Day 2 Question 2

Question 2:

 What is love?

Love (in the manner of a couple): The sharing of 2 lives in which there isn’t judgment.  There will not always be understanding but there is acceptance.  Love is a feeling between 2 people in which they “crave” each other in many ways: they crave to learn more about each other, they crave to feel each other physically, they crave to share experiences together,  they crave to teach each other new things and share their thoughts, morals and values with each other.  Love is wanting to help someone through hard times and not make them feel bad but instead try to build them up.  Love is something where 2 people can live without each other but they don’t want to.  Love is being able to appreciate someone in a way and look at them in a way that you know you will never see another person that way and you never want that feeling to go away.  Love is heartache and misunderstanding that makes both parties stronger.  Love is communicating who you are because you want the other person to do the same so you can understand each other more all of the time.  Love is sharing your past life and craving a future life together.  Love is feeling comfortable with yourself when you are with this other person because you know that is all they want for you.  Love is wanting the other person to be just as happy as you crave to be.  Love is feeling the other person’s happiness as well as their sadness, their hurt and their pain.  Love is wanting to take away a person’s sadness, pain or heartache away because you care so deeply for this person.  Love is seeing something in someone that you can’t quite explain but it makes your heart skip a beat and you get excited each and everytime you seem them.  Love is faith in yourself as well as faith in another person.  These two faiths come together to build an unbreakable force.  Love is another person driving you to better your life and reach your goals without even knowing that they are doing that.

Honestly, love should never be complicated.  It should be one of the most simple things in life.  Love is this powerful force that I truly believe only very very few people get to experience.  I, once again, will probably sound pessimistic, but I believe that most people do not know what real love is.  I believe most people go through the motions and fear a life of being alone that they wire their minds to believe they are in love.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe people can really care for each other deeply and truly enjoy what others have to offer and share.  I just look around and see that society has molded us in such a way to believe that we must follow these certain steps to meet society’s criteria and standards and we lose the knowing of what love is.  We spend so much time thinking that we forget to feel.  Love is a feeling not just a concept.  A lot of us fall in love with the concept because we believe we are supposed to.  I am just as guilty as the majority.  I thrive for the feeling of experiencing butterflies when I am with someone and aching to be in their presence every chance I get.  I enjoy missing someone when they are away and having conversations that make me smile so much that my face will start to hurt.  But I must ask if this is what love truly is?  Love can be made up of parts of what I mentioned about but in truth I believe love is two people connecting on a level that goes way deeper than the mind.  Love can be found between two people that truly understand and experience their independence but are able to share their lives and feel the almost unimaginable bliss between each other without any resentment or any pain.  This is not an easy thing to say because it goes against what we are always reading and hearing, but love (the actual feeling) should NEVER be work, it should just be.

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1 Response to Day 2 Question 2

  1. Lindy says:

    you are right real love should not be work it should just be. However it is work to stop the real work of life from interfering with those fellings. Stress, work, kids, cell phones, computers, families, etc… We forget to listen and feel what is there.

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