Day 225 Question 225

Day 225 Question 225:

Do some people REALLY think they know it all?  Really think they are better than others?

I am kind of blank today.  I am unsure of what to write about.  The weekend has closed and I am back to the weekday grind.  It was a nice weekend spent with family and friends.  There is something that is lingering on my mind I guess.  So, a few days ago I wrote a blog entry about how I believe our justice system is unfair and I spoke of a young man that was sentenced to 3 years in prison for kidnapping and beating his girlfriend.  I also spoke about how I felt it to be unfair that celebrities don’t seem to have to serve the same sentences that the “Average Joe” does.  I, personally, believe that I try my best to explain myself when I write and I TRY my very hardest not to write in anger or write with terrible judgment.  I constantly admit that I am far from perfect.  I had a response to this entry and to be honest, I felt like the woman’s response was just ugly.  She basically told me that I had an issue with forgiveness and who was I to judge.  I respect her opinion but I guess what throws me for a loop in many situations, is the way that people will handle certain situations.  This is a woman that has a blog dedicated to the words of God and she is “religious” and it has been very obvious that she does not like my views on the world (this is not the first time she has states her dislike of my OPINION).  I just sit here and shake my head because this is a woman that does not know me and instead of asking me more specific questions in a kind manner, she decided to just tell me what she thought about me in an accusing and judgmental manner.  This blog is called IN MY OPINION and is strictly based on my own life experiences and thoughts.  Not once have I said I am indefinitely right.  My opinions and views are continually changing and I am continually amazed how people can just throw out judgmental words without asking questions or finding out more information.  This woman did ask questions but her tone was very obviously sour….she was “speaking” to me in a manner like I was lesser of a person than her….like I was stupid for thinking the way that I do.  People like that are part of the reason I steer away from church and religion.  This woman is OBVIOUSLY very unaccepting of views outside of her own.  I absolutely do not agree with everyone in the world and yes I think some people are absolutely ridiculous, but I choose to keep those thoughts to myself because I see no point in telling someone that they are “wrong”.  It is not my place.  Some people have no idea that their tone and their delivery can be hurtful.  I believe I have spoken with kindness throughout majority of this blog but I have always spoken with honesty.  Honestly, a part of me wanted to go tell this woman to go fuck herself….but that would not put me one above her…if anything it would do the opposite.

As majority of you know, I work at a restaurant part-time.  The service industry can leave a lot to be desired sometimes.  There is nothing that grates my nerves more than someone that speaks down to me like I am lesser of a person or barks orders at me.  I so desperately want to wear a t-shirt that says: I AM YOUR SERVER…NOT YOUR SERVANT!!!  I am amazed at how many people will attack others verbally without even knowing them.  I am amazed how easy it is for some people to be blatantly rude.  If people were to just change their tone, there may be a lot less hostility in this world….but apparently I am just living in a dream world.  I need to spend a little more time meditating because I don’t like to have negativity hanging over me and the manner in which this random stranger came at me but sunk under my skin.  I understand that people are not going to like me or agree with me throughout life but I guess in my 33 years I have grown sick of people being verbal bullies to others.  No one on this earth is better than anyone else!  I spent the majority of my teen years and 20’s sweeping everyone’s comments under the rug and not ever addressing them.  Well now that I am in my 30’s I feel that I need to speak my peace…hence the blog.  Over and over again I will say that I am far from perfect and I can contradict myself and my thoughts can be all over the place but I treat people with kindness and respect every single day.  I don’t believe in bullying people or disrespecting them or calling them out on their “flaws” or “faults” for my own personal satisfaction and amusement.  I don’t sit at home patting myself on the back and stroking my own ego after making someone feel bad with my harsh words.  I don’t believe in telling people that they are wrong because I don’t believe in the concepts of wrong or right.  People experience life through their own eyes and their own senses…who am I to tell someone that they are wrong?  And who should be telling me I am right or wrong?    The words I put in this blog are strictly my opinion….my feelings in a moment of time.  I apologize for writing today in a state of annoyance….there have been so many changes going on in my life and stepping out of my comfort zone can sometimes come with unease.  I do not like being confrontational or “in your face” but my thoughts and opinions are just as important as the next persons and life is not meant for everyone to be in complete agreement.  I will respect those around me in hopes that they will do the same favor for me.

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4 Responses to Day 225 Question 225

  1. I have done sales/marketing/customer service/calling for a living and that is what has always struck me– how easy it is for people to treat you badly so that they can build themselves up. The ignorance never fails to amaze me…and it is hard to justify it or shake it off.

  2. LOL!!! Wow, I am amazed at your blog today and the fact that I am called “religious”… as a matter of fact I hate religion but you don’t know me and didn’t kindly ask me to be more specific in why I wrote my comment. Isn’t the comment for me to state my opinion? I guess because my views were outside of your own then I was perceived in the manner of judgmental and ugly. We can agree to disagree and I respect (your opinion) but I only pointed out the OBVIOUS. Your blog of the justice system “to me” sounded like you believed more time should be served for everyone so I asked and still ASKING what do you believe to be fair? Don’t you write for people to comment? Read your comments and see who the target folk are?
    I’m spiritual not religious, (huge difference) and God loves me just as He loves you. He doesn’t like everything we do/say and you don’t like what I say or do, but it’s not going to stop me from STILL BLOGGING ABOUT GOD’S HEART or HIS WORDS or HIS IMPACT on MY LIFE. I’m human, not perfect, and I have a voice that I use to SPEAKUP4ME. You don’t have to agree, but I do thank you for your opinion of me-). I apologize if what I asked offended you. It wasn’t meant to be offensive but to be informed of what you really meant.. However, I’m still asking— if you’re focusing so hard on the past incidents or indiscretions of others mistakes how will you ever make it to a bigger and brighter future?
    Much Love 2 ya
    Tracy B

  3. Scot Risher says:

    The opening question was something ai have challenged people with in the past. (example, using gross generalization and over simplification)

    Person X “I don’t believe in God”
    Me “Fair enough, why not??”
    Person X “He’s a make believe, magic man in the sky and you can’t prove He exists using tangible evidence or based on my definition of what evidence is.”
    Me “Do you know everything? Generously speaking, would you say you know half of everything?? Is it possible that the answer you want exists in the half that you dont know?

    That was a great question Diane

  4. Missus Tribble says:

    You’re so right. Just because one person thinks differently to you it doesn’t mean that either of you is wrong – but nobody has the right to be confrontational in the manner you describe either.

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