Day 146 Question 146

Day 146 Question 146:

What motivates you in life?

~Beauty motivates me

~Positive people motivate me

~The low man on the totem pole rising to the top motivates me

~Change-Seeing it in every form motivates me

~Knowledge of the world…knowing there is so much outside of my own little world motivates me

~Love motivates me

~Hate motivates me

~Strangers motivate me

~Good deeds done with no hidden motives motivate me

~Elderly people with great stories of love, strength and courage motivate me

~Children growing and learning motivate me

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11 Responses to Day 146 Question 146

  1. forsarap says:

    Very nice. I’m motivated by expression.

  2. jensine says:

    loving the photos …

  3. Lottie Nevin says:

    and I’m loving the photos too!

  4. Those photos are breathtaking. They compliment the post nicely!

  5. eyes Of Odysseus says:

    great post and photos!!!.thank you 😉

  6. bibuji says:

    Yes. I love the photos, too.

  7. sherrinapeters says:

    Nice reflections!! Puts me in a positive mood starting my day!!

  8. Lace says:

    My sons smile motivates me. Everything I do in my life, points back to him. I just want him happy, with that smile, forever.

  9. I really loved this post, and the photos are the sort that make you stop, stare and think. Lovely :O)

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