Day 245 Question 245

Day 245 Question 245:

Where are you very eager to visit?

For quite some time now I have thought about what it would be like to visit Africa.  I desire going there because I believe it would force me to go far outside of my comfort zone.  I read and watch so much about African culture and I am absolutely intrigued.  I would love to visit African schools and see how different they are from American schools.  I want to experience first-hand how it is to live on so little but appreciate life so much.  Africa is this beautiful continent filled with exotic animals but also has many parts filled with anger and wars.  I would love to visit a country so different from my own and learn from the children and learn from the women.  I believe an experience like this would give me a much greater perspective on life.  :0)

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9 Responses to Day 245 Question 245

  1. merzybean says:

    I was born in South Africa and lived there and in Zimbabwe for a year. Africa is one of those continents that everyone needs to get to at least once in their lives. I’m sure an African safari is on your bucket list. I hope you get there one day 🙂

  2. bert0001 says:

    I went very often to Nigeria between 1992 and 2002. Not your regular tourist destination. Also not without danger. Never saw anything more wild though than a monkey. Loved the people, many of them, many languages, many religions, … many disagreeements too.
    One of them visited me just a month ago to exchange ideas for inspired action.
    I love to talk to people from everywhere, and such is not limited to travelling. So 10 years ago i stopped travelling to Africa and South America and started talking to those from far and beyond who live or visit here. Which is not the same of course, but comes close.
    I never went to Asia, so finally, after all these years i boarded a plane again, and now i’m just back from a forteen day trip to India.
    I will probably start blogging about this. (maybe today, maybe from tomorrow).
    So there is that factor that we cannot see through the other’s eyes, and it is this that i needed to check. 🙂

  3. adauphin04 says:

    I, too, wish to visit Africa, Diane! I especially want to go to the Congo before every species there is hunted to extinction. HOWEVER, I am still waiting for the DRC and the various tribal factions to get their shyte together and stop violence against each other.

    I’d also like to visit Russia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Peru and Madagascar.

  4. rich says:

    italy, again, because i want to go to the small mountain village where my grandfather grew up. there are 500 people currently living in that village, and 15 of them are related to me. it would be great to go there and see who i’m related to and who might look like me, or him, or us. not “you” us. me and my grandfather “us.” my grandfather and i. us. whatever.

  5. Michael Conner says:

    I went to Mombasa, Kenya…it was a great trip. So eye opening, it makes you realize how much excess we have in America. The people there were amazing and the children so beautiful. I remember at night thinking it was pouring rain but it was really the palm trees rustling in the wind. I also remember monkeys and porcupines being everywhere. I spent a little bit of time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia…that too was interesting because it was probably the greenest place I ever saw, nothing like I imagined.

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