)

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