Day 171 Question 171

Day 171 Question 171:

Is it possible for people to be completely unbiased?

My original intention for this blog entry was to write about this nation’s education system.  I started thinking about teachers and what is currently being taught in schools.  I started thinking about schools teaching kids about creationism and evolution and I started to wonder whether a teacher would be able to teach these subjects in a COMPLETELY unbiased way.  I then started wondering if there were any subjects that someone could teach about or even just talk about and be completely unbiased.  I really think it is impossible.  With everything it is natural for us to have an opinion and if we have an opinion then we are going to be biased in some way or another.  I am always trying to look at all sides of the coin but with everything I tend to lean more one way than another so if I talk about something or debate about something, I am going to be biased.

I believe that if you follow any sort of political party, religion or are male of female…you are going to be biased in some way or another.  This does not equate into being a negative thing.  I believe it is very difficult to just state the facts without throwing in some sort of opinionated commentary…even in scholastic journals I have seen this.  People choose to research certain subjects because it is what interests them.  Yes, it is beneficial for the knowledge of the whole but they are biased to that particular subject.  They have an interest in that subject more than many others.  Honestly (and this might sound like a bold statement), I think each and every one of us think our way is the right way…whether it be in the way we are thinking or the way we go about things.  We may come to realize later that it wasn’t, but in the moment we do believe this to be the truth.  I admit to being a complete stubborn ass and think that I am right when I feel very passionately about a subject (education, gay marriage, etc.).  In my head I believe I am right and sometimes (as ignorant as it may be) I can’t believe that people can think otherwise.  I am biased to my way of thinking because of the way I was raised and what I have been exposed to throughout all of my years.  Being completely unbiased seems completely impossible due to all of the influences in our lives.  There is never just one solid answer…or is there?  Maybe I am just biased to think that way.  I guess I am just always have something floating through my head and I am always thinking about how different people really area.  Some people believe so much in science and these are the definitive answers in life while others (like myself) question EVERYTHING.  I can’t stop asking why.  I love it but it gets pretty mentally draining sometimes.  My opinions are never based on scientific evidence but instead I base them on what my mind and body tell me are truth.  I go by what I FEEL is truth as opposed to what people tell me is truth.  I am one body, one mind and one soul and I do not believe that it is right or fair for anyone to tell me how I am supposed to think or feel.  I will come to a conclusion but I have to come to that conclusion on my own…that is just me though.

I guess I would love for someone to introduce me to something in which there is the potential for being completely unbiased.  I guess I could (maybe) be unbiased if I knew absolutely nothing about a subject or circumstance.  I don’t know though.  I always used to say that seeing a counselor was great because that person would be completely unbiased because they do not know me.  Is that true though?  They still have their own opinions and their own background experiences that have shaped them as people.  Regardless or knowing me for 5 minutes or 5 years they are still going to be biased in some way or another.  Again, I am not saying this is a bad thing….just questioning the true possibility of anything being completely, 100% unbiased.  You know I would love to hear your thoughts as I always do.  Sometimes, I am exposed to different points of views and my feelings completely change…and I feel lucky for that because I think that is something that is very important in life…change and evolution of thought.

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6 Responses to Day 171 Question 171

  1. jensine says:

    don’t think anyone is unbiased … think everything from how we grow up to our values and experiences, our personal likes and dislikes and stories taint everything … but that is not always a bad thing just never 100% opjective

  2. jensine says:

    sorry objective 🙂

  3. vanevolence says:

    Nothing is unbiased but I don’t think I would have it any other way. Without bias there would just be all white or all black no ying for the yang and vise versa. I believe when you have a diversity of biases you have more balance. If you could find that one person that is unbiased about something, they would not remain that way for long, because eventually they would have to form an opinion swaying them to one side or the other. It is our nature to be biased but it brings balance, learning and intellectual growth.

  4. Robin Gilbert Luftig says:

    It’s just like can anyone really do something altruistic? If doing good feels good, then is it really altruistic after all?

    Great blog.

  5. reeyah says:

    From a teacher’s point of view, I agree that it is difficult/impossible to teach something in a completely unbiased way, but the most important thing for me, at least, is that even if a teacher already has personal biases on a certain topic, s/he must be open to the students’ ideas and opinions as well and not shoot them down.

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