Day 360 Question 360

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Day 360 Question 360:

In your opinion, what are some social injustices?

Money makes the world go around.  When we look at society and see everything that seems to be going wrong we look for a reason.  We don’t understand why we have so many people on welfare and why our government isn’t doing much about it.  We don’t understand why we have so many high school dropouts or pregnant teens.  What a lot of people tend to overlook is that programs to improve these situations cost money….and not just a little bit of money.  This semester I am taking a class called Philosophy of Social Work and it has really swayed me in the direction of working toward being a paralegal.  The course examines the different types of injustices faced by different populations of people and how various social workers work toward making changes.  The problem is that we don’t have a solid definition for social work.  Are they there to help the individual in improving their mental state and potentially assist them in building a better life or are they there to assist the whole…to work on getting society to a better place financially so clients are able to obtain jobs or opportunities.

It is forever implied that this country strives for social justice for all.  The words “justice and liberty for all” have left the lips of millions of children every morning while saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  Social justice goes hand in hand with human rights.  Every single person should be treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or sexual orientation.  We have seen this country charge ahead and fight for civil rights allowing African Americans to have all of the same rights as the white man.  In 2013 though we still have not allowed equal rights for the LGBT community.  This is an absolute injustice and I believe that our country is not living up to everything it is “based on” when a population is being stripped of the same opportunities as the rest of the population.  Discrimination and prejudice are not a thing of the past.  After the 9/11 attacks we saw many Muslim people treated horrifically and many are still not offered the same opportunities as the rest of the population simply because of being Muslim.  The problem is with the people yes but the bigger problem falls in the hands of our political leaders.  Politicians at this time seem to disregard the Constitution and the importance of freedom and equality and simply base their decisions on opinion and personal background.  The Constitution is supposed to allow each person in this country to be free of hatred and violence and allowed the same rights as every other person.  Sadly we find many politicians that are downright bigoted and others that are making decisions based on their religious beliefs as opposed to what is best for the whole (the country).  That is social injustice because those that have the power to make change are not looking out for the good of the people but simply looking out for the good of self.

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  1. noendforthis says:

    I really enjoyed this entry. So much so, that I was unable to resist offering my perspective on the matter. Due to personal experience regarding the neglect of mental health care and dismissal of it being an issue, I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to its importance as a social injustice. That being said, I must respectfully disagree on a few of your standpoints. While the core issue is, in my opinion, a lack of financial backing being unable to support the increasing amount of people requiring help, there shouldn’t be a question regarding the individual as opposed to the good of society as a whole. The title of social worker doesn’t necessarily imply working to improve society, but to work towards assisting the individual thus improving society on person at a time. I think folks tend to believe that the implementing of services for those in need should solve social ills like wiping a stain off of a table. The fact is, in order to improve someone’s situation, a great deal of personalized care, attention, and time is needed in order to be effective. That is a lot of work to be done by a single worker who is responsible for a great number of cases. When a single worker has such a high number of cases, it is probably very difficult to be attentive and effective for each individual when there is little time available for their case. This is where funding comes into play. Fact is, our country is broke and can’t afford to increase the budget, increase the number of social work personnel available, and improve the effectiveness of social work by providing lighter case loads and more time per individual. While this isn’t possible, I think its extremely important to accept that healing our society is a long and arduous process that can only be accomplished by giving each individual the importance they deserve. By fulfilling the needs of an individual, a single building block is cemented in place. While this is a small accomplishment that requires a great deal of time, each person that social workers provide a strong foundation for are the key component for the continued building and strengthening of society as a whole. With a strong foundation, each consecutive person can become an additional building block by which society is strengthened and improved without the risk of collapse. If we had the financial means to provide the amount of workers required to accomplish this, I believe our nation would undoubtedly become what we all wish it to be. With a greater sense of peace and the comfort we all deserve. Thank you for this entry… it really struck home for me… thank you for providing me with the intellectual stimulation I crave! And I apologize for my rant =P

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