Day 185 Question 185

Day 185 Question 185:

Do you believe in fairytales?

 Yes, I know this is a silly question.  I found the picture above online and thought it was pretty fitting to me and funny as well.  Here I am, this independent woman who has been single way longer than not.  I admit that I do believe in fairytales but my fairytale is a little bit different than those that we all read about in children’s books.  My fairytale does not necessarily involve meeting Prince Charming, falling in love and living happily ever after.  I mean…that would be nice and all but I also live in the real world too.  Prince Charming is nonexistent….well so is Princess Charming :0).  I feel like if you burp or fart (which we all do) then the whole “charming” thing goes straight out the window.

 I love the idea of life being a fairytale.  For some it might be something that is unrealistic and people just holding out for things that are hopeless but I love the idea of having a whimsical dream.  I believe it is our dreams that give us hope.  Fairytales can be designed however we want them to be.  My Prince Charming will not be riding a white horse and will not be tall, extremely handsome and rich (well I wouldn’t mind tall and handsome ;0).  My Prince Charming will come into my life if the time serves to be right and he will love me at my high points and love me the same during my low points.  My Prince Charming will never use my “weaknesses” or “flaws” against me or call me dramatic or psycho because, like many men believe, “all women are”.  As super cheesy as it sounds, I believe fairytales come true when you find love of yourself.  This allows others to love you just as much….you reap what you sow.  Fairytales are what you want them to be…hence why they are called tales…you get to write your own story.

 Fairytales do not need to revolve around a handsome, rich prince or a young woman longing for love.  Fairytales can be the stories of those going above and beyond to make others happy…at least that is what I believe.  It is not the materials but the effort behind the gesture.  If you know me in any way you know that I like to write my own script in life.  You know that I do not follow the norms and I do not believe everything that is said just because the majority does.  People can tell me I am wrong when it comes to believing in what a fairytale really is and that is fine but I am still going to choose to believe that fairytales are what you want them to be.  I am not a damsel in distress but I still believe that my life has been a happy journey and will have a very happy ending.  I mean, isn’t a fairytale all about the happy ending (in theory of course)????

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15 Responses to Day 185 Question 185

  1. I for one don’t believe in the typical fairytales, but the way you put it makes sense. So I agree, it’s all what you make of if.

  2. pex9203 says:

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  3. melicusg says:

    its a great life, but if you find that soulmate, that connection…it just moves to a whole nother level…

  4. First, I loved this post. Second maybe there are princesses. We all have our inner perspective of ourselves. Marry a prince or live how you want and go where you want and think what you want. One of life’s choices.

  5. cobbies69 says:

    Fairy tales and dreams all have a moral to their story. We all wish some thing that is a little fairy tale ending …:) nice topic.

  6. jensine says:

    I am not a damsel in distress but I still believe that my life has been a happy journey and will have a very happy ending … HERE HERE

  7. LexoKat says:

    I love this post! I believe in ‘those’ kind of fairyt

  8. one4luck says:

    Loved the post! I believe that great relationships are super fun and fantastic… and take a LOT of work to get them that way. I wasn’t really looking for perfect, just wanted someone who was perfect for me.

    Life can be an incredible journey together if we always remember to buy each other’s chairs (that line was from the movie Phenomenon). Whatever their chair happens to be.

  9. I like the way you think. When I was young and the girls I worked with were desperately seeking their dream guy, I wasn’t. But he found me anyway (he wasn’t looking either). We’ve now been married 36 years, had 2 kids, lots of good times, lots of bad, loved each other anyway. That’s my fairy tale.

  10. pilgrim52 says:

    Reblogged this on Pilgrim Outskirts and commented:

  11. sedrate says:

    The princess story implies that if you don’t get married you will make lots of money and live happily ever after and that is a fallacy just like if you get married you will live happily ever after. I am married and happy, I have a friend who is not married and she’s happy. I also have a friend who is married and not happy. Life is what you make it and you will get exactly what you settle for.
    A fairy tale is a story of an adventure and struggle that changes things for the better. I believe life is a series of fairy tales because believe me, the shit will hit the fan over and over and over again.

  12. yhosby says:

    To answer your question about believing in fairytales: “No, I don’t.” I love that picture at the top of your post…that’s me. I love being single even though no one believes me LOL.

    Keep smiling,

  13. Your writing makes me so happy. I think believe in fairytales the same way you do… only you can choose to be happy!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. counselforliving says:

    The poster made me crack up.. So funny :).

  15. Mary Chelsea says:

    I’m glad I read this post because I just found out that I’m not the only one who thinks this way. And you’re right about not being a damsel in distress and all. I don’t think any girl should just sit around and wait for their prince charming. Us, girls have to write our own stories as well. I’ve almost written a post like this but I didn’t think I have enough insight to write it. Haha. So you did a great job with this post. 🙂

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