Day 247 Question 247

Day 247 Question 247:

Do you believe in past lives and an afterlife?

Do you ever spend time thinking about life outside of this one that we know?  I think about stuff like that all of the time.  I think about where my journey in this life has taken me and I do believe that there was a life I lived before that plays such a large part in this life.  I used to joke around and say that I was being punished in this life for all of the bad things I did in my past life.  I don’t truly believe that though.  I sometimes build these stories in my head and I know no truth of them but I sometimes wonder.  I wonder if in my past life if I had a great love….a love so intense and passionate that it put all other things to shame.  I wonder if that is why my love life in this life is nonexistent and just fizzles out before it even begins.  I am not complaining about this, I just sometimes wonder about a life before this how it affects my life now.  Life is this great cycle so far outside of our spectrum….so far outside of our understanding and perception.  I believe life is eternal and a continual cycle and we are supposed to live all of these separate lives in order to see the world through different eyes.  I sometimes wonder if my dreams that come to me at night are part of a life that I have no recollection of….at least no recollection when I am conscious.

When it comes to questions like these I do not have scientific answers or answers based on teachings of the Bible or any teachings of spiritual leaders.  My answers come from within because through all of the things that I question, I choose to believe that there is always a before and after.  I am unable to believe that this life is all that there is.  There is far too much in the world and in human nature to learn to only be given a small number of years to experience what we like to call life.  I think our feelings and thoughts are almost instinctual.  Yes, I do believe we are swayed to believe certain things that are taught to us but I believe there is something that draws us to believe what we do and to be who we are.  I am like no one else in my family.  I am liberal and independent and one to push the envelope while everyone else falls more on the conservative side.  I witnessed a conservative life for as long as I can remember but it never felt natural to me.  I sometimes find that odd.  These are the times I question what and how I was before I became a part of this life….before I was conceived.

If one is to believe in a previous life than I believe it is instinctual to believe in an afterlife as well.  I don’t know who or what determines these two lives outside of this one that we currently know…maybe there is a higher power.  I don’t see angels and clouds and pearly gates in an afterlife.  I see a new life forming…a new life far outside of the life we just lived.  This life could be significantly better or tragically worse….that is something I am completely unsure of.  I am kind of babbling because putting what I feel into words is not always easy.  I sometimes think there are no words to explain the surges of feelings and emotions that sometimes travel throughout me.   I believe in a previous and an afterlife because it seems like a natural cycle of life.  I am unsure why our lives have time limits and if these previous and afterlives do exist, I am unsure why we are not meant to remember any of our past lives.

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5 Responses to Day 247 Question 247

  1. I believe. I feel that our human bodies are finite, but our souls are infinite.

  2. rich says:

    i LOVE the thought, but no, i can’t buy into it.

  3. LittleEmz says:

    I used to fear the finality of death so terribly, that my ability to live happily, was being affected. Sometimes this fear still cripples me, however I decided to go to spiritualist church and it did somewhat help me believe in a higher realm. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to go now.

  4. nativestylez says:

    I love that you allow yourself to wonder and think of things such as the expressions you’ve left here on your page. I do the same. When I get like this, I search for the answers that make sense to me, because in the end, that is all that matters. My comfort (and your comfort) is the bottom line.

  5. annah40 says:

    Loved this. I often have the same kind of thoughts. I also think about how differently my life had been if I had made different choices. Not life changing choices like college or no college. Just day to day choices. Leaving 5 minutes earlier, stopping at Tom Thumb. What if I had said yes to the boy in the 6th grade when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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