Day 241 Question 241

Day 241 Question 241:

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery has blown up over the past decade or so.  Every time you turn around you hear news of someone getting their boobs done or getting their lips done.  My intentions here are not to bash plastic surgery.  People do what they do for their own reasons.  I do not love my body.  I have saddle bags on the outside of my thighs and cellulite and stretch marks that make me very angry.  My breasts aren’t perfect and perky and my teeth aren’t gleaming white and straight.  All of these things are part of my character though.  If I happened to be rich I might consider getting some fat sucked out of my thighs but I also wonder if it would even be worth it.  My body shows the journey of my life and by altering it I am only telling myself that I am not good enough.  Well, what is good enough?

I speak only for me and my words here are strictly my opinion.  My sister (she may kill me if she reads this) is not endowed in the chest area.  She has been an A cup (maybe slightly pushing into a B) her entire life.  She has never spoke of wanting implants but I do know that it has been something she has been insecure about.  Breasts are such a feminine part of a woman…they make us feel feminine and sexy.  My sister would look ridiculous with big D cup implants but I could understand her point of view if she ever wanted to get maybe a small C-cup just to give her a little bit more up top.  What I love about my sister though is that she knows that she knows that is not what she needs.  She has a loving husband that loves the way she has looked throughout the 20 years they have been married and even if he didn’t, she would never change her body to please him.  She would only ever do it for herself.

I believe that some women go through these plastic surgery fads without thinking about what they themselves truly want.  Society has become this media circus that is making women (and even very young girls) believe that you are only beautiful if you have a “perfect” body or “perfect” features on your face.  The media makes us women believe that in order to snag us a boyfriend or husband that we must look a certain way because that is what ALL men are attracted to.  The media (in my opinion) has completely destroyed the female image and the truth of what real beauty is.  For those that believe in God, do you not believe that he designed you a specific way and you are going against him by slicing and dicing your body to look like something or someone else?  I am unsure of what my beliefs are but I do believe we are meant to look as we do without all kinds of restructuring and changing.  True beauty (as cheesy and cliché as it may sound) is so much more internal than external.  If women choose to get plastic surgery I believe that is their choice and I would treat anyone and everyone with respect.  Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do and sometimes health issues might involve physical changes in the body.  I just hope that women think about what they are doing prior to doing it and really evaluate why they are choosing to do it.  If the choice is to bring them happiness and they are doing it strictly for themselves then more power to them but unfortunately many women (and men) alter their bodies to please others or to obtain what they believe is success.

Yesterday was the 11th Anniversary of falling of the Twin Towers.  Every news station with the exception of NBC chose to do a moment of silence at the times that both towers fell.  Instead of taking a moment of silence to remember those that lost their lives far too early, NBC chose to speak to reality star, Kris Jenner about her new boob job.  Seriously????  It is no wonder that young girls have such a warped view of what beauty is and start developing self-esteem issues at such a young age.  Too much of the media is dedicating their time and money to showing women altering their bodies and aching to be thin and “perfect”.  Every single person on this planet is beautiful in their own way…because they are one of a kind.  I do not look in the mirror and love the way I look but as I have grown older I have accepted it because it is the natural way of life.  My body reflects my choices in life and I am constantly making improvements.  I will always have stretch marks and flab in places I wish that I didn’t but what is important is the dedication I have had toward living a much healthier lifestyle.  Once I started accepting my body and my looks for what they were and realized that I am so much more than my external self, my mental health improved so drastically.  Our individuals lives are not meant to be altered to meet the needs of others but instead to meet our own needs in hopes to bring continual happiness.  I listen to people all of the time complain about their bodies or the way that they look (and I have been one of those people) and it sometimes makes me sad because they are unable to see the beauty that I see.  Beauty has been molded to be certain looks designated by the media but that is not true beauty at all.  True beauty is being able to show compassion and being empathetic with ease.  True beauty is being kind to others and having it come easily and naturally.  Looks will always fade.

I respect people for their choices and I do not live their lives to understand what they are feeling.  Like I said at the beginning, this entry is not meant to bash ANYONE for choosing to have plastic surgery.  Choosing to have plastic surgery is a personal choice.  I was just reflecting on my personal feelings about the subject.  I believe all people are beautiful (yes ALL).  I hope in my heart that more people (especially women) will grow to love themselves and see that their beauty has nothing to do with what is on the outside.

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4 Responses to Day 241 Question 241

  1. philosophirish says:

    A thought-provoking question indeed…! The desire to be peeled, sliced and scraped in the name of beauty is surely a societally ‘inherited’ one — assimilated from the prevailing norms and societal demands that an individual is thrown into from birth.

    While plastic surgery is a radical step to take, the reality is that you WILL be judged on your looks in our image-obsessed, intersubjective world. Such is the tragedy of our superficiality.

    Actually, plastic surgery is a radicalisation of the process by which we all configure and construct our self-identity. The ego is a motley assemblage of characteristics that were, for instance, impressed on us by our parents (through punishment or habituation, etc.), others who have impressed us in some way, or who exhibit behaviours that we admire or envy, and so on.

    We are, from the start, engaged in a task of honing and fabricating ourselves in this manner. We paste over the parts of ourselves that we don’t like — lopping off whole chunks of our past that don’t fit the current form.

    Plastic surgery is arguably an overt manifestation of the never-ending quest for peer esteem and a sense of belonging. ‘Inside’, we’re all doing it…

  2. We woman have a tendency to look at ourselves only as ‘parts’ not as a whole. When we look in a mirror or at a photo of ourselves, we have an internal dialogue about ‘parts’. ‘My butt’s too big, my waist too thick, my nose too big, my teeth too crooked…’ We all need to learn to look at ourselves as a whole package, not just parts. Thank you for your post.

  3. chris9911 says:

    I suppose its good for the economy…

  4. granbee says:

    My thoughts on plastic surgery are: NOT FOR ME! Plastic surgery for burn, combat and accident injuries are wonderful, of course!

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