Day 265 Question 265

Day 265 Question 265:

If you were to guess, what is your life purpose?

If I am not doing all I can to make someone else’s life more enriched then I am not living.  I am not giving all that I have to give.  I have been watching the PBS documentary Half the Sky based on the most amazing book written by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  The words just written were stated by American actress America Ferrera and as soon as I heard them I needed to write them down.  I immediately felt empowered.  I may never know indefinitely what my life’s purpose is but I believe deep down in my core that doing for others and bringing happiness to others is what I am meant to do in this life.  I always speak of self-discovery and finding myself and what I keep finding through this journey is the desire to enrich other people’s lives.  I want to share experiences and educate people.  I want to get in the faces of young girls and tell them how beautiful they are and how valuable they are.

The stories of Half the Sky are so heart-breaking but also so moving in the same light.  I can be waiting in line at any store and I feel the need to compliment the person in front of me or behind me.  I do not know this person.  I do not know their story.  I do know that it must feel good for anyone to hear something good about themselves.  There are young girls and women all over the world that have no idea of their value.  They are born in lives that are pre-determined for them.  I say this with no disrespect but some of these cultural traditions need to change.  I truly believe that human life and the human body is a temple.  There is nothing in the world that deserves greater respect than human life.  To read about and hear about young girls and women that are forced into prostitution and never allowed any sort of education just breaks me.  Even in the United States I have watched several young girls devalue themselves based on their external appearance or the belief that they are not good enough.  I have been one of those girls.  My purpose in life is to share my belief that human life and the love of self and the love of others is of the utmost importance.  Men should never want to harm women in any physical or mental nature and women should never believe that they are destined for a life lesser than what they deserve.

I believe I have had a path in life.  I needed to make mistakes and learn so much to get to where I am now.  I lived a life of loathing my body and worrying constantly about one thing or another.  Some how some way I changed and life found me….I found a life so much bigger than anything I have ever known.  There is this HUGE world out there that needs me.  Life is not about material items or about the way we look….it is so much more than that.  I may be one among billions but before my time in this life is up I will have made a dent…it may be a small one but it will still be one.  I will have helped at least one young girl to start truly loving the body and soul that she was given.  I will have helped at least one single mother raise her child in a way that will give her hope for a better future.  I will have taught young girls about how beauty is internal not external.  I believe in helping all, boys and men included but I am drawn to the female population.  I believe my voice was meant to be heard by the female population.  In the United States we have seen women advance in many areas but in many areas of the world women are still treated like second-class human beings.  Women are treated as if they are disposable.  As stated before, human life, whether male or female, is the most important thing in this world.  Women are the bringers of life and they have so much to offer to the world.  There should be nowhere in this world in which they are beaten and brutally raped and treated like they are garbage on the street.  There should be nowhere in the world in which a young girl (below the age of 10) is raped and the rapist is forgiven but she is shamed.  My purpose is to educate and to teach both compassion and empathy.  I never want to disrespect anyone’s beliefs or values but I truly belief that no higher power would be accepting of these forms of personal brutality.

It took me 33 years to find it but I have a gift.  I have a gift with words and of compassion.  I have this inner desire to speak to young girls about the gifts that they have within themselves.  I feel the need to lessen the pain that other young girls and women might be feeling and lift them to a place of love that they may not have known or believed existed.  I hope to one day step far outside of my comfort zone and visit different parts of the world and learn the stories of women from every  corner.  I want to embrace many in my arms and give them hope for a better tomorrow.  My dream may be a big one but it is one I believe I was meant for.  I  am meant to be part of the movement to empower women.

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  1. You are God’s gift to the environment you live, work and play in. The world would not be the same without you. Your posts seem to be heart felt and they come accross as caring. You are doing your part and that is what matters. Thanks for sharing your kindness. You blessed me today.

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