Day 193 Question 193

Day 193 Question 193:

 When you are feeling out of sorts/down, what do you do to pick yourself back up?

 It is inevitable that in life you are going to have those moments when you don’t feel completely up to par or your head feels like it is in shambles.  It happens to the best of us as much as we try to avoid it.  Life is busy and chaotic and sometimes our mind and bodies just can’t keep up with the stresses.  I am extremely self-aware when it comes to moments like this in my life nowadays.  I used to wallow in my loneliness and spend days having a pity-party for myself….with me being the only sad and depressed guest.  Nowadays, I may spend time alone but I try to be productive or to expose myself to positivity in some way or another.  I make sure to focus on things that I know make me happy or things that perk my interest…even if it is watching documentaries on serial killers (ha ha).  When I expose myself to my passions and my interests, it drives my creativity and that is what I love the most.

It can be easy to become lost in times of depression or loneliness.  It can be easy to loathe everything around you because everything just seems to be going wrong at one time.  I have realized that that is just the cycle of life.  We would never be able to appreciate the good if we never experienced the bad.  I spend a lot of time reading…whether it be lists of positive affirmations, cultural non-fictions, or silly erotic thrillers.  I love to read so much….I wish I had more time for it.  I have exposed myself to quotes and positive affirmations every single day to remind myself of not only my beauty and strength but of the beauty in the world right outside of my door.  This is what I wanted to share with my readers today.  We are constantly bombarded with stories that make us sad or angry or distraught…it is easy to see the world as a horrible place (trust me I have been swayed to believe that from time to time) but there is so much beauty and I wanted to remind all of my friends (live and virtual) of that.  I wanted to share things that have lifted me and have made me fall in love with the world as oppose to detest it day in and day out in hopes that you can have a better today…a better tomorrow…a better year…a better life.  I hope you enjoy. I hope you are able to see your own beauty every single minute or every single day.  I hope through all of the bad you are still able to believe in the good.  I hope love guides you over anything else.  :0)

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7 Responses to Day 193 Question 193

  1. I like to listen to music especially, or like you said, focus on whatever it is that makes me happy or interested, like favorite shows, movies, or reading about things that I like. I also focus on favorite quotes. It also helps to talk to favorite people or read a blog that I like. Great topic! 🙂

  2. bigsmileu1 says:

    I like to do things when I am sad. It takes my mind off of my troubles. I have a friend who bakes when she is depressed and gives her baked goods away when she is finished. I think that is a great way to cope. Love this post! 🙂

  3. Don Lucuis says:

    When i have alot on my mind and need to thoughts in order, I listen to music. When I am just feeling down, I look for laughter. Laughter, for me and many, is a cure for many things.

  4. bibuji says:

    Lovely picture, like a tear drop on the flower…your writing, opening your heart, will support yourself.

  5. Jane says:

    My mom used to have a plaque hanging in her kitchen that read something like, “You can only appreciate the beauty of a sunset if you have awaited it in darkness.” I try to remember that, and thanks for your post! 🙂

  6. lushlili says:

    I did music picks me up and singing along 🙂

    Plus my cats and just watching them run around can put a smile back on your face

  7. Tedd Luke says:

    Humor. Find something funny to watch, read, or listen to. George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Go out, get drunk, and sing some karaoke. That’s fun.

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